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FLASHBACK: Adam Lambert, "A Change Is Gonna Come," American Idol Finale 2009

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Posted at : Tuesday, March 30, 2021


Monday night on American Idol on ABC, contestant Nia Renée sang "A Change Is Gonna Come."  So, what better excuse than to present a flashback of Adam Lambert's mind-blowing performance of the same on the finale of his Idol season in 2009. This clip includes the judges' comments.  


Dee R Gee said...

I remember Adam once saying, "It's not about the voice." He was responding to a question about singers who make it to the top but don't always sing that well. His response was so true. A successful singer has to offer more than just the voice. They have to deliver a whole package that the listeners want. It's not just about the best songs, either. Or good looks. It's a magical mixture of luck and good timing and some perseverance.

I like plenty of singers who don't really have good voices at all. But their songs are powerful no matter what.

Adam is a miraculous blend of all these factors. But there is always lots of competition out there. New singers crop up every day. Some zoom to the top like rockets. Some with more talent have more of struggle. No rhyme or reason, just the way it is.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....Adam's right...and you're right. But sometimes I think the press/media has the most influence on who suceeds and who fails. And who has the good luck to be played over and over on the radio, until their familarity is mistaken for popularity! I'm sure there's a lot of "politics" on WHO gets played all the time...every time... like that.

A bit off subject, but not entirely, I am always struck by how much gravitas is given to a singer by the songs he/she writes...and/or the instruments he/she plays....while, in truth, we all know that some/most/many/all songs on a singer's album these days are written in collaberation with, or entirely... by others....musical assembly lines, if you will.

I am also struck by the sense of exclusivity to a singer's music. People seem to often "look down on" or dismiss a singer who sings mostly/only "covers" if somehow they had less talent. But the voice is an instrument, just like a piano or a trombone...and should not be required to sing its OWN music to prove its full worth. It is best measured by its execution of time-proven compositions in comparison to others of its genre.

I explain this badly, but MUSIC IS MUSIC! be interpreted by ANY/EVERY INSTRUMENT...and tested and enriched by many for its varied interpretations No one expected Pavarotti to write his own music!....and Beethoven's compositions live on because their worth and brilliance has been proven by many performers over eons. Good/Great Music should be performed by everyone! Adam has proven himself to be a superlative interpreter of other's music...and there is so much stirring, beautiful, exciting, heart-warming, uplifting, thrilling, best-loved music out there waiting for...and deserving.... of HIS instrument!

Just thinking... Adam could produce more albums if he would sing more well-known covers. They'd probably end up being played more on the radio, too. People love to hear their favorite songs sung well.

Heh about an album entitled "Adam Lambert Gives Goosebumps"!

Nanbert said...
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Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, you're right, of course. I love your line "Familiarity is mistaken for popularity." If a song is played a lot, listeners figure that it's because "everybody" loves it. But in reality, as you say, the press, the media the power of major record labels, can get songs out there, get them lots of play, and boom! Hits are created. Don't get me wrong. Lots of hit songs are really good songs. But there is a game that must be played. And now with streaming, a hit song can come from being posted on YouTube by an unknown singer. We Adam fans feel the frustration of supporting a singer whose talent is so superlative that it makes no sense that his music doesn't get much play.

As to your other comments, I remember Adam being asked if he played an instrument. He said, "I play my throat." It's true that good singers aren't always good songwriters and good songwriters are not automatically good singers. And your examples of the classical composers are good ones. You don't have to play all the orchestra instruments in order to write a symphony.

Josh Groban generally sings covers. He's got a great voice. He is not seeking a top spot on the Billboard 100. He just sings songs that are good for him and his audience. I'm not so sure Adam would go that route. Maybe he'd consider one covers album at some point. But I don't think he wants that to label him. He really wants his own music to be his signature.

But yeah, he would definitely give goosebumps!

Glad to see a good discussion get started!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee...Josh Groban is a perfect example. He has a superb voice, and was my favorite current "popular" male singer, following long-retired Steve Perry....UNTIL Adam came along. But actually, during my entire life, I have preferred listening to classical music...and my radio dials in my home and car are permanently set on Pittsburgh's wonderful classical music station....playing a constantly changing selection.

But years ago, shortly before I retired, I briefly worked in the business office of a large medical firm. In the background, a local station played the "top 40", OVER AND OVER!...NON-STOP all day, liberally sprinkled with commercials. At the end of the day I could not get those songs out of my mind! They were BRANDED there, whether I liked them or hated them, I could not get rid of them! Nor could I convince the others in the office to change the station...or just turn it off!

It was there that I realized how the top "HITS" were decided....basically, they were FORCE-FED to the public by certain designated radio stations!...especially geared to the younger population....a form of brain-washing IMO!

Sorry, I'm being long-winded, as usual, and "soap-boxing", as usual, but it would be wonderful if the public's musical taste would not be manipulated and pre-designated by "the powers that be". The classics are heard less and less...good music bows to what sells...and mediocre singers are ghost-written and autotuned!

I consider Adam Lambert and Josh Groban's talents as firmly straddling the line between Popular and Classical Music. And Queen's music and musicality IMO compares favorably with the World's great Symphonies and Symphony orchestras in quality, composition and performance IMO.

The more I listen to Queen, the more I am impressed at the intricacies within their compositions, the meshing of their instruments, the depth of their talents, and the versatility and flexibilities of their compositions and performances. It's simply MUSIC at its best!

Sue Smith said...

Adam has so many talent so many sides to him that he can never be put in a box. He is one of the best singers if not the best that has come along in many years, best performers and best at so many things we have not even seen yet. There are many singers out there good singers being judges on shows and every which thing to make a good living as Adam is probably going to do because he darn good at that too. He had a big year last year and very good album but it got messed up so did others. I hope the rest of this year does not. But we at least had the wonderful Around The World album we would not have gotten. He's working on a musical and album he would not have had time for.
Adam is not the cookie of the week or the month he will be here in one form or another for a very long time. I just hate I will not live to see it all. I totally agree with both Nanbert and Dee R Gee. No one can sing covers like Adam can, at least very,very few. However I do not think he could ever be happy doing just that. Adam is a creator he has to create he has to compose.
I am not explaining myself as well as you ladies do but it just how I feel. But I do agree with what your saying. I have so much to do sorry if I made mistakes I write quickly. Adam will hit his sweet spot what he really is the happiest at doing. I think that musical composing could be it there so many things he capable of doing that could be it. He will never probably just do one thing he capable of so much. However he is still very strongly here 12 years after we first heard him and many are not from the show he came from and as I said he will be here in one form or the other for many years he is an unbelievable talent and person. Also I always feel Adam loves being a frontman both Queen and his own frontman. I am rampling on but my love for Adam causes that.

Nanbert said...

Amen to that, Sue! You explain it perfectly.

Adam's talents are many...some of which we've only begun to realize. And he is itching to test them all! His voice has raised him to such a level that it has opened doors he might never have opened writing a musical,or acting, or starting a charity. He is something of an artistic "Jack of all Trades", it appears.

I just hope that Adam's spirit of exploration won't make him stray too far from keeping his voice at the forefront of his attention...and ours! That voice is THE talent of a lifetime, and needs to be regularly polished and displayed! Hope he won't be like a mountain climber...."always that next peak to climb"...that next career to pursue!

Adam may not be the best known/loved singer in the world...YET. But I'm sure ALL the world's best known singers know who HE is! The rest of the world will follow.

Like you, Sue, I also hate that I will not be here to see it all.

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert, Adam will always need to sing in some form or another. it's his lifes blood and enables him to do other things. At least that's what I believe. Adam has always said he is the happiest on stage. He is known world wide thanks to himself and Queen. But like you I feel he will grow and grow as he accomplishes more and more. All I can say is to know Adam is to love him and God bless us we definitely love him. We just want all of creation to know him like we do.

Dee R Gee said...

You're right, Nanbert. Other singers sure do know about Adam and his amazing voice. Queen has given him eternal cred beyond measure, but his own music is where his heart is. I'm sure he'll be back with new music, both from that musical on his next album and beyond.

Dee R Gee said...

And Sue, you nailed it perfectly. Adam will grow more diverse or time. He has many talents yet to be used!

Nanbert said...

And in the meantime....Dee R Gee, Sue Smith...and ALL Glamberts....PLEASE petition (often) Queen to release other "Live Around The World Albums II"and "III" to memorialize ALL Queen and Adam Lambert Performances. There's more than enough total performances between them to make two more albums...including TV appearances, Adam's music they've performed, covers, etc. Actually, I would also love to see the complete video of their New Year's Eve performance at Westminister, too. Everything must be permanently preserved!...even perhaps some particularly notable repeats of certain performances...and interesting behind-the-scenes, sound-checks, etc. situations. Nothing of value must be lost!

Does anyone know how many albums of "Live Around the World" have been purchased? I bought three myself! Surely the success of their first Album must make the need for the next one/s obvious to Queen and Adam!

Also, I wish "The Show Must Go On: The Queen and Adam Lambert Story" documentary would be released for sale!

Sue Smith said...

How would we go about petitioning those particular requests Nanbert. I would be more than happy to do that. I would love to have all that you mentioned and more.

Nanbert said...

Write to Brian and Roger's websites/fansites...I guess that's the best way. Which reminds me... I'll have to find them again. Had them on my previous computer, but this new one doesn't seem to have transferred them from my old one. I only wrote something congratulatory to them a couple of times years ago. I'm so inept at this technology! I only use a smidgeon of what this computer is capable of...and I'm scared to explore it....except for Youtube.

Anyone have Brian and Roger's addresses handy?...for whoever wants to beg them for more DVDs and CDs of QAL. Broddybounce or glitzylady?

Nanbert said...

Nevermind...I found them......

Or...Maybe there's a business manager or someone at the Queen Official site who should be contacted, too.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Nanbert, think you could mention it on Brian's and Adam's instagram also. If you do instagram.

Nanbert said...

Sue, nope....don't "do" instagram. Don't "tweet" either. I've got all I can handle now. However, I DO appreciate broddybounce and glitzylady somehow making instagram and tweets visible here.

Maybe you...and other Glamberts here... can request it on Brian's, Roger's and Adam's Instagram.

If they were inundated with requests for MORE...from ALL of us...on a regular basis, I bet they'd pay attention.

But truthfully, I find it hard to believe they won't do a follow-up to "Live Around the World". After all, it did go No.1 in the U.K. It's just good business...and I think they're proud to see how good they are! Brian even said as much.