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Guitar Player (via LOUDWIRE): "Queen Have Been Working With Adam Lambert on New Music"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Posted at : Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Guitar Player interviewed Brian May a few days ago, which appears to have only been published in print form.  The website LOUDWIRE (among others) covered the piece, but honed in on a specific portion of it where Brian talks about his, Roger Taylor's and Adam Lambet's recent experimentation with creating new music.  While this has a very, very exciting ring to it, there is also a somewhat nebulous aspect to this news, so I would keep your hopes guarded!


Nanbert said...

Haven't we already been this round?....recent news being that Queen and Adam had worked on a song together, but abandoned it because it wasn't satisfactory. Is it still an ongoing project?

Have to admit it would be fabulous if they would produce an album of new/great music. Well, you never know! They certainly have chemistry performing together....only time will tell whether their chemistry extends to composing together. I also think it would work better when they are all in the same room/studio...rather than virtual.

I LOVE Queen and Adam Lambert together!!!!!

broddybounce said...

That's what I thought, Nanbert, but it came across to me as a further try at it. However, if it was referring to the same of a few months ago .... well, then, nevermind.

Nanbert said...

Hi Broddy...another night owl, I see. It's 4:34 am here....but I think you're 3 hours earlier.

Well, I guess there's no way to know if it's old news or new news. But hope springs eternal! It would be a lovely feather in Adam's cap if they could produce a successful album of new songs....and I'm sure Brian and Roger and the others would be really pleased to do so. They've already proven that "they still have it"....and a new album with Adam would be the cherry on top!

But at the moment I'm rooting for them to release albums "Live Around The World II and III" to finish memorializing ALL QAL's songs they've performed together.

Dee R Gee said...

I'm torn about this "new music" thing. Yes, they did new music with Paul Rodgers, too. But Paul was so vastly different from Freddie that there was really no need to compare Queen+Paul R. with Queen. Adam has proved to be so exquisitely suited to Queen, but I'm not sure how well new QAL music would be accepted. Not that it wouldn't be great. Of course it would. But there is a certain sacredness to a band like Queen. I know that Adam has been embraced by plenty of Queen fans. They may very well accept new music from QAL with open arms. Queen is at a whole different level from most any band in the world, legacy-wise. And if an original QALsong is released but is NOT a hit and is NOT highly reviewed, then that is an unfortunate end-note to a legacy that quite honestly doesn't have a whole lot of years left.

Seems like Brian and Roger aren't really against the idea, but they're not completely gung-ho about it either. They seem to have a more "if we do, we do, but it we don't, we don't" sort of attitude. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one. But if it happens, I will thrilled just like all their fans.

Patria said...

What Dee R Gee said. Exactly.

I think the best chance for QAL music success would be to have it unreleased until after Brian and Roger have passed. At that time all Queen music will be swirling in the spotlights. New would be welcomed with open arms.

Nanbert said...

Patria...I disagree. I think the best chance of success for NEW music by QAL is for it to be interspersed among the "old favorites" while on it has the chance to become "familiar sing-alongs", too... and be seen again and again on youtube videos by devoted fans. That will more quickly help the new music join the "old favorites".

For example....QAL occasionally adds a different song into their playbill that I, and probably many other fans, are not familiar with...even though it was written/recorded years ago. By the end of a tour, it is firmly included/accepted among the "favorites".

Also, the new QAL album could be added to merchandise sold at concert venues....along with "Live Around The World".

Nanbert said...

An aside, FYI....The Andrew Lloyd Webber album for his new "Cinderella".... on which Adam has contributed at least one song.... was initially slated for release at the end of April....but has been changed to a new U.S. Amazon release date of June 25, 2021. Reason?...unknown. I'm really dying of curiousity about Adam's inclusion....evidently one "guest" solo, and 2 other contributions (maybe ensemble?/writing?/or...?).

Adam's voice with Andrew Lloyd Webber's music sounds like a match made in Heaven! ALW must also agree, because he's certainly using Adam's voice/celebrity (along with Sarah Brightman and a couple of other "guest stars") to help market his new album/musical. Hope it's enormously successful, and will lead quickly to the stage for ALW.

Note: The rest of the album is sung by the original cast members (for when the musical is produced on stage). Adam will not actually be in the original cast.

It's great to know that Andrew Lloyd Webber recognizes Adam's enormous talent...but not surprising! This is just another feather in Adam's cap. I am sure Adam's stature in the music world is VERY WELL KNOWN.

Patria said...

This is for Throwback Thursday
GMA June 19, 2015 My favorite Adam song. "The Original High"

Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, I am also thrilled that Adam is connected with ALW in this way. It's great recognition for his talent. And I agree with you that it might be a good strategy to slip in a new QAL in a live show along with the well-known songs. Might help give the new song(s) more acceptance. As much as Adam has been accepted my Queen fans, I am still a bit iffy about how new music might be received. I'm not against it. I just want it to be embraced by the fans and be a positive thing.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee, I understand your reluctance....and agree it's perhaps safer that QAL not expose themselves to failure with new music.

But Queen and Adam Lambert have charged through the "naysayers" before, and judging from the size of their worldwide sold-out venues, will find more "acceptors" than "detractors" for new music. Just look at how "Live Around The World" has been accepted....No. 1 in the UK!

And Patria, thanks for the link to that delightful walk down Memory Lane. How intense the anticipation was for that GMA performance! Oh my!...Adam exceeded expectations! He looked and sounded superb, fabulous, and wonderfully handsome!

Sunflower said...

This just keeps coming up! LOL

Dee R Gee said...

I could listen to the song "The Original High" all day. It's just soars! Adam's was born to sing a song like that.

Nanbert, you are probably right about the acceptance of new music from Queen fans. Adam has certainly been with them long enough, and even most of the Freddie diehards have been won over. Maybe I'm overthinking it. QAL performing a great new song might be embraced by every Queen and QAL fan. We'll see if it happens.

Nanbert said...

Well, it's out of our hands. All we can do is be supportive, whatever happens...and that's easy!
Have I said...I just love Queen and Adam Lambert!....recently?

Mi Re La said...

NEWS/ Adam Lambert will be a guest judge on the new season of Legendaryhbo !!

Dee R Gee said...

"Legendary" is certainly one of those niche shows that isn't what you assume it is. It's not traditional Ballroom by any stretch. It's a kind of modeling, posing, strutting, stylized movement thing. Never heard of it till now. It's in its second season, so it must have an audience. As for judges, it's nice that Adam got a guest judge spot. Demi Levato and Megan Thee Stallion also have guest judge spots. I only vaguely recognize a few of the other judge names. Nice that Adam is getting some of these judging and non-singing jobs, but I can't wait to really hear him SING again in a real show.

Sure would be cool if QAL could squeeze is a short Vegas residency sometime in 2022. It was so disappointing when Adam's solo Vegas shows had to be cancelled. It would be so great if he got to do them at some point. Vegas gets lots of media attention.