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Michael Orland & Allison Iraheta and Sam Sparro & MNEK Praise Adam Lambert On IG Live Videos Within A Day Of Each Other

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, April 17, 2021

Posted at : Saturday, April 17, 2021

Our beloved Michael Orland, Associate Musical Director of American Idol for a whopping 16 seasons, started his own weekly Idols interview show on his Instagram Live account (@michaelorland) during the pandemic, to great acclaim.  Earlier this week (April 15th), his special guest happened to be none other than another of our beloveds, Allison Iraheta.  No surprise that Adam was lovingly discussed!

The next day, April 16th, Adam's friend, Australian recording artist Sam Sparro, went onto his IG Live (@samsparro) to have a conversation with a recent collaborator, British recording artist MNEK — and, here, too, the subject of Adam was brought up, to great praise.  
Thank you Gelly for extracting these clips and putting them up on YouTube for us to all enjoy.


Dee R Gee said...

When I attended solo tour, Allison opened for him. He is so generous with friends. Always has been. He has that reputation. And Michael Orland is a huge Adam fan. He has said that he'd love to organize a live show with Adam. Michael is always full of Adam accolades. Adam was the first, maybe only, Idol contestant to publicly acknowledge Michael's talent. I think it was after Adam sang "If I Can't Have You." (one of my faves from Idol).

Fun to see Sam Sparro with long hair. Looks pretty good! Sam is always so in awe of Adam. You can see it in this video. He just rolls his eyes, like "I can't believe how great he is."

Thanks for the videos!

Mi Re La said...


Nanbert said...

Yes, Dee R Gee, Adam makes friends easily...and KEEPS them easily. I remember during American Idol, how he always made certain to give credit and thanks to Michael Orland after each of his he "big-brothered" Allison....and how all his fellow contestants respected, liked and congratulated him during the competition. He's just a very likeable, kind, REAL and non-judgmental person.

Sam Sparro with long Adam with long hair...both devastatingly handsome devils...are only lacking one other person to make a musical "Three Musketeers"!....or make a musical "Three Musketeers, Less One"!