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Adam Lambert Make-up Tutorial #4: "Valentino Red"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Posted at : Thursday, August 12, 2021


Dee R Gee said...

He really loves doing this stuff. A true facial artist! LOL I'm sure he gets some $$$ for showing the products. I can't believe how much time he spends on his eyes. But then again, his eyes are his signature feature. Along with all his other features, of course! I've never been a fan of red lipstick, but hey, go for it if you want it. If the occasion calls for it, go luscious!

Hope we at least get a secret snip of the performance Adam did last night at that private Al Berg party. Sometimes vids are taken on the sly

Patria said...

Dee there are a bunch of video clips circulating among the glamberts on twitter. If you can get on twitter. Also these instagram links. I don't subscribe to instagram but was able to watch them all. Adam did a mix of his songs and Queen, He opened with "The Stranger You Are"
at the AL BERG Summerfest concert tonight!
33 MIN TOTAL! Thank you so much !!!

Patria said...

The tutorial was fun again. More Adam is better. Less makeup is better than more, imo. Less mustache is definitely better than more.
I do have a favorite Adam feature, for me it's his nose. I'm thankful he can't change the look of that. He fluffed the end of it with a brush this time around and has run a finger down it on other tutorials. (I'd like to do that, just once would suit me) He never explains why he's doing that.
Interesting that he said 'they sent me lots of lip colors'. Are other make up companies going to be sending him their products after seeing these tutorials? I think would be lots of fun for him and more tutorials for us. win win

Nanbert said...

Thanks, Patria, for posting those instagrams above of Adam performing. I don't tweet or get instagram, but for some unexplained reason I could get those when I clicked on the links...hurray! I really enjoyed them. Adam seemed so happy to be performing in front of an audience.

Adam's guitarist in that video looked like Adam Ross from one his earlier tours. He's really terrific! Glad to see they're still working together from time to time. Adam always introduced him as "the OTHER Adam" on stage.

I see Adam still loves animal prints. His closet/s must look like a Zoo!

As far as Adam's bright red lips are concerned...HIS mouth...HIS lipstick...HIS choice! But I still find it is very visually JARRING with a beard and mustache...and it overwhelms his beautiful eyes! JMHO.

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks, Patria, yes there are vids out there now of this performance. He did a great job and his voice was fantastic. It was VERY HOT. He was really perspiring. He should have worn a lighter weight outfit. That jacket must have been stifling. But the song choices sere great and the he was fun and chatty as always.

broddybounce said...

Dee, thanks for the initial heads-up on the UJA concert, and thank you Patria for the IG links(!!).

I just created a post for this AND, thanks to you, Nanbert, for letting us know that, despite your not being on Instagram, you were still able to watch the videos via the links, I included those links under the embeds with the hope that maybe others not on IG will be able to do the same.

As I said on the post, in the meantime we'll hope that Gelly and y0116jp get some of that video up.


Nanbert said...

Adam looked and sounded great....but that outfit he wore was just too heavy for comfort with the weather and the lights. At the risk of offending someone....I feel sure it was worn to conceal the extra weight Adam has put on during this enforced inactivity of the ME (for sure) and most of the rest of his Glamberts...probably.

I've certainly had to revise my wardrobe to disguise my appalling midsection expansion.
Unfortunately, winter clothing lends itself better to that style demand! Here's hoping Adam and I can both get back to our "fighting weight"! Fortunately for him, he's still young enough to get into better shape than he EVER was....if he's so motivated. There's so many celebrities that have re-built their bodies for movie roles...with the help of specialist body builders. However, those early black leather pants might not be possible for a second round...sob! heh heh