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Adam Lambert at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars Viewing Party over the years!

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Posted at : Monday, March 28, 2022


Dee R Gee said...

I do love Adam in a classic black tux. It's the best formal look for him, IMO. But I love when he pushes the envelope, too. I do love that blue outfit. Just wish he'd had a bit more hair. LOL

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....I agree about the black tux....and especially agree about wishing he would keep his hair fuller on the sides. But he's still smashing in purple!... although it seems to be more a costume for performing in...handsome guy! Did he perform?

Dee R Gee said...

I don't think there were performances at this event. Could be wrong, but Adam didn't perform.

Sunflower said...

Adam throughout the Elton Oscar viewing party, awww. I like all three photos and does look good in any color (the purple one I love) but looks handsome in the other 2 as well. But I sure miss Adam’s clean face like in the first one. Sigh
Dee R Gee and Nanbert Adam did not perform but if I understood correctly Brandi Carlyle (spelling?) did perform, don’t know of any other performances.

Nanbert said...

Oh my! I keep looking at the tailoring on the tuxes in those three photos of Adam. Admittedly, he does look more svelte in the first two...because he WAS!

However, the over-padded shoulders and skinny pants in the third, most recent photo, is not a flattering style for Adam, IMO... bad balancing. It throws all the "visual weight" to above the hips!...and spoils the long unbroken lines of the body.

Softer, natural, shoulders and straight pants (or with a very slight flare below the knees) would be a much better look for him...slimmer appearing and better balanced.

To heck with the designer/s NAME!!!!! Clothing is supposed to make YOU look better...not vice-versa!

Also, black would have been more slimming....but I like Adam's penchant for bold colors. However, strong colors DO have the habit of exaggerating style defects!

Sorry, I guess no one cares to hear my tirade....but I wish Adam would! He is usually so spot-on with his clothing, but is having trouble dressing his more mature physique----or paying too much attention to his designers!...and not doing himself justice! IMO.

Sunflower said...

Getting in the swing of things again, I was scrolling on my Twitter page and read a new interview/photo shoot (from 2021) just came out today, Adam Lambert The Thrill Of Performance. Great interview and surprise surprise Adam said that a year ago (2020?) he got COVID. Gosh I had hoped he would never catch it but “ugh” he did. Why didn’t he tell us?
Nanbert was it you who was concerned about Adam getting COVID? I remember someone here on 24/7 being concerned.
Glitzylady or Brody, I know one of you’s will post it here so everyone here can read it for themselves.

Nanbert said...

Yes, Sunflower, it was certainly me who was worried about Adam catching well as probably a zillion other Glamberts! I sure hope he has no residual problems....the lungs are especially attacked by Covid, and sometimes permanent damage is done.

Also, it seems there is something called "long Covid", which is a post-Covid illness which some people have never gotten rid of after they recover from COVID....not to be trifled with! It can present all manner of problems throughout the body, and doesn't seem to want to go away!

Dee R Gee said...

I was a real surprise to learn that Adam covid. But apparently he got through it ok. I'm sure he didn't want to say anything because his fans would go nuts and never let him be. He has performed off and on since then and his voice sounds just fine to me, big and strong.

As for his Elton Party suit, I like the suit itself. It's very showy and very "Adam." But quite honestly, it looked a bit tight. I preferred the pix of him later in the evening when the suit jacket was unbuttoned. It looked more comfortable and more flattering. It's been 13 years since we met him in 2009. He was thin then, but he had to work at it. I don't expect him to always look like he did in 2009. He still has killer looks. I think the purple suit might have looked more flattering with narrower shoulders and more hair on his head to balance it all out. LOL He's a doll, no matter what.

Glad you're back, Sunflower!

Sunflower said...

Ok it was you Nanbert. I know when I heard or read about it I was surprised too and all I could say was “Whaaat? Thankfully he’s out of it but as you say Nanbert that “long COVID” has affected some people but I think now that he has been vaccinated he’ll be ok. I mean it’s 2022 so, so far so good! Has been busy singing here and there and sounds amazing! Phew.

Ditto Dee R Gee that Adam is a doll!