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Fantastic Review! "Gig Review : Queen + Adam Lambert – SSE, Belfast" by Metal Planet Music

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, May 28, 2022

Posted at : Saturday, May 28, 2022

Queen + Adam Lambert performed their first official concert in more than two years, after being postponed due to the global pandemic. The first concert of the series, which includes cities in Northern Ireland (last night in Belfast), the UK, Europe, including Scandinavia, was clearly a rousing success. 

The link to the FULL REVIEW by Paul Monkhouse for Metal Planet Music is below:

LINK: Gig Review : Queen + Adam Lambert – SSE, Belfast 

A few quotes and an official photo from the review:

"Queen are arguably the most loved band on the planet right now. With a back catalogue that’s only equaled in popularity by The Beatles, seeing them live is a celebration not just of music, but of life itself."

"Whilst the irreplaceable Freddie understandably still looms large in their music, May and Taylor couldn’t have picked a finer person to front the band these days than Lambert. With enough charisma and star power to light up whole continents, its his confidence on stage and absolutely incredible voice that impresses the most."
"This man was born to perform at stadiums and arenas and whether he’s flirting with longtime keys player Spike Edney, tongue firmly in cheek as he sprawls across the piano, struts around the stage or pours his all into ‘The Show Must Go On’, he shines. Despite this natural ability, there’s never a sense of arrogance here and his respect for Mercury, May and Taylor, along with John Deacon, is absolute, acknowledging that no-one was ever better than them and the privilege he feels being able to perform these songs."

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Dee R Gee said...

I got chills reading this review. This is what QAL is all about. The perfect mix of the old and the new and captures every single person in the audience. I'm sure the electricity onstage and in the audience was beyond exciting. Adam looked fabulous!