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Adam Lambert Responds To Alexis: Q: Any new outfits for QAL @RockInRioLisboa?" Adam: "Yes!..."

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Posted at : Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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Jean Renard said...

ADAM, make those new outfits BRIGHT, TIGHT, AND LEATHER, and keep the heels on those shoes HIGH! Love you forever. Margarita Lady

Nanbert said...

Yes, Adam dropped crotch, shorts or great wide pantaloons....please.

I know Adam will be fabulous!! He and Queen were meant for each other, it's amazing how perfect they are together. Queen's music could have been written for his voice!

And I love the costumes he usually wears with Queen. Oh, how I would love to see those golden riveted fringed sleeves on him again. They looked so smashing, and NOBODY could get away with them except Adam.... it's just him!

Lam-My said...

Adam says he's very excited to get back to his GlamRock roots...dropping a tiny hint it's costume / fashion to accompany those notes that propel to the last seat at the end; that rivet us to QAL. First time to Lisboa and Barcelona for QAL.
I recall a dear 24/7 commenter friend here by the name of SG! She was agonising why Adam did not bring his concerts to Barcelona; I recall she said she would organise a protest march for that. lol!
Helloo SG...Adam is finally setting foot in your city Barcelona. Do you remember we talked about the "big cuckoo bird" and the "banana goal kick'. You were lewd to the core. lwl!
SG was one of the first few who told me not to give up writing my poems as she loved reading them. SG, I didn't know then...actually I didn't stand a chance giving it up. lol! There was no way out. lol!