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Adam Lambert's IG story photos : Old photo ( Dec.2012) / "Tuesday" 2018-08-14

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Posted at : Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Like I said in my poem...Adam Trespassed into uncharted territory 2012...I like the way he sings: My yeh! instead of my ass lol!

Trespassing - Adam Lambert [live at The Voice China 2012]

Le Nha Thi
Published Sep 30, 2012

Lam-My said...

Tour de force 2012-2018

2012... Adam and Queen perform a series of pulsating concerts...
300,000 fans in Kiev... Stretching out his hand to the massive crowd, he reciprocates their love
Reminds me of Moses parting the Red Sea
I Want To Break Free...

Outlaws of Love expresses an emotion so deep
Like a beacon-light, scanning the dark treacherous seas
In search of love, peace, solidarity with LGBT

A trip in an Edo garden...wearing a black sexy singlet, studded shorts, boots, tantalising summer fashion
Fans wave their sunflowers and yellow-black boomaramas
As he pummels the air, on stage in reciprocal

A whirlwind touch-down into China for a bountiful harvest
Confronting it head-on with positivity, his first visit in uncharted waters
Everywhere he goes, Adam begets heartfelt moments
我爱你 wor ai ni !
'What do you want from me' ... a duet with Zhangwei, letting him sing all the high notes...

Jazz boomerangs Downunder
Is This Love...soft lighting caresses his silver crowning glory
What's next on the agenda...never a dull moment, declare Glamberts the world over

Oki dok homeward bound...a ghost train rumbles into PLL town
Debonair Glampire in blue suit and ruffle, lurks a ghost compound
Donning sexy fangs and a winsome smile, Cuckoo Glampire irks a taste of blood
Strikes up a sleazy conversation on the train's surreptitious vampire pub

The last lap...striking his signature pose, clenched gloved fist in the air, legs stretched, full black
He flings and twirls a white straight-jacket strapped, trapped like a jackass!
Unfazed, gallant Knight of the Night fights back
Rockgod Trespasses, globe-trots into amphitheatres, Glamberts on track

2013-2018... So far, we have covered cities west to east and back east to west...passing several times through...
Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Helsinki, Rio, Sydney and back to LA, New York, Arizona, Las Vegas, Berlin, Paris, London etc...

Rough, tough, lob it with love...with Adam, it's never enough
Ding Ding...all aboard, move on, forget the scorn; a titillating potpourri awaits a new Aquarius dawn
I Was Born To Love you...Tokyo's song that Freddie Mercury once performed

Hop step jump...toot-toot train / Queen jet-plane zooms across terrains
Queen finally give Singapore a try
Singapore! 你好吗 ni hao ma ... Amazing!
Maestro Brian speaks Mandarin addressing Padang's 80,000... 好 hao ! / good!

Okay, QAL continue their rapturous forage into Europe...UK...Las Vegas...
The Show Must Go On!
Dr Brian paints a feast for the mind, with his cosmic electric guitar...wheeeooou!
Maestro Roger encircled by drums of different tensions, strikes Boom boom pow! Boom boom pow!...We will...We will Rock you!
Prof Edney, keyboardist weaves his magical tapestry on the keys
In perfect synchronicity with bass guitarist Neil
Tyler Warren, energetic prolific drummer
Together they propel Adam Lambert to the pinnacle
Of his formidable vocals streaking like a meteorite across the cosmos
As their futuresque kaleidoscope ricochets the 70s
QAL tour de force kills it with no mercy, the last drop of their energy and expertise...


Lam-My said...

Wah a lot of 6 above: 6, 3x6, 2x6, 6x6... Total: 12x6 / 666 ! Satanic.

Dee R Gee said...

I like my Adam a little decadent. This pic is perfect.

Shelagh said...

Love your take on it Lam/My !!

Lam-My said...

Thank you! again Shelagh...very encouraging.
I went through the whole process depicted, and Trespassing concert, live in Singapore 2013. So this would be my longest poem in terms of time line, expanded on it as I went along with Adam and Queen; it's not done at one sitting rather, 2012 to 2018. I may add on some more when the Las Vegas residency videos show up. Aha, you would be able to help me with it as you are going to this Las Vegas concert live Sept!

Lam-My said...

I just noticed this in my portal and I will insert the important info in my Tour de force poem:

Adam's Original High Tour was awarded Best Tour 2016 by PopCrush Fans:

No. of shows
12 in Asia / started in Singapore - New Year's Eve 2015
6 in Oceania
22 in North America
16 in Europe
56 total

And I commented:
Adam did a wonderful Original High Tour which spawned many poems from me. I enjoyed his Tour tremendously, the videos were so good, it was as if I was touring around the world; many of the cities I've been before.

Adam arrived in Singapore
He came, he saw and wanted more
So he stamped his insignia
All over The Marina Float floor
His voice soared without a flaw
10,000 lapped it up, enjoyed it all
Now, hop step jump...zooming north
Without further ado...we send him off
With an effervescent Singapore Sling
Which he gulped down without a blink
Bon voyage...operatic pop-rock King
Do your thing...have a whale of a sing
Perhaps even a wild fling in Beijing lwl!

Lam-My ~ December 31, 2015 at 11:28 PM New Year's Eve

Lam-My said...

I also noticed another picture posted in my portal and my story: Homer...

Homer lived in a shanty hut by the sea. A very amicable person, and colourful, adorned in stylish clothes with his well-kept long white plaits. The neighbours always knocked on his door if they needed help; and he would go all out to assist. Once a week, he would go out to sea, and returned after many days at sea; like he was searching for something. He was alluded to as 'The Old Man And The Sea'.
One day, Homer was returning home and as he approached it, he saw a crowd gathered outside, gestering about something. A young roguish man was banging on Homer's door demanding that he wanted his house back!

What is that all about? thought Homer; I've been living in this house for 70 years.

The neighbours surrounded Homer, tugging at his long white plaits to prevent him from going back to his house, saying it was not safe.
Then the roguish man turned and went straight at Homer waving his stick at him. Lo and behold! at this crucial moment, a streak of lightning struck...the stick broke in half, like a sign from heaven. Homer himself was really shocked at what was taking place right in front of his shanty house.
The roguish man still kept demanding that he wanted his house back. It was really puzzling to Homer.
Then instead of fighting back, he invited the confused man into his house. Whoa! All the neighbours were aghast for Homer's safety. Somehow, his calm and gentle gesture impressed the assailant and his flare of temper subsided. Homer gave his intruder a cup of hot tea and then all of a sudden, the stranger kind of broke down and stammered:

I...I am Henry!
Henry? You mean you are my son whom I've been pining for, day and night.

Homer was stunned by this revelation and couldn't believe what he heard. He had seen with his own eyes a shark gnarling him and he soon disappeared into the sea, 40 years ago. And till this day, still went out to sea hoping against hope he would find him.
Henry apologised for his bad behaviour and said he had these outbursts of insanity and anxiety as a result of his desperate search for his father. Life was really hard and he was being trafficked by unscrupulous mercenary gangs.
Homer wept, wiped tears from his blurry eyes, got up and hugged his long-lost son whom he never dreamt could return to him as suddenly as he was taken from him at sea.

How did Henry survive his shark attack...Well, Henry was a very strong swimmer, being at sea from childhood helping his father on their dinghy. He managed to surface and gasped for breath; but was drifted away by the currents; he escaped from the relatively small shark. It was his destiny...a trawler passed by and picked him up; but as a young child, he was not able to tell his rescuers where he lived and contact was soon lost as he lived on the trawler that travelled far and wide.

The neighbours who had gathered to protect Homer, were close to tears and rejoiced at this dramatic father-son reunion; they celebrated a meaningful Halloween together, that 1st November.

October 15, 2017 at 9:28 PM

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

Helloo Adam! You look radiant
Sure envy your enormous amount of energy
Hopping from city to city
To bring joy and your unmistakable voice
So uplifting, re-orientates my psyche
As you can see, your radiance elicits poetry
So, not much time for Pharaoh
It’s okay, he’s got Daddy Javi to take care of him
Pharaoh! Do you miss Daddy…
Owoooooh! A lot ! My first love, my rescue…🏕️🐕🚶🏻🤾🏻‍♂️

By the way, Adam..I use that metal box you signed, every morning, it’s my butter box which I’ve used for 25 years; lid, container exactly the same; so it’s from Germany; very good, doesn’t stain, stainless steel. I played the video again, the clips to hold the lid down...mine only rings, the lid is tightly fitted.
Click video.

Lam-My said...

I just had my breakfast and lo and behold, I took a closer scrutiny at my butter-box side-clips which I never use cuz it's just for holding butter not lunch; Guess what, I clipped them to the lid and yes ! they are the exact clips, lid, box that Adam is signing, above. This fascinates me because my butter-box of all things gets international air time! 😁🧈☕ ! Bingo! Good morning!

Lam-My said...

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣💖🐕🐇🌒 28 Oct

@AdamLambert and Javi as 18th century vampires for #Halloween, by @Creativesharka!😍
@AdamL_Daily 2h ago

Well well ! Dracula must be turning in his coffin to see Glampire's handsome lover.

A new twist to my first Glampire vs Count Dracula feud...2011 > 2019

Adam the euphoric Glampire
Count Dracula requires a squire
A classy opponent to conspire
You are worthy for the hire
Hope nothing bloody transpires
At his castle quagmire
Glampire starts a-winding
Up the willowy hill-road reclining
Two pristine horses galloping
Trip trot…trip trot…over the bridge
A sinister full moon shimmering
When his gilded carriage rolls in with a swing
Count Dracula is ready for the sting
Werewolves howl at the castle brink Owooooh!
Dracula offers a bloody effervescent drink
Pop Rock King bursts into a twilight sing
Yeeaah e yeeaah ! on with the !
His sonic Superpower sends vampire bats fluttering
Dracula attacks…plunges his fangs into Glampire’s neck
Woe betide...blood spills out of the tooth bites
Glampire fires back an infrared into the demon’s head
Rubs his skull-laser ring...a sharp pitch screeches
Twists and turns… aarrgghh! Shapeshifter shrivels
Into a headless demonic figure...flees
The blood-thirsty creature teeters...returns for vengeance
Pop Rock King sings...tooooo oo oo looove!
Lily White Snake hears her secret lover
Swiftly drops from atop the forest...constricts the demon
Evil In The Night surrenders...back into the quagmire
Glampire and his prolific Loverboy fly hand in hand on cloud 9
Don't be sad're a flamboyant dare-devil...

November 1, 2011 Original / Updated 2019

Lam-My said...

Adam Lambert - Superpower (Strictly Performance 27.10.19)

Beautiful vocals, sure got a lot of Superpower. It seems it was the show's decision not to use the Strictly professional dancers; I think the whole performance would have notched up a lot and even inspired Adam; the dance movements would have synchronised the fierce vocals, rhythm and pulse of the song. Terrific vocals from Adam Lambert, looks so handsome.

Lam-My said...

Javi’s IG story ( think it says everything ) 😞

Hi Javi !
Never expected you and Adam to break up…
I wrote several poems on a long-lasting romance
Cuz you both fit each other’s temperament
It must be a double whammy to miss Adam and Pharaoh
I like Pharaoh a lot, he is consistent…he loves your touch
It breaks my heart each time I write about you and Adam
Time will soothe the sorrow...a ray of hope for reunion 💞💔

Adam...keep working
It takes the mind off for a while
It was good while it lasted...
My psychic fails this time...saw a family
You seem a little resigned...kind of expecting
Talent of your calibre demands a high price
Your right beau may still be lurking
Find meeeee somebodyyy tooooooo....
Every cloud has a silver lining...🌈🌤️


Lam-My said...

@AdamL_Daily 3h ago

Lam-My said...

Good morning CNN Fan! Looks like you are the most persistent of my fans 🤪

Last evening 19 Nov 2019, you used *temperament on Early Day talking about the *temperament of a very high-level person.

And mine: Same day 19 Nov 2019…above poem:
‘…you both fit each other’s *temperament ‘ …Adam and Javi.

Also, Nov 18 …*trolley strewn all over the University ground, so sad, my forebears …Newsroom.

And mine :
An SIA air-hostess was pushing her *trolley daintily down the plane aisle. Her trolley stopped in front of a well-attired westerner / angmoh in suit and tie; he was tugging into some beef-ball; the air-hostess gently asked in typical SIA fashion : Sir, would you like some sauce on your balls? 😁 Those were the good ole 70s. By the way, our beef balls are super tangy! even today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Comment on Adam’s performance Closer To You on James Corden … @iMJulianM6 1h ago

‘ I think he was emotional (voice cracked a bit) but he still sounded phenomenal doing CTY. Looked amazing in all black-he killed it in all ways like always & there’s a really funny part w/Adam, James, & Josh (other guest)! Made me crack up! ‘

Lam-My said...

This is sooo weiirrd ! But I enjoyed it…Good job! But they got fired ! 😁 The mask is so well-designed.

Adam Lambert, Josh Gad & James Corden … The Late Late Show with James Corden
Nov 20, 2019

The Masked Singer

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adam Lambert - Closer To You (from the EP Velvet: Side A) - The Late Late Show With James Corden - CBS - November 20, 2019

Adam...Very beautiful and touching. When I heard it the first time, it didn't move me; there was no point of reference; now it's woken.

Lam-My said...

5 Dec 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ 🏊🏻‍♂️🏊🏻

Oki dok you wanna see Joseph Schooling beaten by compatriot Teong Tzen Wei in last night’s 2019 SEA Games 50m butterfly, by 0.06 sec ! a Gold, Silver Final for Singapore.
Look at the smile from someone who had beaten Michael Phelps, Chad Le Clos and Laszlo Cseh, 2016 Olympics . When Tzen Wei was asked about his victory, he said he didn’t know what happened haw haw!
Joseph will most likely retain his 100m butterfly tonight live from Philippines.

The 100m butterfly as it happened live an hour ago. Joseph in black cap, Quah Zheng Wen in white cap. It’s a Gold, Silver Final for Singapore at the 30th Southeast Asian Games 2019 in the Philippines. 11 countries in total. It’s a biennial event and these countries take turns to host it. Joseph’s 2016 Olympic record still stands at 50.39s for 100m butterfly.

6 Dec 2019

Lam-My said...

🌚☀️ 2️⃣6️⃣ Dec 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ Event of the Century !

A solar ecliptic tango unfolds live in the sky
From my balcony, I watch moon and sun glide
So intimately like lovers, entwined in a kiss of fire
Through sporadic patches of dark clouds
Soon moon slides right into the centre
Obliterating the sun, almost
Leaving a ring of fire
Thank God for the patches of sparse dark clouds
That shield my retina from the flare of brilliance
After 20 minutes, moon bids farewell to its lover
Breaks the ring and slowly only a fifth of it blocks the sun
It’s too bright now so I look, stop, look again, just can’t let go
So arresting, formidable, apocalyptic
A twilight ambiance casts over the car-park below, and my home
I see patches of red, blue, literally see stars due to looking directly at the sun
The phenomenon touches me so deeply, almost cry
This earth, moon, sun alignment, directly in the path of Singapore
Will return only after 21 years…oooh-la-la ! Happy New Year 2020 !

Lam-My 😂🌚☀️

Solar eclipse 26 Dec 2019, 11.30 am – 3.18 pm, telecast live on tv Singapore CNA. So many people set up their telescopes on roof-tops for this once in a life-time experience.

Lam-My said...

Adam is the beacon light
Shimmering in the depth of night
Guiding young and old alike
Into the harbour of delight
Sexy man we love you so
Your struts and thrusts and body rolls
Thrill us to bits to our very own soul
You made it big ! I told you so !
Your hair and fashion, chic and bold
Set us speculating on our toes
Expect the unexpected to uphold
It ain’t that deep, so we are told
Rock n Roll…on with the show…
Adam is blasted off to the moon
Causes an upset, a big bang boom
A huge Superstar is born real soon
Thanks universe, for this heavenly boon
Full of surprises, master of intrigue
Not succumbing to hate nor defeat
Prowling the stage…a mighty beast
Wailing out notes that don’t exist
Glam Nation…a galactic treat
By all accounts a world-class feat
Triggers an avalanche of tweet tweet tweet
Fans adore you at your feet
Your voice so high rises to the sky
Some of your songs make us cry
Hope your album arrives in style
Rooting for it to rock sky-high
Handsome Adam, labelled outlaw?
How can that be, we’re in awe
He cares too much, big and small
We will follow him forevermore
What are you bringing this summer or spring
Come to our city to sing and swing
Anticipating the next scintillating
Adam Lambert, the Pop Rocker King !

October 28, 2011 12:19 am

Now looking back, I see some of my Adam aspirations come to pass…

1. beacon light … Adam gives LGBTQ a face, a voice, a guiding light
2. harbour of delight line 4 … well, he performed on The Float Marina Bay Singapore NYE 2015>16
3. blasted off to the moon line 14 … Chang’e 4 lands on the back of the moon, created momentous history Jan 3, 2019
4. album arrives in style line 28 … Adam has successfully released 4 excellent albums, latest 2019

Happy 38th Birthday ! Adam ! 29 Jan 2020

Very thankful to have known you in such an intimate way, for me to write poems and stories which otherwise would never have happened.

Lam-My said...

This was what I saw from my balcony on 26 Dec 2019. Event of the Century!
Earth Moon Sun align directly to Singapore…this is the second time I’ve seen an almost total solar eclipse, from my balcony; the last one was 21 years ago. The sky is not dark, a twilight ambiance overcasts when moon almost obliterates the sun…12 noon Singapore time. I wrote my ecliptic tango poem when moon was moving out of the ring of fire…breaking the ring, bids farewell to its lover.

Oh la la la oh … oh la la lu…
Take care ! viral volatile difficult times…

Lam-My 🌚☀️

Lam-My said...

Lam-My permalink
February 5, 2020 8:58 pm

Good morning CNN Fan!
I just heard a while ago your use of 3 words you picked from my ecliptic tango poem above…*21 years , *balcony , *intimate / intimacy. I thought coincidences but you have tracked my vocabulary for quite some years, so immediately they registered, 3 words same poem. Actually, it feels quite surreal that I can reply to a CNN Fan, so close like almost reaching out to a friend within minutes. 🥰😁

Lam-My permalink
February 7, 2020 10:14 pm

Haw haw CNN Fan !
You finally picked the crucial word from my ecliptic *tango poem, above…it takes two to *tango…yes indeed moon and sun ! 😊
Just heard it on Cuomo Prime Time, said by Robert Ray Attorney, regarding Impeachment Acquittal.

Lam-My said...

Lam-My permalink
February 10, 2020 3:52 am

Wah! the 92nd Academy Awards 2020…Exhilarating ! no dilly-dallying. When I turned on the tv, I wasn’t too keen and then watched on and off…Lo and behold even though I don’t watch movies anymore, my era flashed past. Tom Hanks…Forrest Gump sitting on that bench to wait for his son and the white feather drifting in the wind; and yes, Jane Fonda…On Golden Pond / Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn.
Good ole Rami Malek looked superbly handsome! I recalled Adam reverberate that Superpower note : I had my share of sand kicked in my face but I came round…! hit the zenith. I had no idea S Korea is so steeped in film-making, won 4 Oscars, the most covetous, Best Picture whoa!
Lim Yun Suk blurted out uncontrollably on CNA.

Lam-My said...

Lam-My permalink
February 13, 2020 12:27 am

This classic 2020 Adam portrayal, Roses, reminds me of his 2019 Gatzby fashion on which I wrote a poem. By the way, haven’t gotten to listen to Roses; my speakers, broken, will be buying; but I know when Nile and Adam collaborate, it’s first-class proficient.

Happy New Year Dr Handsome
You look as if you are on a movie set
Aha, 21st century Gatsby
What are you gonna pull off next…
Never a dull moment…Glambert quote
As we gloat and float all over the globe
On our hot-hair balloon…whiioo wheet up here
Hitching a ride with Adam is mind-boggling
Don’t waste time haggling
Get on your feet…now that brings me
To the great big feat…Chang’e-4 touching down
On the unseen other side of the Moon to swoon 3 Jan
Historic 1st ever moon landing on Von Karman crater!
Also, the peanut-shape Ultima Thule! NASA 1 Jan
To the furthest time and space of our solar system!
Brian May sending it off on his cosmo guitar
But nothing compares with my Adam Gatsby and Pharaohdoggo
Journey, live on my hodgepodge Poetry…🏞🎈🛣

January 3, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Lam-My said...

Heartbreak Hotel Rhapsody Tour Perth 23 Feb 2020

Loneliness is a frame of mind
You can ride it Adam, in tandem
It’s a matter of time…he will arrive
Your soul will triumph 🥀🌷


Lam-My permalink
February 24, 2020 7:37 am

你好 ni hao CNN Fan ! Hot on my heels…😊 Sure feels strange to me that I’m conversing with you via CNN news!

I just heard Will Ripley say: *Romeo and Juliet…to describe a man talking to his wife under quarantine; he was standing on the pavement below her room window, so loving; he was bringing her some food and necessities but not allowed in.
And mine :
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ~ *Romeo and Juliet …referencing Adam’s song Roses… Feb 18, 2020

Also heard… *converse / Newsroom … Trump and Modi know how to *converse with each other…
And mine : poem yesterday :
…reinforce upcoming political *converse … Feb 22, 2020

Lam-My permalink
February 25, 2020 1:37 am

Haw haw CNN Fan ! I just saw your Caption using the word *triumph regarding a very high-level women harassment case and the Me Too movement. Someone remarked maybe it’s not so much of a triumph, rather that it gives strength and direction to girls and women against sexual predators.
Well, I think you are right to say it’s a *triumph ! but the other view point is okay.
And my use is just above…trying to console Adam; you can hear in the way he sings Heartbreak Hotel, his pangs of loneliness…his soul will *triumph over it.
You are a very good CNN Writer/Editor, with sharp intuition in picking crucial words in my poems and stories, and adapt them in different context. 🥰

Lam-My permalink
February 25, 2020 3:57 am

Hey there CNN Newsroom, I just heard Manisha Tank reporting on how Singapore is curbing the coronavirus spread. She mentioned Singapore learnt a lot from the SARS virus that started innocently in 2002-2003. A lady came from China and went to hospital in a taxi from Changi airport, thinking it was just the flu and then the whole thing blew open. But this time with the COVID 19, our government was alerted by the outbreak in Wuhan. Immediately put up digital detectors / screening for fever and flu-like symptoms at Changi airport right from the beginning, not taking any chances at all; unlike SARS which went undetected and no tracing at the beginning. The SARS episode though not as widespread, actually I didn’t feel it that much, but ended tragically: a very dedicated doctor died ! trying to cure his patients in hospital. I recall on tv this doctor drove past his house every day, waved to his wife and children, 10 and 4 but dared not return home. Yes he knew there was a chance he would die and he succumbed. I watched on tv his wife only brought a large photo of him home; he finally manged to come home! It was so contagious they couldn’t give him a funeral, yes a brave and selfless doctor taught Singapore a very grave lesson with his own life.
So this time, with the COVID 19, the government is very very careful, not taking any chances so tracing and quarantine of clusters of infected persons and those they came in contact with, the best way to control it, is working. They are also working on a vaccine which may be clinically tried in several months time with WHO who reported that Singapore is handling COVID 19 very meticulously. I barely feel the scare at all, I don’t wear any mask, all sold out but the government is issuing 4 free surgical masks for every household. Those commuting on trains, planes etc. would need them Like when I take the bus, I don’t wear any mask; my area has no reports of cases of the virus; I tune in to CNA diligently to get the latest very detailed news. Today’s news says 53% of the 90 confirmed cases have recovered. The plus point is those recovered would have developed immunity to COVID 19.

February 25, 2020 at 7:40 PM

Lam-My said...

2️⃣9️⃣ Feb 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Leap Year 🦈🕊️🐕

Happy😁 Not so Happy🥀 Leap Year 29 Feb 2020 ! Here we come…
Leap Year + Solar Eclipse…Wah! No wonder we’re in utter confusion
Signals from the heavens…
Take cover, we’re all in the same boat together
Riding the convoluted waves of the treacherous ether
Coronavirus 19…at every turn, nook and corner
Singapore is thrashing through boundless border…hold on tight !
It’s dark in here…be not afraid…take a leap of faith…
Follow the light of our celestial equator… 🦠🩺🌄

Lam-My 29 Feb 2020

Good afternoon Rosemary Church ! CNN Newsroom
I just heard you bringing up Singapore again, with regard to SARS 2002-2003 and yes you advise other countries perhaps to do what Singapore is doing to curb the COVID 19 spread. Well, I have gone through both episodes of these killer viruses, the latter still ongoing and our Government is urging all of us to be vigilant. I think the key is…don’t procrastinate; arrest it right from the start. I think Singapore was about the first country in the region ( I saw on tv) to set up the scans and screens to detect flu symptoms and fever…at Changi Airport. There were some grouses like why are we so scared?
Well, Singapore learnt it the hard way; a selfless doctor gave his life for us to learn this very precious lesson; so yes, you are quite right to ask why other countries are not carrying out the procedures like Singapore. Well, we too were not that prepared for SARS as now with COVID 19. The dedicated doctor and his family paid such a high price for Singapore to witness firsthand the havoc an unknown virus can wreak. Immediately jumped into action cuz once it gets into the wider community, there’s little chance of stamping it out. So the tracing and quarantine have to be stepped up day and night.
That selfless doctor went all out to save his patients but SARS was so lethal ! it finally got him too. His wife could only see him through the glass panel outside his completely sealed hospital room; towards the end. Earlier on, he drove past his house every day and waved from his car, dared not get into the house let alone hug his children, then 3 and 1.
His wife clasped a large framed photo of her husband close to her heart as she walked into their house, the photo facing the entrance of their house as if to let him know: You can come home now...he was finally home. It was really touching; there was no funeral, too contagious…

Lam-My said...

6️⃣ April 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 😷 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I came across my strangely worded poem; the last 2 lines seem clairvoyant…I have no idea why I said : I seem to feel a *worldly change …*diseases … *a boon or bane …looks more a bane than a boon…worldwide. RIP Souls departed.
Adam was speaking on behalf of Elton John regarding his Aids Foundation.

A single red rose pointing to his heart
From time immemorial…rose means love
Adam dons the rose so beautifully
It befits him elegantly
Because it comes from his heart
Not relegating my favourite part, brain
Adam sings:
Tears all fall the same…we all feel the rain…
Aids, so dilapidating; other diseases too
I seem to feel a worldly change, a boon or bane

March 1, 2017 11:43 pm

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6️⃣ April 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 🎇

I just heard Super Dr Fauci say : *tension…light at the end of the tunnel…
reported on CNA Singapore.
I think my CNN Fan is hot on my heels…I used *tension (4 Apr). Perhaps Dr Fauci likes this inspirational song… with all he’s got to douse Covid 19.

I see light…drowning out all the shadows…just fight

You’re not alone…

I see light…at the end of the tunnel…just fight…

By Mediacorp Singapore

Lam-My said...

你好 ni hao ! Natalie Allen and Manisha Tank CNN Newsroom…
I just heard you report on the big spike in Covid cases in Singapore today. Manisha is right about the close living proximity in the foreign workers dormitories; now they have spruced up the living quarters only 2 or 3 workers per room, which means more separate housing areas / facilities, and they are not allowed to socialise, to remain in their rooms, with medical care when required. The other reason for the spike of 786 cases highest in a day since it started could also be due to :

‘ Singapore scientists on the front lines of fight against Covid-19 : … the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), … discovers test that can tell if a person has Covid-19 in as little as five minutes. … This sample is then put in a portable device that will give the result in about five to 10 minutes … Mar 25, 2020 ‘

So faster testing would be able to track down a larger no. of cases in a shorter time.
Actually, Changi Airport put up scans and monitors to detect fever, flu-like symptoms right from the beginning, 3 Jan 2020 when authorities got wind of the Wuhan outbreak and it was 2 weeks later that the first Covid case surfaced in Singapore, 23 Jan.

Singapore A*Star scientists have been very vigilant since SARS 2003 and so test kits were ready to go any time. At the beginning, when Wuhan was in dire need for these test kits, masks, Singapore sent 10,000 to Wuhan, China thanked Singapore. Quite recently, Singapore sent 5000 test kits to Malaysia. ASEAN + China Japan S Korea work very closely with regard sharing of resources. In reality, we have been working very closely all the time as far back as 50 years ago.

I’ve said earlier, the spike in the number of Covid cases though of utmost significance, is not the top issue; it’s how the Country deals with it; this may last, so there must be a contingency plan in place; this enormous problem has to be tackled on multi fronts, most outstanding would be identifying the infected persons, separating them via tracing / testing so that the rest can carry on relatively safer in their work, school (all closed, online classes); the other urgency is money for day to day livelihood, food, medical care and our Government for the first time dipped into the Reserves, $60 billion with emphasis to shore up small, medium-size businesses so that when the Storm subsides, they would be able to carry on from where they left off with fewer workers laid off. I think our Government has done a meticulous job on all fronts.
10 died…elderly with ailments. God is with you. Rest in Peace.

Lam-My said...

Short impromptu story ... Convoluted syndrome ...

Where is this place...where is everybody...aha, I see a light flickering down the road; maybe I can find a soul, just keep walking...awwwwh traffic light, where are the cars, vehicles ? This is getting stranger by the minute. 🚦

Prrrrrrr aloha ! Where are you going? it's a dead-end road.

Helicopter ! but there's no pilot ! I'm getting really confused now. I'll climb up the dangling rope ladder...waah it's bringing me higher...drifting precariously...Heeeelp meeee ! 🛬 owl, those big luminous eyes might help light my way out of this convoluted time syndrome.

What are you gibbering madam? 🦉

Whoa! Owl can respond ! Ni hao Owl ! You are so serene and have a bird's eye-view, I want to know what place this is.

Well, have you heard of Limbo ?

Holy cow ! I'm in Limbo ?

Hoooo-hooot ! yes madam, are you visiting one of our lost souls ? have not seen you around's a very beautiful place, don't if you excuse me, I have to go feed my babies up on the tree...hooooot

So I'm back on square one. Good morning ! Do you need a ride, hop onto my toot-toot caravan...🚂

Okay, can you take me out of Limbo ?

Where is that?

It'right here...Wise Owl told me this place is Limbo.

...ti ti ti ti ti...

Are you okay madam...we are going to take you off the respirator since your monitor is showing a rise in your heartbeat; you came in very low at 40 per minute; we thought you won't make it, it's 70 now, you bounced back...we'll let you breathe on your own, you're going to be okay...🛣📈

Lam-My 22 April 2020

Lam-My said...

Adam and his furry family
An encompassing picture of total serenity
Amid upheaval, death, chaos
People scramble to get back to normalcy
Their lives suddenly smashed to smithereens
It makes me wonder…Covid so microscopic yet so powerful
Brings the most intelligent species to their knees
Adam’s success is not a fluke
He built it up resolutely cuz he knows where he’s going
Blessed with charisma, humility, brain, voice
That Dr Bri adamantly nicknames 1-in-a-billion
Ni hao Pharaoh…now is your time with your Daddy
Cuz he is housebound owoooooh…🐕🐕‍🦺🏡
Jelly looks so dignified rather than wrestling Pharaoh to the ground
‘Superpower’ that Adam performed fits the One World Together At Home
Where we are forced to stand on our own two feet yet not alone
‘Climb every mountain…Cross every sea, follow every rainbow’
Till you find your peace…piece 🏞🏰

Lam-My ~ 21 April 2020

Waah! Adam’s mansion…

Adam’s IGTV: You are the Champions ... Sychronised from their homes... Waah!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So much energy in the directing of Superpower…great job all ! Adam as usual…live wire !

Unexpectedly appropriate lyric :
All the Covidvirus better get out my way, aye aye 🦇

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this shit ain’t okay, oh no
You kick us down in the dirt but we ain’t goin’ away, aye aye
I get back up when I fall
Rip the paint from the wall
When I win, I’mma run and take the money 💎💰

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As the Tokyo Olympics hangs precariously on the precipice of 2021…due to Covid-19, Joseph shines a light from the Rio 2016 Olympics…I call it the Swim of the Century because not only did Joseph bring home Singapore’s first ever Gold in a decisive body-length Win, 3 seasoned Olympic Champions, Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos‎, László Cseh, fought tooth and nail in a triple-way tie for Silver; this 100 metre butterfly race will go down in history as the most scintillating and glamorous.

This evening 25 April, Dick Lee, Singapore singer, composer of Home our 20-year-old National song will lead the whole of Singapore together with other local artistes and a 900-strong choir, to Salute, Thank our front-line doctors, nurses, scientists, healthcare workers, migrant workers and Singaporeans in our battle together against Covid 19. We can go to our balconies and sing together at 7.55 pm broadcast live on CNA Mediacorp. A meteor shower will light up the sky. 😊✨

Lam-My said...

I just heard a report on the Covid spike in Singapore on CNN.

This caught my attention : that at the beginning, Singaporeans were very confident but now our confidence seems diminished…Not true. To date : 12,693 Covid cases, Recovered : 1,002, Deaths 12 ! one of the lowest death tolls in the world; that tells you the medical facilities / doctors / nurses / healthcare workers are of a very high standard. So to say we have lost confidence in our perception and fight against Covid in Singapore does not hold water.

You are right about the schools all shut and people work from homes. That’s because PM Lee Hsien Loong and Ministers are working towards a clear reduction for a period of at least 1 month; circuit-breaker extended to 1 June 2020. Right now apart from the foreign workers hitting the highest number, 8000 cases, there are still no signs of a rapid widespread; local transmission about 25 a day on average and we know where these clusters are so we avoid those areas for the time being. For instance, if I want to go to one of the stores still allowed to open, to buy a pair of CPU speakers, my present ones are old and cannot turn up the volume to hear Adam’s ethereal bombardment and Queen’s booom booom pah…I can just hop onto a bus and go to the shopping complex nearby but I would not loiter and also must wear a mask and keep a safe distance of 1 to 2 metres from other people. The point is I have the freedom and confidence, unlike what Manisha implies that we have lost our confidence…We haven’t…that will be the day !

Regarding the foreign workers, they like to work in Singapore, though Covid highlighted the crammed quarters which gave rise to the Covid spike; some brought it from their own country when they returned. PM Lee just came on tv to say the foreign workers problem has been contained by separating them, those ill from those mild cases in different isolation areas where they are not allowed to mingle or leave. They like to work here because their salary is 4 to 5 times higher than what they can get in their own country; and in this present Covid pandemic, they would most likely be laid off with no pay in their home country and what if they fall seriously ill…are there enough respirators / ventilators ? Now they are paid without working, free lodging, best medical treatment, clean hygienic nutritious food. I think they are still getting a much better deal than if they had returned to their home country; any time.

Good morning CNN Fan!
Just heard Anderson Cooper and a Doctor (previous show) use the word *confidence twice emphatically. And mine above. You have jumped to my defence a couple of times. 🙂
Regarding the low number of deaths, it could be attributed to Singaporeans’ strong immune system against diseases not just Covid; clean nutritious food and clean water, efficient sanitation all these and more, crucial to the building up of strong immune system against diseases; the local low Covid cases, deaths attest to this.
Rest in Peace the Elderly departed.

Lam-My said...

My new organization @FSFoundation_ is teaming up with @GLAAD and @eBay to auction off 15 of my iconic stage outfits!! 100% of proceeds go to GLAAD for their support of LGBTQ people in need during COVID-19. ~ Adam Lambert
Go to :

Two for the price of one…Adam and Elvis haw haw! I like this performance very much…my long-gone era 60s 70s; alas present era is going through a crisis…but I’m still kicking and writing poems and stories. 🤪

A quirky lonesome story…

Whoa! Why is the crystal glass on my bedside table shaking? Earthquake!…no, not likely.

Helloo Bert!

Who is that?

Look at the ice-cube in the glass. Do you see anything other than the ice-cube?

No…oh, yea, there’s something moving inside the ice-cube, a silvery substance.

Yes, you got it…that’s me…ice-genie.

Whaaat ! ice-genie? So what are you doing in the ice-cube?

That’s why I’m shaking the glass…to get your attention to help me get out. I’m trapped in this iceberg!

No kidding!…must be the effect of my hangover. Bert got up, went to the bathroom, splashed some water on his face. Looked at the glass again…still shaking !

Hi Bert!

So what do you want me to do ice-genie?

Well, pour some tequila into the glass and it will set me free !

Bert was feeling a sense of emptiness, the Elvis song he performed in Las Vegas still ringing in his brain…I be so lonely…I be so lonely…I could die…he thought he was hallucinating. He got up and went to the bar-counter of his tastefully furnished hotel suite, got a small bottle of tequila, poured half into the glass. Pssssssh…a silvery light escaped from the ice-cube through an opening melted by the tequila.

Thanks Bert!

Who are you?

I’m the ice-genie that you just released from my inescapable iceberg.

A handsome genie you are!

Ice-genie then took Bert out for a stroll in the nearby woods.

Do you see that hill…there’s a tunnel beneath and if you walk through the tunnel, you’ll see a light that will take you to where I live.

Bert was still in a disoriented state…Hey ice-genie…I’d like to visit your home…

Light at the end of the tunnel will lead you to a new horizon, that’s where I live.

You live in an horizon but it has no limit, how do I get there…

Bert woke with a start, feeling quite weird…glanced at the glass on the bedside table to detect any shaking or a sign of ice-genie; no, the ice-cube melted…
Hold on a minute…the bottle of tequila on the bar counter is half full ! 🧊 haw haw Sleepwalker 👣

Lam-My ~ 28 April 2020

Lam-My said...

😷 4️⃣ May 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ Countries are starting to open up but far from over Covid 19

I just heard a melancholy group song sung on CGTN / via Pan Deng; very nice song and lo and behold this line caught my attention : ' The *silver lining is love…’

And mine, based on a real *silver lining I saw from my balcony one early morning :

April 9, 2020 ~ Lam-My permalink

This morning 7am, I saw the silver full moon from my balcony…Waah! As the saying goes, every cloud has a *silver lining…so too every moon has a *silver lining.
This is what I saw from my balcony…a live *silver lining which is now embedded in a song by CGTN. 😋

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Madam Yap Lay Hong, 102, is Singapore’s oldest coronavirus survivor.

She was discharged from Tan Tock Seng Hospital on Friday (May 1).

Madam Yap was among 16 residents and staff at the Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home who caught the virus – a cluster that led to a ban on visitors to all nursing and old folks’ homes in April.

“Today is a day of happiness as we welcome home our residents who fought hard to recover and overcome the Covid-19 virus.

“They were discharged from the hospitals and are now resting well at the home. We thank the heroic and selfless efforts of our front-line healthcare colleagues who nursed them back to health.”

Madam Yap, who was born during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918, is among the rare centenarians worldwide battling Covid-19. The oldest to survive the virus is a Dutch woman in the Netherlands, 107-year-old Cornelia Ras, who recovered in about 20 days.

Joyce Lim Senior Correspondent

Lam-My said...

Overglow fits Covid pandemic -start outbreak Wuhan late Dec 2020 - Solar eclipse 26 Dec saw from my balcony...first Covid case in
Singapore 23 Jan 2020...'Corporate Carnage' on CNA Adam Bakhtiar business news.

Overglow … seems eerily prophetic but real for him in his own time…

People talking from every direction
Every hello and every goodbye
Feels like a cry for attention
People, but there’s no human connection ~ Adam Lambert

I like the booom booom booom...contrast brings out his falsetto alto.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Joseph Schooling … Hang in there !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jelly wants to sing like Uncle Adam … Step 1 : Stick your tongue out ! Pharaoh on the other hand is very content,
his Daddy sings into his antenna ears, front row seat day and night. Owooooh…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

People around the world are navigating / circumventing the lock down; bottom-line, life has to go on. As Lee Kuan Yew once said in an emotional speech, his voice quivering : Follow that rainbow…if you find a grain of gold…dig it up…You may think it’s not the time to go digging for gold but it is, cuz the gold here is buried very deep and scientists, doctors are all out to find it, the life-saving vaccine or at least a partial mitigation to slow down the Virus…that’s the gold that they have to dig up.

Jill Neubronner CNA says *it’s here to stay…(my poem); I’ll add, make do with whatever means, resources at our disposal to contain it and carry on as best we can with our lives.

Regarding the *floodgates in Alisyn’s vivid analogy on New Day…she was talking about opening the *floodgates of the lock down; when you open the floodgates, water will gush out, in this case people will.
In my poem, my imagery of the *floodgates is that of the trachea and lungs, inundated.

My Ode to Covid 19
World in lock down ! not even in my wildest imagination
What seems benign, turns so fearsome
Weaponless against Coronavirus
Even the most advanced space conquest or nuclear arsenal
Has no clue how to defeat it ! The fury of mighty Nature
A humbling eye-opener even to the most brilliant brain
Earth subdued, vulnerabilities exposed
Countries big or small, we are all in the same boat
It boils down to how it is handled, *it’s here to stay
Nowhere to hide, no escape other than just lock down and wait
For a vaccine to save us before we drown at the *floodgates ☣️
A frightful dismal scenario…not so fast…humans are the most creative
That’s how we inherit the universe…fight to the last most resilient species 😅🤢😵

Lam-My ~ 13 May 2020

Lam-My said...

I found this tucked away in my story files, it struck a chord with the present dire straits of the Covid pandemic; the world fighting tooth and nail to keep above water or drown in one’s own fluid in the lungs.

Bert and Saul were on their way to distribute boxes of food to those living on pavements by the roads, in makeshift tents and cardboard boxes.
They were driving along a secluded road and suddenly a dark figure rushed across the road in the path of their car.
Screeeech…! The tyres came to an abrupt halt. Saul got out immediately to see if the person got hurt. The youth dashed off to the opposite side of the road and disappeared into a cluster of slum houses.
Thank goodness, nothing happened but Bert said they should go there to distribute the boxes of food as the slum looked dilapidated and poor. Saul agreed and Bert drove into a narrow dimly-lit mushy lane.
Suddenly, Saul caught sight of the youth again and told Bert perhaps they should check him out. He seemed to be clutching a bundle tightly to his chest. Bert stopped the car and Saul got out.

Hello! Good evening, you need help? Saul called out from a distance.
The young man turned, without responding and walked off deeper into the slum.

Bert thought perhaps they should continue with what they had set out to do; distribute food to the poor and needy.
Saul and Bert handed out a lot of boxes, about two hundred, containing delicious home-cooked meals prepared by Saul and Bert who are very good cooks. The boxes contained different combinations of pasta, meat burgers, vegetables, banana, tomato, even dessert like jelly, fruit, and styrofoam cups of hot coffee as the weather was extremely cold.

As they were moving around the dilapidated slum, Saul spotted the youth again running frantically with the bundle he was clutching. Bert knew there was something not quite right; decided to accost him; especially wanted to know what was in the bundle.

Hey! Stop! We want to help you! Bert yelled at the top of his lungs; as we know he’s got a booming voice.
Something fell out of the bundle and the young man swiftly picked it up but this time he didn’t run off; perhaps he could feel Bert and Saul genuinely wanted to help him.

What’s in the bundle you are holding? Bert politely inquired.

The guy started sobbing and opened up the bundle.

Nooooo!…gasped Bert and Saul. It was a lifeless puppy!

I’m Rego, my puppy got run over by a car as it was looking for me. I always took him with me but this evening I was in a rush as I was late for work and so left him at home alone. Bert and Saul looked petrified at the sight of the bleeding puppy.They were at a loss as to what to do even though they have a lot of experience with dogs.
Then Saul noticed twitches in the unconscious puppy’s struggling closed eyes.

Bert, I think it’s still alive!
Bert and Saul immediately took Rego and his bundled-up puppy into their car and raced down the street like an ambulance ferrying a dying patient to hospital.

At the animal clinic, the vet immediately fixed an oxygen mask to the puppy’s mouth and administered CPR to revive its faint heartbeat.
Meanwhile, Bert and Saul waited with tense Rego outside. After 20 minutes of expert intensive treatment, the vet said he did all he could, now it was just up to the puppy.
Rego stood by his beloved puppy watching it anxiously, and then saw a movement in Bobby.

Bobby ! …Rego whispered into its little limp ears.
Rego bundled it up again to keep it warm and radiated a smile for the first time.

Bert and Saul paid a nominal fee to the vet, thanked him for the timely rescue. They drove Rego back to the slum area, his home, and handed him the last two remaining boxes of food; one for Rego and one for Bobby.

Rego called out and waved thankfully as Bert and Saul drove off… Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Take care Rego!...with a broad smile and thumbs up. 🐶👍

Lam-My ~ 1 Jan 2018

Lam-My said...

Aha, Pharaoh is civic-minded, he moves 1.5 metres away
Skips one seat from Jelly haw haw
Pharaoh, why do you need to make a circle before you plop down
I’ve seen this even on Daddy’s bed like sniffing and circling
早上好 jow sarng hao good morning Lam-My
Well, I want to ring-fence my territory, so no one can invade it Owooooh !
I see, everything is territorial, animal instinct, humans, too
You glanced at Jelly and then turned away…you don’t like her?
She’s okay, my only companion right now
Hi Jelly ! Do you like Pharaoh ?
Oh yes, he’s adorable and a fast runner, not easy to dominate
You both don’t know how fortunate you are in this lock-down crises
So well-groomed, tufts of golden fur…showered with love
So Jelly, have you perfected sticking your tongue out to sing like Uncle Adam
No, I finally realise no one can out-sing Uncle Adam Owooooh ! 🐕🐕‍🦺🏡

Lam-My 16 May 2020

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, when I watched Live the Solar Eclipse from my balcony on 26 Dec 2019 the Covid pandemic already started; whoa ! sign from the sky; the moon blocks the sun almost in entirety leaving a ring of fire; in ancient mythology it spells catastrophe…a monster is eating up the sun.

This is what I saw from my balcony 26 Dec 2019 12 noon – Solar eclipse / coincides with start of Covid 19…on hindsight.

I could see it spectacularly only when the sun is blocked so the glare is less damaging to my naked eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just heard on CNN…
‘ Four-star Army General Perna at the Rose Garden called the effort to develop a vaccine by the end of the year a “Herculean task” on Friday. ‘

Looks like my Trump-Writer Fan likes strong words; yes *Herculean fits above context to a T !
All the best to your *Herculean endeavour !

Well, here is part of my longer poem : Olympics 2016

Good heavens ! he clinches the Butterfly Gold!
Beating not one but 3 Champs in a row
Looking quite dazed on the podium
Joseph pulls off a super *Herculean for Singaporeans
In a decisive win, by a body-length distance
He came, he saw, he left, a Gold Olympian !

Lam-My ~ Mar 2020

Lam-My said...

Adam unintentionally innovated 2 Covid songs… Superpower & Overglow

There’s something missing and I’m pissed and I’ve got something to say, oh yeah
All of the witches and the Covid better get out my way, aye aye

I get back up when I fall
Rip the paint from the wall
When I win, I’mma run and take the money
Try to put me in a box
Make me something I’m not

My superpower, my superpower

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this shit ain’t okay, oh no
You kick us down in the dirt but we ain’t goin’ away, aye aye 🥶 Love it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adam’s masterclass, not easy to *replicate at all…I was so fascinated I made a quirky story where Bert sings, There I Said It…to a dragon to save himself and Pharaoh 🐕

你好 ni hao Super Dr Fauci ! know-all scientist on Coronavirus, how they behave in our bodies; so why am I excited about that…well, I just heard Dr Fauci on CNN town hall using the word *replicate in all its forms…*replicates (verb) *replicating (participle) *replication (abstract noun), explaining why some who have recovered from Covid 19 can still test positive and his answer is precise and clear…because after a person recovers, there are still remnants of the virus, nucleic acids and the test can’t differentiate if they are dead or alive hence appear on the test. Not contagious.

And my use (just above)

Adam Lambert’s masterclass, not easy to *replicate at all…'There I Said It'

Maybe Dr Fauci likes the song, kind of fits his present circumstance like 'you want the truth but you destroy it' or maybe he likes my Daniel in the Lion’s den biblical inference in my 'There I Said It story' (below)…As for me, I like the dragon, he knows Super singing when he hears it. 🦁🐲😂

Lam-My said...

'There I Said It…'

Bert and his beloved dog were out on a jog. Trip trip trip across the bridge overlooking a chasm. Pharaoh trotted briskly keeping close to his Daddy on the narrow winding path.

Daddy, someone is following us…
Really? I don’t see anything.
A long shadow was noticeable, could be cast by a tree as evening shadows are long.

Daddy, the shadow is dancing…
What? Phara, are you okay?
Ooooeeh…Pharaoh continued whimpering.
All right, I’ll check it out.

Wham! Something dropped from atop a precipice…A net ! They were trapped ! whoa !
Whiioo! Whiioo ! The chieftain blew his whistle…a group of natives emerged from the chasm labyrinth. They formed a circle around Bert and Pharaoh who sensed imminent danger and started trembling.

They struggled but the more they did that, the tighter the noose got. Where did these wild natives come from, this day and age…About ten of them dragged the net and it was barbaric like a scene from the movies. Pharaoh was shivering head to toe; Bert tried to keep calm while being prodded into the dark chasm; the only light source was through rock fissures where water was also seeping down. Ooooeeh…Pharaoh gave out a whimper of fear.

All of a sudden…Pooom ! Pooom !…a large well-camouflaged reptilian lifted its head which was earlier thought to be a rock by Bert. It started spewing sparks and smoke from its mouth, irritated by the commotion…A dragon ! Bert too was feeling jittery now.

Aarrrgh ! Pooooh ! The natives’ dragon threw a tantrum, storming around…To appease it, they hurled chunks of meat to feed it. The narrow chasm was shrouded in smoke and darkness, almost zero visibility except for the twilight seeping through. Bert thought this would be his only hope to freedom while the natives were tending to their dragon. Took out a sharp penknife he always carried with him on a hike…cut the net open and crawled out.

Phara Run! Pharaohdoggo understood the command Run!

Both made a dash for the ravine entrance, groping and feeling their way in the twilight. The natives hardly noticed their stealth escape.

Daddy! We better get back to the main road before they realise we are gone.

Too late…Bong Bong Bong ! The natives were hitting their gongs to alert their guards at the precipice. They soon caught up with them, threw another net from atop the precipice and recaptured them ! shouting and banging the gongs to signify their success.

Dragon came ambling out of the chasm… Pooooh ! Pooooh…! Puff their magic dragon wanted more servings of meat. What followed was abominable! The natives carried Bert and Pharaoh…lay them in front of the dragon’s mouth to serve as fodder… Waah! what now…

Bert had a flashback on Daniel in the the Lions’ den…Daniel played his harp and the lions left him alone. There was nothing else Bert could do now but to distract the dragon, its green eyes gleaming at him…in desperation, he sang for his life and Pharaoh’s…

So there I said it
And I won’t apologize to you anymore
Cause I’m a grown-a** man
And I won’t live again
And I’m sick and tired of living in your shadow
So there… I said it yea…

His ethereal Vocals reverberated the chasm and soared…Dragon ambled closer to Bert, tilted its head responding to Bert’s vocals which had reached a Crescendo…Dragon looked and listened…At this juncture, the natives who treated their dragon like a kind of god, got together and decided this was a good *omen ! Bert and Pharaoh were set free… 🛤🏙🐉

~ 30 Nov 2018

p/s Maybe Bert didn’t smell raw enough to be eaten… ah, but his Vocals impressed even a dragon. By the way, Adam responded to my story on a Snapchat video depicting some black ravens on a tree with the word OMEN ! on it. 😊

Lam-My ~ 21 May 2020.

Lam-My said...

People are getting restless and desperate
For some tete-a-tete escapade
On the beach, at the mall, a leap of faith
A free fall at your own risk

Pharaoh and Jelly on the other hand 🏘️🐕🐕‍🦺
Romping friskily on Adam’s sprawling land
Meanwhile Adam Lambert is funding his FS Foundation
Proceeds to render LGBTQ Covid

As for me, alone at home contemplating
Waiting for the coast to clear before further venturing…
CNN Fan, Trump Writer, 4-Star Herculean General, Dr Fauci, picking my vocabulary
Incentivise my poetry and story writing on anything under the sun

Doctors, nurses, covered from head to toe in protective gear
Walk resolutely into Covid infected wards, the direct line of fire !
What better friend than one who lays down their life for another
To say a final goodbye to those in their last dying moments
As virologists, scientists tirelessly spearhead a vaccine

CNA Adam Bakhtiar reports Corporate carnage
The jingle ‘Singapore Airlines you're a great way to fly’ that I grew up with
Echoes its knell in silence on the tarmac
But silver-lining, golden butterfly Joseph Schooling’s 50.39s
Stands resilient till next year’s Tokyo Olympics

Mighty Covid 19 now pretty much dictates…
Decrees wearing mask, staying 6 feet / 2 metres apart
Invisible yet so powerful
Humans forced to shift their paradigms
Work from home, switch to digitalisation connections

Will we ever annihilate Covid completely
Not really, only temporarily, a fatalistic reprieve
Once it mutates, wreaks havoc again
It’s natural selection, survival of the fittest to procreate the human species
So what are we left with…

Be that as it may, united we stand, divided we fall
Quarantine, isolate, pick up the pieces, eradicate Covid !
Confront it head-on, leave no loophole for the virus to spawn
Has 21st century gone wrong ? No, but I feel a turning point of no return

Back to the drawing board, rethink, reinvent
A never-seen-before unknown hangs…
Coronavirus spikes that fuse into human cells, replicate, suffocate
Our defenceless immune system that can’t recognise its enemy
369K dead…who will lift us out of this masquerade death trap ? 🦠🩺🛌🌡️

Lam-My ~ 29 May 2020

Covid masquerade
Why did this word jump out of my head
Impromptu, caught me by surprise
So I try to rationalise, ruminated quite a while
I think it’s the mandatory mask we have to wear
Liken to a masquerade party
More dangerously, Covid 19 too is masquerading
Corona ~ crown , spikes ~ thorns ~ crown of thorns
That our immune system can’t recognise
That in fact is the crux of the tragedy
6 million infected…369K deaths, never before so deadly
To the 2.64 million recovered
You give encouragement we will eventually defeat it
Even if it mutates many years down the road
Your immune system may have a little inkling how to fight it
Instead of being in total fatal darkness
Brings to my mind Lee Kuan Yew’s advice
Follow that rainbow…if you find a grain of gold…dig it up…
You who have recovered from Covid
Have found and dug up your grain of gold…treasure it !

Lam-My ~ 31 May 2020

Lam-My said...

RockBiker races across the murky moor
A daredevil, he waits for Dracul to settle their score
A tall figure with a lean and hungry look approaches
Sizes up this handsome Biker at the misty brook
Yearns for a taste of his flamboyant blood
Offers a goblet of red fizzling tequila
Biker savours…spews it into the ether
The fanged demon wastes no time…lunges
Quick as lightning, Rocker fires his ultraviolet laser
A smouldering purple envelopes the demon
Blood shot out, his head spins …aaaarggh!
Vrooom vrooom…RockBiker follows up the onslaught
Comin in Hot, heaves his motorbike, directs the headlights
With a deafening sonic screech! …eeeeeeek!
Seeping into Dracul’s sensitive protruding ears
Werewolves render reinforcement
Snarling, blood thirsty fangs salivating
Biker decides to take cover by the river
Not so fast…Dracul regains his colour
Venomous vampires with hooked talons
Swarm RockBiker in an all-out siphoning
Flicking his pompadour dark hair, sensing imminent danger
He escapes into the chasm…Vroooom vroooom…
With music to soothe the savage beast
Arrives safely back at his antique mansion
Dooong ! The doorbell hauntingly lingers
A neatly-attired butler, named Roger emerges
Opens the skull-crafted door
A waft of steamed hot beef drifts to the fore
Butler takes Biker’s long-tail coat
Incense on the rosewood table from two fragrant candles
Evokes nostalgia of his yonder lover
The doorbell sounds another solitary…Dooong!
Butler hurriedly opens the door
Ooooh-la-la…two long-lost lovers
With New Eyes, Biker gazes, touches…their secret love effloresces thereafter 💞

Lam-My ~ 4 June 2020 ~ (original July 2019 few changes)

Dooong…! doorbell lingers a third time
Who could it be…but before Butler could reach the door…it flies open !
Whoozz !…a vampire Bat emerges, clutches Biker’s neck
Blood-thirsty Bat starts siphoning…fresh blood oozes
RockBiker flicks it off…lo and behold, its venomous fangs sink deeper
Biker staggers…puts up a fight… 'I can’t breathe !'
Drops onto the floor, motionless, like a sack of potatoes
Butler Roger jumps to his master’s rescue…fishes out a scarlet laser
Points it directly at the blood-salivating vampire
It lets go of its feasting…a purple light swiftly escapes through the front door
Master ! Wake up !
No reaction…Butler has to act fast before Rocker is gone forever
Meanwhile, petrified Loverboy strokes Biker’s face…kisses him with a kiss of life
Rocker’s New Eyes slowly open…returning from a far-off place of transience…🏍️🦇

Lam-My ~ 6 June 2020 (new)

Lam-My said...

My Trump Writer Fan is hot on my heels, actually it feels surreal to have a WH Fan of such high station. I just heard his use of *dominate the battlespace; like I said, he likes strong words… *carnage *herculean *dominate. Ironically, my use of *dominate regards Pharaoh, my internet dog / Adam’s dog; I said : Pharaoh is adorable, a fast runner, not easy to *dominate… 16 May 2020.

American *carnage : Spoken by the President at his 20 Jan 2017 Inauguration.
*Herculean task : Spoken by 4-Star General Perna on making a Covid vaccine by Jan 2021.

I really hope, black or white…both see the light as soon as possible and I feel strongly *carnage committed, seen worldwide on air, must be addressed without a shred of doubt. 🤨

Lam-My said...

8️⃣ June 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Blue Marble hanging in eternity
Out in space captured from the other side of Moon
By satellite – China
At this moment our beloved Blue Marble is facing a crisis
People all over are struggling to scrape out a living
Yet there are still others who would take the life of another…why
Let’s hold on together regardless…gender, creed or colour
Would you strangle George Floyd if he was your brother ?
I think you would let go if your brother cried : ‘I can’t breathe…’
Because your love would have screamed out loud for you to halt the murder
He lost his job due to Covid 19 and had to get by…
Rest In Peace George Floyd, God is with you…forever

Lam-My ~ 1️⃣0️⃣ June 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I appreciate the use of words from my poems/stories by High-Level people :

1. President Trump : American *carnage in his Inauguration Speech 20 Jan 2017

And my use :

June 13, 2016 – I wrote about the Orlando massacre of 49 mainly gay men in a nightclub:
‘The attacker saw a fault-line, a crowded gay club, lax security, for him to execute maximum *carnage.’

2. Four-Star General Perna said : Manufacturing of a Covid vaccine by Jan 2021…A *Herculean task.

My poem : 2016 Rio Olympics

‘Joseph Schooling pulls off a super *Herculean for Singaporeans
He came, he saw, he conquered as a Gold Fly Olympian!’

3. Secretary of Defence Mark Esper said : *dominate the battle space…(which he later withdrew) May 2020

My poem :
‘Pharaoh is adorable, a fast runner, not easy to *dominate…' (within close proximity of time)

4. Dr Anthony Fauci, American immunologist, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases used : *replicates replicating replication to explain testing regarding coronavirus. May 2020

My use : ‘Adam Lambert’s masterclass is not easy to *replicate at all…song, There I Said It…’ May 2020.

5. PM Lee Hsien Loong’s speech, 7 June 2020 : Securing Singapore’s future in a post-Covid-19 world …
Among other important advice he said : *Reinvent yourself to survive…

My Covid poem 29 May 2020

Back to the drawing board, rethink, *reinvent
A never-seen-before unknown hangs… 😊 9 June 2020 Lam-My

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘Singapore will embark on human clinical trials next week on 23 healthy individuals for a potential treatment for Covid-19.

The phase one trial, developed by Singapore-based biotechnology company Tychan, will be conducted by the SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit and take about six weeks.

It is meant to determine the safety and effectiveness of TY027, a monoclonal antibody or immune system protein that specifically targets Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, said Tychan in a statement on Wednesday (June 10).

TY027 is being explored for the treatment of Covid-19 patients by slowing the progression of the disease and speeding up recovery, as well as potentially to provide temporary protection against infection, the company said.'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just posted our beloved Blue Marble (above), captured by China’s Longjiang-2 satellite from the other side of Moon; I like Adam’s a cappella; resonates the Moon mystique; I think Adam may be the only Singer able to bring out this specialty.
Each time I ponder on the Blue Marble, taken in real time, it feels so surreal that we are all on it, which means we are essentially floating in space…I’m a true space alien 👽, don’t mess with me…🌒

Adam Lambert On The Moon :

1️⃣1️⃣ June 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Lam-My said...

Never in my wildest fancy
Would I have imagined writing poetry on a virus!
That looks like a ball of pin-heads on tv
They have existed since the dawn of humanity, evolutionary
Scientists spending so much time, effort, resources to annihilate it
People have overcome phenomenons, moon, space, Mars
Yet at a loss on Covid barging into every vein of our lives
Would the mighty virus one day outsmart humans
That will be the day…nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Perhaps a master antibody, like a master key could unlock the crisis
Identify, block off those billions corona spikes from fusing into human cells
Scientists worldwide are closing in on a vaccine, to ring-fence the convoluted Covid
I see light at the end of the tunnel…just fight…cheer on the Mediacorp singers
Singapore scientists discover 5 potent antibodies from recovered patients
That deter Covid infecting the lungs, buy time for recovery, completed human trials, manufacturing

When I watched the spectacular Solar Eclipse, 26 Dec 2019
I felt so overwhelmed, tears welled up in my eyes…moon blocked the sun, interlocked in a celestial dance
Hardly suspecting, unknown to the world, Covid 19 had broken out simultaneously
Moon Sun tango in and out the clouds, a stunning epiphany right above my balcony
A foreshadowing of a catastrophe ?
8.5 million infected worldwide, 4.5 million recovered, 455,000 dead…
Exterminate the Covid ! Arrest it lock stock barrel, this pervasive rampant killer ! 🛌😷😡

Lam-My ~ 19 June 2020

Lam-My said...

Velvet + astrology + kungflu飞踢 fei ti + Covid
Handsome Adam
The Stranger you are
The Closer To You
Cuz we want to figure out
How you survive your share of ‘sand kicked in your face’
And come through On the Moon
Helloo Pharaoh…do you have Superpower?
Ni hao Lam-My! … Answer is no
But I am surrounded by love and I scamper where I like
No one stops me…would you consider that Superpower oooeeeh 🐕🏡
Pharaoh, yes, Freedom is Superpower
Daddy sings : I want to ride where I like…vrooom vrooom on his motorbike

Velvet is smooth and sensual
Flows like the curves of the torso
Are You Ready To Run…Loverboy
Follow me follow me…down down down the Von Karman Crater
Oooooh it’s dark and cold…
Not to worry I’ll hang onto your Overglow
Whiit whiit ! I’m Yutu…crawl into my rabbit hole for a galactic panorama 🐇🌒
Hey Yutu, have you heard of the new kungflu飞踢 fei ti flying kick…
No, Lam-My, what’s it like…
It’s lethal ! Got to be careful…after you execute the kungflu飞踢 fei ti, you must go hah-ha-chooo…to expel all the Covid ! Wear a mask ! 😷

V for Velvet…first zodiac age Aries…
Thousands years before present Pisces
Comin In Hot…Aquarius
Each lasts 2,160 years
Pisces continues to rule the heavens maybe another 60 years
Till a Pitcher of Water splashes my Pisces constellation
Meanwhile steer us through the Covid
Catastrophic, stay home…smell the Roses
With New Eyes, we’ll reign in the dawn of Aquarius
By which time I would be long gone reunited with magnifique Universe ♈🐏♓🐟♒🌊

Lam-My ~ 24 June 2020

Kungfu 飞踢 fei tack (飞 fei / fly .. 踢 tack / kick ~ flying kick (Cantonese) or 飞腿 fei geok (飞 fei / fly .. 腿 geok / leg ~ flying leg)

Kungfu or Kungflu they are both lethal. 😊💀


Wah! I just saw 5 F-15SG zoom across the sky above my block of condo, roaring very low in Arrow formation; you know why, this year’s National Day 9 August can’t be held in the Stadium because of Covid distancing, so these fighter jets will be flying very low above the heartlands bringing the Singapore flag to the people; in fact they zoom past 5 times already roaring above my balcony. They’ll probably be donned up, also the usual red smoke trials. I saw a tanker plane the other day, extra big, can carry a lot of stuff like limousines or toilets as once requested for the special summit. 5 arrowhead formation fighter jets just whizzed past right above my balcony, very low, loud. Wonder if the Red Lions parachutists will drop onto our rooftop… ✈️🛫🛫🏭🏬


June 25, 2020 12:26 am
Thank you Juneau Blogger-in-Chief and Staff of Adam Salon for posting above video of the chinook helicopter bringing our Singapore Flag to the people. I’ve never felt so emotional cuz I see this every year for 50+ years performed at the Stadium or Padang; now it suddenly dawned on me it can be taken away just like that, due to Covid; well, since people can’t go to see the National Flag fly-past personally, then the next best thing is, It has to come to us.


Ooooh-la-la Adam Lambert, Terrance Spencer and Johnnie Rice are back together; I saw this magnifique Trio live when they came to Singapore, Trespassing…still very gooood ! Yes, once you got it, you got it for life. Wah! Adam zi singing, moving, fashionista, always 1st class ! smooth and sexy Adam, Johnnie, Terrance. Adam is using his home turf as concert hall ! Superb ! Reinvent yes!

And Prince Pharaoh stroked by his Rock King down by the poolside haw haw!

Lam-My said...

Wah ! Is this what you call a lock-down…so busy, signing his Velvet Vinyls for shipment worldwide.

Hello there Pharaoh! I see you are also busy snooping around, well at least you don’t disturb Daddy signing his boxes of vinyls.

你好 ni hao Lam-My …I don’t want to mess up his painstaking work but I’m always close-by in case he needs me Owooooh…

Meanwhile also highlighting his face artistry…

Adam's Garden of Eden in Superpower efflorescence


My poem : a splurge to purge surged
Now *surge has overtaken *purge, courtesy of coronavirus
As the number of cases spurts…I need to find another word
你好 ni hao brain, can you find a substitute for *surge
That is now flooding the tv

Brain serves me a curve ball…Covid swells in waves of hell
Knows no bounds, recoils up and down
Nowhere to hide, in the air, on the ground, nooks and corners
The lungs asphyxiate in one’s own fluid
How are we going to subjugate mighty Covid
Our immune system is fast asleep zzzzzzzz…wakie wakie…half a million dead
Health systems, freedoms, economies in schizophrenic dichotomy 🥀🛌

A strange plight so uptight but Covid spurs me to write 🤨✍️💻
Young, strong people simply ignore, they want a fight
Because their immune system will rise to the occasion
Have you considered damage to your lung condition…
Older folk better take utmost precaution as our immunity weakens

Time for me to get groceries…回头见 huay toh jian .. see you on return
Girl at the supermarket entrance scans my pioneer card, Beeep !
My face shows up on a small computer screen, records 36.7 C 🌡️
A voice says : your temperature is normal…welcome ! 🥬🌶️

Wheeling the voluminous amount of foodstuffs in my trolley bag
Across the long and winding overhead bridge, heading home
I’m still averse to taking a taxi; only 8 passengers on a big sanitised bus, less risky
No doubt, paranoia has set in even though only 10 new community cases; migrant workers infection in quarantine dormitories too decreases

We are now in phase 2 opening; wear mask and adhere to 1.5-metre distancing
Our Government leaves no stone unturned, ensuring zero chance of a pervasive Covid re-emergence
3rd phase soon to resume, life back to normal as much as permissible
Badly battered economy requires immediate rejuvenation
A convoluted uphill struggle back to the top, where we were dealt a free-fall down down down

Singapore was born out of a crisis…says PM Lee HL
So here we are all geared up to fight a highly-contagious deadly nemesis
Manufacturing antibodies discovered from recovered patients by Singapore scientists
To block the Covid protein spikes from fusing into cell membrane of the lungs and vital organs
A worldwide scientific marathon feverishly working on a vaccine…shall lift us from the ashes of the killing blight of Covid 19…🦠🔬👨‍🔬💉

Lam-My ~ 3 July 2020

Lam-My said...

Spread your wings and fly away…

My Halloween story on … Spread your wings…

Howling wind, flapping curtains undulating up and down the tall stained-glass windows in Glampire’s mansion. A lot of booom booom from the sound system…right in the midst of Halloween 2017 ! Ooooh-la-la! Glampire’s close-knit Halloween camaraderi…there’s a child too!

A hissing sound from the basement cellar…someone or something was woken from its slumber; slithered, poked its head through an ajar oaken door to sneak up on the commotion. Not happy when others were enjoying in revelry, decided to put an end to the party.

All of a sudden, all the lights went out…the child started shouting; but was picked up and calmed. Glampire made a dash for the main switchboard and turned the lights back on.

Awwwww… a sigh of relief was heard from the party. Then, Glampire’s first concern :

Where is my son!

Everyone started yelling: Adani !… Come out ! Not time for hide-and-seek…they looked every nook and corner. All too familiar to Glampire, these disappearing acts lately, instantly aroused his suspicion. He made a dash for the fortified mansion front door, jumped onto his black stallion waiting outside and sped away. Wearing full black leather, only his vampire fangs gleamed in the full moonlight. He was out with a vengeance; no, not for blood. Actually, he didn’t care so much for that; he was an ethical vampire and siphoned blood with his fangs only as a last resort.

Owooooh!…Werewolves howled from the hilltop, his target destination. He knew to his bone who had abducted his precious son! It had all the hallmarks of Dracul’s demonic doing; their eternal feud and his suspicions were always right.

When Glampire got to the hilltop, he yelled at the top f his lungs, half singing half wailing:
Adani…where are yooouu ? His powerful ooooo vibrato resounded from the hills to the valley.
Alas! no response from his son. Glampire was really scared now, he knew Dracul was ruthless and merciless.

Kraacck ! A giant winged blood-sucker bat perched on the drooping willow tree. Lo and behold! Adani was having the ride of his life on the bat’s back!

Daddy Daddy! Come get me! The little boy called out to his Daddy.

Hold on tightly Baby!

Glampire aimed his laser weaponry at the bat’s wing. He was a sharp-shooter and made sure it would not touch even a hair of Adani’s, his top priority.
Dracul gave out a cry of fury… whenever he was shot by Glampire’s infrared laser.

Arrrrggh ! And instantly shapeshifted back to his human form still clutching Adani lovingly in his arms.
You see, Dracul though a vampire, adored kids and would never harm them because he had always longed for a child of his own but never succeeded in bearing one.
Finally, for fear of getting another dose of that laser at his most vulnerable anatomy, his head…he left Baby Adani on the hill-slope.
A wind-blown long flowing black silk cloak whizzed past, disappeared into the abyss of the dense demonic forest.

Glampire got down, rushed to get his son, carried him up and patted him all over, head to toe to make sure he wasn’t harmed.

Daddy, it was so fun riding on the bat’s back, I had a bird’s eye-view…like you always sing : Spread your wings and fly away… fly away… far away…

Glampire Daddy was so relieved his cute son actually enjoyed the ordeal ! and came off unscathed, so brave. Soon they were back in their vampire mansion to continue their Halloween party ! 🍹🦇

Lam-My ~ 5 July 2020 (Updated)

Lam-My said...

Adam finally sold his Hollywood Hills previous house for 2.92 million.

I recall fondly the *perch on the sofa in the old house, and Runyon...

Helloo Pharaohboy!

Perched? Daddy asked.

Well, I heard purged? haw haw!

You are quite a Rockstar, aren’t you…

This is the best perched/purged picture of you; I like the zoom effect.

Adam's garden of Eden...wrote poems and stories like Serpentine tempting Adam with juicy apple 🌳🍎🐍

@AdamLambert shared Stufish Studio’s post on Instagram Stories:

A year ago 10th July 2019...opening night of Queen and @AdamLambert tour...

Out with Roses trishaw...lo and behold...vroom vroom motorbike… I want to ride where I like…

I wrote several poems on Rhapsody Tour 2019…these 2 pictures captured my imagination :

A walk I have to take…the gilded throne awaits
My stunning King’s coat and Q crown, fashion opulence
A lot at stake with every step I make
On my 5-inch shimmering platforms…
Bound by duty to liberate my comrades
Looking down, I contemplate…
How to surmount and free LGBTQ retrograde
I am here…I’m there…I have no fear
With two Queen Maestros…they steer clear
A pathway for the Queer
We are the Champions…We will Rock you !
Do you see me…the time is ripe for me to Feel Something and Ride it ! 🌊🌈

Lam-My 11 July 2020

Lam-My said...

A graveyard tale…

Alone in Ghost Town since the passing of his closest friend, Raven… Bert was visiting Raven’s grave. It had been Another Lonely Night, one after another without him by his side.
As he was meditating alone in the dark, sitting on Raven’s tombstone with the inscription My Love Raven, penned by him…he heard a faint whisper :

Hi Bert…don’t be sad, I’m in a more serene place now, no more craves which ultimately drove me to my death.

Startled, Bert looked behind the tombstone as the voice seemed to have come from there. Nothing, and then a dried leaf started moving across the tombstone. It was dark and Bert took out his torch and shone on it. Oh, it was a large red ant, carrying a big dried leaf to build its nest. Bert admired its tenacity, the leaf would be something like a strong muscled man heaving up a car, in comparison.
Bert was feeling tired after driving a long distance alone to the remote graveyard. At that moment, the voice was heard again. Bert looked everywhere around the tombstone; nothing in sight. He looked further into the graveyard…a flickering dim light, like someone with a lit cigarette. The person seemed to beckon to him to come nearer…Bert’s first thoughts : Raven is back !
He got up and got nearer to see if it was indeed Raven; no…he wasn’t there. He got back and sat on the tombstone; then a shadow cast over the words, My Love Raven, that was tearfully inscribed by him when his long-time partner took his last gasp of air; he died of an overdose.

It was his weekly ritual to feel solace and Raven’s love. He walked unsteadily out of the graveyard, looking back to check for any strange sights or sounds. It was dead silence except his footsteps. He got back into his car and drove off.

Bert !…

Startled…the same voice was following him. He parked his car by the roadside and got out; took in some fresh air to calm his nerves. Swiish…a dark mass whisked across the road, almost hit by an oncoming vehicle. And then a shadow of a person glided across the trees lining the road. It seemed to be wearing a big hat with two long quills, had a white beard and two long plaits. As another passing vehicle’s headlights shone at it, the figure appeared to be waving at him ! Bert wiped his eyes and looked again. Yes, it was still there. He waved back, being the responsive loving person he is. The supposed ghost disappeared and never accosted Bert again. Was that Raven trying to console him…Bert cried, as he did love Raven a great deal but he finally thought it was time to let go…

Lam-My ~ 21 July 2020 ~ (2 Nov 2015 ~ updated)

(Graveyard photo by : Bliznetsov...Fordham Law News)

Lam-My said...

Ooooh-la-la Pharaoh basking, haw haw…I like the luxuriant purple efflorescence of this tree. I recall writing about it the first time I saw it in Adam’s Garden of Eden.

你好 ni hao Pharaoh sphinx…you look so blissful amid a worldwide pandemic.

早上好 jow sarng hao Lam-My…yea you got it right, so blissful…what’s a pandemic?

It’s a long long story, Pharaoh, you just continue giving your special love to your Daddy and all your caring uncles, oh, me as well ! 😘🐕

Why are you always twitching your ears?

I hear little strange sounds which you can’t hear.

Has Serpentine paid you a visit?


Who is that?

Me again, Serpentine….

What do you want from me?

No, not you, I brought a juicy red apple for your Daddy Adam, owner of Garden of Eden. He is a very talented person, that’s why millions of Fans love him. But this time round, he has gotten more careful, don’t think he’ll take my juicy red apple; it got him banished from his Garden of Eden. But now he owns one, not bad, pssss…pssss…see you in worse times to come…

Away from me ! Serpentine before I trample you to pieces !

Really ? Try ! You won’t win, I got lots of tricks up my sleeves, oooops, mouth, from which I spew temptations that you can’t resist; want a juicy bone ?

No, not from you Serpentine…I don’t buy into your sleaze…Owooooh! Okay, maybe I’ll just give it a lick to get a bit of the taste.

Have a nice meal, if you need more, you can always count on me, Pharaohdoggo…love your beautiful fur in the sunshine…🍖🐍🏡

Lam-My ~ 22 July 2020

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A wavy kiss curl, a flamboyant swirl
Both looking down to Feel Something
To render help through his FS Foundation to LGBTQ
Time stagnates, yet almost like moments ago so vibrant
When these two pictures were taken
First one Adam’s Velvet album which was to take off in 10 solo concerts, cancelled
Second photo, New Year’s Eve of 2019…

Happy New Year Dr Handsome
You look as if you are on a movie set
Aha, 21st century Gatsby
What are you gonna pull off next…
Never a dull moment…Glambert quote
As we gloat and float all over the globe
On our hot-hair balloon…whiioo wheet up here
Hitching a ride with Adam is mind-boggling
Don’t waste time haggling
Get on your feet…now that brings me
To the great big feat…Chang’e-4 touching down
On the unseen other side of the Moon to swoon 3 Jan
Historic 1st ever moon landing on Von Karman Crater !
Also, the peanut-shape Ultima Thule NASA 1 Jan
To the furthest time and space of our solar system…
Brian May sending it off on his cosmo guitar
But nothing compares with Adam Gatsby and Pharaohdoggo
As I journey live on my Hodgepodge Poetry…🏞🎈🛣🐕

Lam-My ~ 3 Jan 2019 (original)
Covid already happened, fever scans, propped up at Changi Airport 🛩️🛣🏞
~ 20 July 2020 😷

Lam-My said...

I wrote stories and dialogues on Praying-mantis and lo and behold Adam came up with this Praying-mantis Snapchat, which suddenly dropped into my archives : 2017

Adam’s voice :

Helloo let me in…helloo zhiiiiii…

Who is that?

Me, praying-mantis, you know, Lam-My’s favourite insect friend.

What do you want from me?

Well, I’ve come to deliver a message from my colony.

What colony?

It’s very close-by your home on the hill…I always ogle at you as you run with your dog; what’s its name er…just at the tip of my tongue…ya, Pharaoh. Hey, I like you a lot, you’re such a gentleman but Pharaoh, not so much. He killed my friend Greg! So sad, I pined for Greg a long time. He was always there for me and I love his haunting song day and night.

Awww, really sorry about that; actually Pharaoh is a very well-behaved dog; I think he was in a bad mood.

It’s okay, I found a new Cricket to be my soulmate; she sings like crazy vibrating and twirling her wings.

So what’s the message?

Well, our queen has laid a whole new batch of eggs which just hatched and we are throwing a big party. We, her loyal underlings are going all out to invite as many guests as possible. Straight away, I thought of you because I’ve heard you sing ‘Find me somebody tooooo loove ! and my queen would certainly love that, now that she has to mate again…zhiiiiiii !

Okay, I’ll come! Can I bring a date?

Sure! except Pharaoh.

But he’ll be all alone at home and I never leave him all by himself. I take him wherever I go.

Reluctantly :
Oookay then; just make sure he doesn’t kill any of my friends. He seems quite adverse to mantises. Come, follow me…

Pharaoh, we’ve been invited to a praying-mantis party.

Praying-mantis ! Owoooh ! Isn’t it the one that hides and irritates me, in the bush?

And so Pharaoh followed his Daddy with Praying-mantis leading the way to its colony; Mantis praying all the time. Pharaoh was well-behaved and didn’t kill anyone. Praying-mantis’ prayers were answered.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * After the party :

So what happened at the praying-mantis party? Did the stoic one give any trouble?

Oh no, the stoic one was in tip-top behaviour but I had to stop his urges when he grrrrrrrr at those myriad tiny cute mantises hatching from their cocoons. I like their triangular faces, alert big eyes. And those legs when outstretched are twice the length of its body.

Where was the mantis colony?

You have seen the place before…the one where Pharaoh stopped to examine the bush and grrrrrrrr on Runyon hill, close-by my home. 🦗🐕🚶‍♂️

You must be living in your new residence now…bet it’s humongous; well, you’ll probably let us in a bit later; actually, Adam, you can take your time, your safety comes first; times are changing, hanging in the balance.

爱你的歌声 ai ni der ger sherng … love your singing voice

爱 ai / love .. 你的 ni der / your .. 歌声 ger sherng / singing voice

Lam-My ~ 27 July 2020 ~ (Original Oct 2017)

p/s My last sentence seems quite prophetic… ‘times are changing, hanging in the balance.'

Praying Mantis Kung-Fu by 133art on

Dancing Kung-Fu Praying Mantis –

Lam-My said...

3️⃣ August 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 🏞🛤🚂 my toot-toot caravan ...💉🛌🏥

Adam’s Garden of Eden... flames flickering in an Overglow

That overglow
Where the moment goes
Leave me all alone
But you would never know
It’s got a hold on you ~ Adam Lambert

Where are you Pharaoh…
Snugged up with my Daddy…usually, there are a lot of people making a lot of noise
But it’s very peaceful every night…don’t know where all the people go Owooooh…
Pharaoh, you won’t be able to call them even if you howl…
But Daddy can put on a show in his Garden of Eden using himself as the main prop
And we can see and hear him so clear booom booom booom...People, but there's no human connection ! 😊😪

Lam-My said...

I found one of my Bert and Saul stories posted into my archive…it’s about survival, putting one’s life on the line for another, getting through a crisis; well, it bears vestiges of present world dilemma.

Bert and Saul were trekking in a vast desert; they had ventured out on their own leaving the group at Burning Man. Half way through, a blizzard hit them and visibility was down to barely 5 metres. They tried getting back, instead they went deeper and deeper into the desert.
Night fell and the cold set in, a direct contrast to the heat in the day. They huddled together beside a dry twiggy bush; the wind was howling like an oncoming freight train…pretty scary even for two adventurous guys.
Soon the much-awaited dawn arrived in the early hours; what a relief and the blizzard had subsided. They continued trekking hoping to reach a place with water as they had consumed every drop in their water-bottles.

Ssss-ssss … what’s that? A snake! Saul the more hands-on person who always helped his Dad to spruce up the garden, knew it was nothing like those he had seen. His protective instinct kicked in…confronted the serpent head-on to try to lure it away from Bert, its venom could kill him. Sure enough, the black-yellow-banded snake moved away from its original target and spewed its venom in Saul’s direction. Whoa ! it missed by inches ! and what a spectacular splash it was, fast and furious. Saul reflexively dodged it. It retreated into the twiggy bush.
Bert was so impressed by the way Saul handled a life-threatening situation and taking the direct line of fire/danger in order to protect him. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another. They hugged and kissed in the beautiful Aquarius dawn, and moved on in search of water.

Then, Bert spotted a shiny pool in the distance and elatedly directed Saul’s attention to it. They ran towards it hoping to get a drink. But it retreated as if playing catch-me-if-you-can…They never seemed to be able to reach the pool gleaming in front of them. Their mouths were dry and thought about the Lipton Tea song: Lay me down in darkness…Tell me what you see…
Well, after many hours of trudging, they saw another pool of water in the distance, they were not so keen to rush to it this time; in any case they could barely walk.
But this mirage approached them ! Whoa ! It lifted their spirits. Bert shouted for help…Ohhhhh ahoyyyy ! his voice echoed in desperation. It’s a real mirage ! their Burning Man campers had been searching for them; rushed to their rescue ! oooh-la-la…all got back to camp safely. 🌵...🚶🚶‍♂️

Lam-My ~ 12 Aug 2020 Updated (Original 2016)


Singapore celebrates her 55th Birthday of Independence 9 Aug 2020…her history dates back to 14th century as a thriving seaport.
Hail hail Red Lions are here; jumping into hospital backyards, haw haw ! to give a Big Thank You to the Covid frontline doctors, scientists, nurses, essential workers. Good job Red Lions ! By the way, their name is derived from Singapura – Singa lion – pura city …Singapore.
They are flying at about 200km/h ~ 124mph… Wah ! the landing, they never fall down !
One Red Lion emerging from the cloud, a tiny dare-devil, shows how far and high the free fall, without opening up the parachute. 🛩️🪁🪁🪁🪁🪁🪁

9 Aug 2020

Lam-My said...

2️⃣2️⃣ Aug 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

嗨 ! 大家好 (嗨 hi ! 大家 da jiah everyone, 好 hao good)...Truck and Roll is trundling back, round and round, up and down the winding road... ✈️🌇🚚🚛🚐

Truck and Roll June 2018 Europe Tour

Truck and Roll go go go
On with the show…we merrily follow
Skies and seas, up and down winding roads
From west to east, north to south
These Maestros are tough, made of sterner stuff
Ringing in a new dawn, a new day, a new tableau
What will they bring the morrow
Brian’s cosmo guitar squeals wheeoo…wheeooo
Roger’s multi drums stir up a classic brew
Booom booom pah ! Booom booom pah !
We Will… We Will Rock you… !
Prof Spike at the keyboards ready to spew
In sync with Neil on bass guitar at every cue
Tyler stomps in, his low drums encapsulate the arena
Enter all-time Glam Rocker ! rolls out the Queen menu
With mettle of steel, cuts the deal at his zenith
Yeeah ee Yeeah .. on with the Showoooo ! all vocal cylinders fire on his 5-inch heels !
Lift off ! 💥

Lam-My ~ 19 Aug 2020 Updated ~ (Original June 2018)


Wah ! Adam’s house is one big theatre, main prop himself, multi-faceted wardrobe, he even has a standby proficient cameraman, Terrance; maybe he’s getting ready for something !
I like this combination, stupendous !

Lam-My said...

Well well, yep, 11.5 long and winding years; Adam never stopped, now, he and Queen have no choice…Covid. Lay me down in darkness, tell me what you see… I have seen it all from AI 2009 Mama to present round-the-world efflorescence Mama, on live streams and videos. Thank you so much all involved bringing them to millions around the world, so clear, spectacular, on the very day of each show. My fast and furious marathon writing, city to city, QAL, 9 years now; still not quite done, they are Opening Rock In Rio 2021.
Now do you understand why I call them 3 Maestros and their Tip-top Team of engineers, fashionistas, drivers, cooks, security, logistics; mind-boggling ! providing food for the soul.

Mama AI 2009 and Mama Queen and Adam Lambert Rhapsody Tour 2019


The Show Must Go on - Padang City Hall Parliament Place - 17 Sept 2016 Singapore

When Queen and Adam Lambert performed The Show Must Go On at the Padang, 17 Sept 2016, it instantly struck a chord; it fitted City Hall / Parliament Place / Padang so starkly. It was here that the British Flag was lowered right in front of City Hall steps and in its place the Japanese Flag was raised after the infamous Surrender of Singapore 1942. 3 years of hell ensued, that took the unarmed innocent lives of 50,000, under the Japanese occupation. Singapore was returned to the British at the end of WW2 1945; also rectified at City Hall / Padang; after the dropping of 2 atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans. 144 years later, Singapore finally stood on her own 2 feet – Independence in 1959. Lee Kuan Yew fought without a single bullet; secured Singapore’s total Freedom from the British in stages. He fought tooth and nail as a double-starred Upper Honours Lawyer from Cambridge, against the Queen Counsel at their Supreme Court, so eloquent and powerful, they finally granted Independence in stages.
Now, you see why The Show Must Go On fitted so elegantly and powerfully when Queen and Adam performed it at the Padang. Ironically, the Queen of England granted Singapore’s Independence and Queen sort of bring it to full circle. 55 years have passed and today, we are still fighting for The Show To Go On; there is no two ways about it, mighty Covid confronts us at the crossroads ! Take the wrong turn and many will perish but Lee Hsien Loong and his Team of Experts have so far kept the deaths very low, 27 to date in spite of the fact we have 56000+ infections, mostly migrant workers quarantined in dormitories; community cases down to about 5 per day for past few months. Singapore government has so far spent over $100 billion to save collapsing businesses and those in dire needs, ongoing. Changi Airport is cautiously flying to some agreed connected destinations.
Adam Lambert’s documentary The Show Must Go On fits him to a T as he too struggled to get back on his feet each time he fell.
For Singapore, it’s not a Show, not a Pantomime, it’s life and death, one critical wrong move, that’s all it takes, but we never give up, it’s a Sing trait.

Lam-My ~ 29 Aug 2020

Lam-My said...

8️⃣ Sept 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

I chanced upon my weird dialogue story…picture of King in Red Coat commanding his court jester to amuse him…

@QueenWillRock @DrBrianMay @JulienMacdonald – Rhapsody Tour 2019

Court jester! If music be the food of love, play on!

Yes, your Majesty, whatever you say, your word is my command!

What are you playing Court jester? I don’t recognise the music. Play something current.

Bring it back…bring it back…cuz you don’t know what it means to me…

Hmmm…that’s Lovely!

Can you play Comin In Hot ?

Twang twang twang Comin in hot…Comin in hot…

Is that all?

That’s all I know your Majesty!

Guards ! Send him to the gallows…Useless!

Give me a another chance, I’m working on it…whiiooo whiiooo! doong doong doong chang…

That sounds like a Rock odyssey, all right, your life is spared by the hair on my chinny chin chin!

(Court jester leaves mumbling) : He who knows not he knows not is a fool!

What are you mumbling? You ingrate! I just spared your life!

(Bows, retreats)…Yes, yes! Almighty King of Ethereal! haw haw…(softly)

Are you still sneering? Court jester!

Er Er no…something got caught in my throat; I’ve come of age.

Guards! Send him to the gallows anyway!

(Cries) ‘ Let me go…let me go…I’m just a poor boy…nobody loves me…spare me from this monstrosity…’

Lam-My ~ 8 Sept 2020 (updated/original 13 July 2019)

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 💉vaccine 🧫🦠🛌👩‍🔬

My poem includes most of Adam Lambert’s Velvet album titles…turns out a bit morbid, or uplifting depending on your disposition.

Velvet intricately woven, smooth, elegant
The Stranger You Are the deeper to fathom
Superpower tags on a Covid lyric :
All the witches and the Covid better get out of my way…aye aye
Wearing mask and keeping a 1.5 metre distance
So as to keep a lid on Covid from rampaging at random
Adam and Pharaoh continue Ready To Run the Runyon

That Overglow
Where the moment goes
Leave me all alone
But you would never know
It’s got a hold on you
People, but there is no human connection ~ Adam Lambert

Smell the Roses at home or the fresh air out in the open
Closer To You is not possible, many die on their own
Frontline workers, nurses, doctors, hold their hands as they gasp their last
With New Eyes, their soul is free…no more pain, no respirators
Hop step jump On The Moon…Feel Something
Meet Loverboy in the far-off Aquarius constellation…from stardust to stardust…

Lam-My ~ 4 Sept 2020


Lam-My said...

1️⃣0️⃣ Sept 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Lino DiSalvo @LinoD replying …

I’ve got an awesome character for him in an upcoming project @adamlambert.
Stay tuned 😉✨

That brings me back to Emperor Maximus.

By Creativesharka


You! What are you staring at? Do you know who I am?

Er er your majesty Emperor Maximus, this is my Daddy! He is playing you in the movie.
My name is Pharaohdoggo, my Daddy rescued me from the shelter.
Don’t be so fierce !

All right, you seem like a very alert doggo.

Wham! Bam! What’s that noise?

We are Emperor Maximus’ bodyguards! Pharaohdoggo ! We’ll catch you by your doughnut tail ! for not bowing to our Emperor! Stop staring at him!

Ooooeeh! Daddy! Save me!

Pharaoh ! Run !

Guards ! Catch him by his doughnut tail, he’s a very swift runner.

Wheeee…fly away…fly away…fly away…thud ! Where am I ?

很久没见到你了 hern jui mei jian dow ni ler / long time no see you already

玉兔 ! Yutu…? Now I’m safe on zi Moon…those Emperor guards can’t get me finally!

Not so fast you whimsy basenji !

Pharaoh ! 快跑进我的兔子洞 kwai pow jin wor der too-zi doong !

( 快 kwai / quick .. 跑 pow / run .. 进 jin / into .. 我的 wor der / my .. 兔子 too-zi / rabbit .. 洞 doong / hole) 🌘🐇🐕

Daaaady! Catch me ! I’m f..f..faaall-ling…

Pharaoh! wakie wakie! we’re going for a nature ramble around our new vicinity…

Uff uff…Don’t mess with me Maximus !…my Daddy will get you good and proper !

Lam-My ~ 10 Sept 2020 ~ (updated original 27 Apr 2019)


I chanced upon my weird dialogue story…picture of King in Red Coat commanding his court jester to amuse him…

@QueenWillRock @DrBrianMay @JulienMacdonald – Rhapsody Tour 2019

Court jester! If music be the food of love, play on!

Yes, your Majesty, whatever you say, your word is my command!

What are you playing Court jester? I don’t recognise the music. Play something current.

Bring it back…bring it back…cuz you don’t know what it means to me…

Hmmm…that’s Lovely!

Can you play Comin In Hot ?

Twang twang twang Comin in hot…Comin in hot…

Is that all?

That’s all I know your Majesty!

Guards ! Send him to the gallows…Useless!

Give me a another chance, I’m working on it…whiiooo whiiooo! doong doong doong chang…

That sounds like a Rock odyssey, all right, your life is spared by the hair on my chinny chin chin!

(Court jester leaves mumbling) : He who knows not he knows not is a fool!

What are you mumbling? You ingrate! I just spared your life!

(Bows, retreats)…Yes, yes! Almighty King of Ethereal! haw haw…(softly)

Are you still sneering? Court jester!

Er Er no…something got caught in my throat; I’ve come of age.

Guards! Send him to the gallows anyway!

(Cries) ‘Let me go…let me go…I’m just a poor boy…nobody loves me…spare me from this monstrosity…’

Lam-My ~ 7 Sept 2020 (updated original 13 July 2019)

Lam-My said...

1️⃣9️⃣ Sept 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 🦉🦇

A majestic bow…Rhapsody Tour 2019

2 Maestros come face to face
Do you know what we are living for…Dr Brian
Oh yes! but Roger and I almost threw in the towel
Now, with renewed energy which you ooze
From every note you push
I found new inspiration to revitalise Queen
We brought it forward, as they say, new bottle old wine
Keeping good ole Queen intact but when you sing
It changes the whole field…an old-new Rock dichotomy

Oh, I may even have energy to travel to another galaxy
For starters RoboFrank is waiting for me on Saturn
I wonder how he’s doing, in those celestial rings

I too have embarked on new creativity, inspired by your brilliance
With New Eyes I see the love in your eyes, my partner-in-crime
Our destiny is extravagantly intertwined…

Lam-My ~ 14 Sept 2020


Hey Pharaoh ! So you are back with Grandpa, Step-Mom and Hazel ! Wah !

Ni hao Lam-My, yes, I’m so well-taken care of, can’t ask for more.

How is Hazel ?

He’s fine…so happy to eat, sleep, shit together oooops; oh hiking and running…then go home for lunch specially served up by Step-Mom on a silver platter, belly belly nice !

Pharaoh, it should be very nice not belly nice.

Aha ! Grammar lesson from Singapore Oooeeeh! But no difference to me, my antenna ears can pick up the minutest sound even from space ! 🐕🐩

再见 jai jian Internet Aunty…we’re watching Daddy on tv…he’s going to the Moon ! I wish I could go with him and then hop step jump ! wheeeee plop ! onto the other side to meet 玉兔 Yutu my moon pal in his deep freezing crater. 🌘🐇

Lam-My ~ 17 Sept 2020

Now this brings me back to my Beacon Light poem 2011 :

Adam is the beacon light
Shimmering in the depth of night
Guiding young and old alike
Into the harbour of delight
Sexy man we love you so
Your struts and thrusts and body rolls
Thrill us to bits to our very own soul

You made it big ! I told you so !
Your hair and fashion, chic and bold
Set us speculating on our toes
Expect the unexpected to uphold
It ain’t that deep as we are told

Adam is blasted off to the moon 🌜🌛
Causes an upset, a big bang boom
A huge Superstar is born real soon
Thanks universe for this heavenly boon

Full of surprises, master of intrigue
Not succumbing to hate nor defeat
Prowling the stage…a theatric beast
Wailing out notes that don’t exist
Glam Nation…a galactic treat
By all accounts a world-class feat
Triggers an avalanche of tweet tweet tweet
Fans adore you at your feet

Your voice so high rises to the sky
Some of your songs make us cry
Hope your album arrives in style
Rooting for it to rock sky-high
Handsome Adam, labelled Outlaw?
How can that be, his love touches all

What are you bringing this summer or spring
Come to our city to sing and swing
Anticipating the next scintillating
Adam Lambert, the Pop Rocker King !

10 years whiz by…and we view the world with New Eyes
His prolific singing empowers the mind
In the midst of the Covid scourge that kills 950,000 lives
A vaccine marathon races to beat the finish line
Be that as it may, Adam is flying to the moon to croon...
Lift off ! 💥🚀🌓 Show time !

Lam-My ~ 16 Sept 2020 ~ Updated with last verse Covid (Original Oct 2011)

Lam-My said...

7️⃣ Oct 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Wah! Now 30,006,290 total streams! (4 October 2020) on Spotify…Velvet Album

For me, Overglow relates so closely to present Covid pandemic especially this line 'People, there’s no human connection'… feels clairvoyant, and Superpower, Adam added in the lyric 'All the witches and the Covid better get out my way aye aye'. I like all his Velvet songs, relatable.

Adam is in Rome and shared a video...

On tour, many moons ago, I saw a lot of the wall to wall and ceiling Renaissance Paintings on the Life and Passion of Christ, Bible; a lot of Italian Sculptures everywhere; St Peter’s Basilica awe-inspiring ! Ingenious art, designs, patterns ceiling to floor, stained-glass windows. Embalmed Popes in caskets lay beneath altars; I initially thought they were wax-works but gasped when told they were real Popes who had passed on many years. I looked again, real, whoa.

The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

Lo and behold God created humans on the Sixth Day and rested… Bible

The real Adam in Rome…

Calls to mind Joseph on top of Marina Bay Sands

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

An eye for an eye…

One cool autumn day, Bert and his beloved dog Pharaoh were hiking in the woods… all of a sudden rain started to pour. They were soon drenched and Pharaoh kept shaking out the water from its drenched fur. Bert picked him up and started running for shelter. Thank goodness, they spotted a hut and beelined towards it. Bert knocked on the door but no one came; he then gave it a push, it creaked open; it was a deserted hut, maybe the owners had left.
Pharaoh seemed attracted to a barn next to the hut. He started scratching at the door trying to get into the barn. Bert peeked in but there was nothing except for a pile of straw; hold on a minute…a rather surreptitious wooden cover sticking out under the straw. Bert got nearer and Pharaoh kept sniffing and scratching at it.
At this moment, squeaky noises were heard from within, Bert lifted the cover…nothing, except for an entanglement of cobwebs and a rustic smell.
Pharaoh jumped in, it seemed to sense something…then without warning…zooom ! down down down it fell right through the opening. Bert called out frantically; he was not able to get inside as it was too small. He squeezed himself in, one leg at a time, yelling, Pharaaooh… ! It always kept very close to its Daddy and wouldn’t disappear like that. Bert finally managed to squeeze his whole body in…

Pitch-dark, Bert switched on his torch…whaz ziz zhis ? An underground cavern, stalagmites and stalactites glimmered in the dim light.
Buddy ! Where are you ? No signs of his beloved doggo.

As he was groping in the dark to avoid the hanging stalactites, he heard some squeaky voices and saw faintly a number of silhouettes lurking; he directed his torch at the silhouettes…Whoa ! they did not appear human, with big dark eye sockets, no eyeballs; they were holding Pharaoh ! Bert was getting really scared now…what was he dealing with ? At this moment Pharaoh sensed his Daddy’s presence, immediately leapt from the alien’s grip and scampered onto his Daddy’s outstretched arms.

Meantime, the aliens left by the back door…they were not aggressive and a strange droning sound accelerated outside. Bert held Pharaoh tightly, peeped through the ajar back-door. He couldn’t believe his eyes…a flying drone sent out brilliant sparks and zoomed above the clouds like a shooting star…it soon disappeared.

Where did they come from and what do they want ? Maybe they were trying to kidnap Pharaoh for their alien experimentation; aliens living amongst us ? All kinds of probabilities crept into Bert’s mind.
He decided to explore this strange place…got out into the backyard with Pharaoh eagerly tripping by his side; actually hardly a yard; it was a large expanse of wasteland with a maze of reddish clay paths, no trees nor shrubs. Where is this ? Never been here before, yet so close to my home…the reddish clay reminded Bert of Mars.

Hellooo ! We come in peace ! Bert jumped with a start ! What ! I thought they had left. More aliens appeared ! Their dark eye-sockets no eyeballs stared at Bert, talking in nasal squeaky voices.

Pharaoh ! Run ! Run !
The place seemed so unrecognisable with twists and turns of clay tracks, a complete contrast from the woods they hiked in.

The aliens came closer : Hellooo ! Wait ! We are not here to scare you !

Who are you ? Bert clutching Pharaoh, in case they snatched him.

We are Martians ! We have lived here in prehistoric times and return occasionally to monitor its progress, we understand your language. Very glad to meet you and your beautiful smart doggo. We need a favour…would you let us examine your intriguing dog. See, we do not have 4-legged aliens, let alone with luminous eyeballs that sparkle in the dark. We want to replicate such beautiful new eyes ! 👽💫
Lam-My ...continue

Lam-My said...

Bert was stunned in disbelief but he was always very liberal and tolerant of unusual happenings. He agreed to let them examine Pharaoh. Without wasting a moment they held Pharaoh and stroked him lovingly, gazing hard at its alert basenji eyeballs, perhaps started programming them. Pharaoh had a closeup view, didn’t sense fear and peered into their dark hollow eye-sockets; literally open windows to their brain; Pharaoh seemed able to connect with them. They could be blind, thought Bert and use their sensors to see / detect their surroundings; that may be the reason they got so attracted to Pharaoh’s eyeballs that illuminate in the dark, to them like twinkling stars…on four legs ! 👀💫

A month passed and Bert was ruminating on those Martians whom he just couldn’t let go in his mind; it was obsessing him; he decided to put it to rest once and for all. He with Pharaoh tripping by his side, got to the woods where they had their first extraterrestrial encounter. Got to the hut which looked like any other home, but deserted and rundown. Walked in by pushing open the unlocked door and as Bert was about to lift the wooden door-cover to get into the cavern, he saw something that shook him to the core. Two Pharaohs ! with alert identical basenji eyes !

Pharaoh ! he gasped not able to tell which one was Pharaoh. One of them jumped onto Bert’s lap as it always did. The other stared but did not react.

Hellooo ! Earth friend ! Good to see you again. Do you like my Pharaoh clone ? Bert was shaken by this unexpected turn of events.
Its name is Phaidor.

Phaidor ! Bert blurted out !

Phaidor immediately responded…wagged its tail elatedly on hearing its name…a different tone by a human. And jumped onto Bert’s lap, wah ! gave Bert a dry debut face lick exactly like what Pharaoh did whenever he missed his Daddy after a long absence; the only difference, Pharaoh’s was moist and slurpy. Bert was overwhelmed beyond words.
Pharaoh and Phaidor 🐕🐕…🏕

Lam-My 18 Oct 2020

Lam-My said...

你好 ni hao Adam ! Are you trying to compete with those eyeball-less Martian eyes ? Well you win 1st prize, those grotesque eye-whites will attract them and the ruby-red lips 💋. Actually, I wrote several Marsbert stories; now finally I got a Marsbert picture ! belly belly goood !

Adam Lambert Performing David Bowie’s ” Life On Mars” American Idol Tour 2009


Aha, 你好 ni hao CNN Fan ! You are not letting Jill, off the hook. I just heard *An eye for an eye, said by Dana Bash…Election debate showdown.

I think you would have differenciated my use from the usual connotation; mine is not the tit-for-tat implication, but a whimsical one of the alien eyeing Pharaoh’s eyeballs…an eye for an eye. If you actually detected my hidden inference, I say you are sharp like I’ve always said. So too, Jill Neubronner, CNA; she used *extraterrestrial in a real scientific sense which I only use in a space alien context. Both belly belly sharp brains. 😁

Lam-My said...

2️⃣4️⃣ Nov 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 🎄💉👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Covid chimes a deadly dirge 🔔
People on the verge
In an urgent search for
Food, money, cures, jobs, security
A fatalistic potpourri of anxieties

Vaccines are close at hand, December
But for the majority, the elderly, the chronic sick
May not be vaccinated till next May
It’s better to stay safe…wear a mask, reduce close contact
Avoid large gatherings…keep a safe distance 1.5 metres
Actually it’s easier said done…I’m guilty of that

Two days ago, my temperature recorded 36.8 C at the supermart entrance
Your temperature is normal, welcome…
Says a voice on the thermal screen with my masked face
Merrily shopping, mingling, social distancing out the window
A cute little Indian boy on a stroller was screaming his head off
My motherly instinct kicked in and went closer to comfort him
He eventually stopped crying when I pointed to his bruised knee

On my way home, however, crossing a winding overhead bridge
I remove the mask whenever there’s nobody
To replenish oxygen as the mask does hinder breathing
That’s a health hazard, but compared with being hooked on a respirator
Mind over matter…devil and the deep blue sea

We are at phase 3, cautiously, we sort of made it
To see the dazzling light at the end of the tunnel
Crushing Covid by its head…zero local transmission
For 14 days, exactly 2 weeks…its incubation
Now the economic spill-over…many businesses collapse to a point of no return
Government subsidises with handouts amounting $100 billion
Matching, training, adapting job seekers to new companies
Contributes $100 million to global assistance 🏥💉🥣
PM Lee once said on tv…if any country can survive Covid, it’s Singapore
He made good on his promise !

Lam-My ~ 24 Nov 2020

Lam-My said...

Wah !

PM Lee Congratulates CNA On Winning Channel Of The Year, They Beat Out CNN & BBC…

On Friday (13 Nov), the United Kingdom-based Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) named CNA the Channel of the Year, beating out noted international media divisions from BBC and CNN. Nov 18, 2020.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong congratulated the Mediacorp-owned group on 18 Nov, stressing the need for a trusted news source in these “fragmented and sometimes fractious” times in terms of media.

CNA was formed by Mediacorp in 1998, and claims to be positioned to “Understand Asia”, with a focus on international news through Asian lens.

Lam-My said...

Whoa! Art in Space…Love this drawing ! follow the loop ~ its entry into the moon’s gravitational orbit.

Artist’s illustration of the Chang’e 5 spacecraft’s initial elliptical orbit around the moon.
Credit: CCTV

This screen grab from an animation of the Chang’e 5 mission shows the spacecraft in orbit around the moon.
Credit: CNSA

Last night the brilliant full moon was shining on my window-sill…wah ! felt the glow of the halo and I gazed at it right above my window, knowing Chang’e 5 is orbiting, braking, about to land !…very very close now, 200 km above the moon.
恭喜啦 goong si la ! Congratulations !


The Chang’e-5 probe successfully landed on the near side of the moon, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced on Tuesday.

With the space probe’s ascender on top, its lander made a touchdown at around 11:00 p.m. (Beijing Time), becoming China’s third probe that has successfully made a soft landing on the moon. It has sent back footage of the moment it landed.

In the next two days, the lander will collect about two kilograms of lunar samples.

The Chang’e-5 probe includes a lander, ascender, orbiter, and returner. After the spacecraft entered the circular lunar orbit 200 kilometers above the moon, the lander-and-ascender pair split, descended, and landed at the planned area on the moon.

The lander will shovel some surface material and also drill a two-meter-deep hole and scoop up the soil from inside it, which will act like an archive of the moon, with the bottom recording information from a billion years ago and the top more closely reflecting the present day.

The samples will then be stored in the ascender, which will lift off from the lunar surface to transfer the moon samples to the returner and orbiter waiting in the lunar orbit. The unmanned rendezvous and docking in the lunar orbit will also be the first such task conducted by China.

Then, at a proper time, the returner will separate from the orbiter and carry the samples back to Earth, which will finally land in North China’s Inner Mongolia.

Footage of the landing moment sent back by Chang’e-5 ( gif ) 1 Dec 2020

Last night I saw the 2nd night of full moon, so huge and round lighting up the spreading old tree and field outside my window-sill. I could see the dark patches on the moon so clearly wondering if Chang’e 5 had landed.

非常强大的成功 !

(非常 fei charng / very .. 强大 chiang da / powerful .. 成功 cherng goong / successful)

Lam-My said...

1️⃣2️⃣ Dec 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 💉👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️

Covid-19 one year on...

People are getting restless and desperate
For some tete-a-tete escapade
On the beach, at the mall, family reunion
A leap of faith, a free fall at your own risk

Doctors, nurses, health-workers, covered head to toe in protective gear
Walk resolutely into Covid infected wards, the direct line of fire !
What better friend than one who lays down their life for another
To bid a final goodbye, holding their trembling hand as they gasp their last 🛌
No family, no friend by their side 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Virologists, scientists, doctors tirelessly work on a vaccine
Yes finally ! a life-saver Vaccine shines a ray of light on our destiny 💉

The jingle ‘Singapore Airlines is a great way to fly’ that I grew up with
Echoes its knell in silence on the tarmac...vigilantly slowly opening
Huge warehouses, expo halls, a Changi Airport vacant plot
Turned into Covid facilities for treatment, testing, tracing, isolating
Ahh, a silver-lining in Golden butterfly Joseph Schooling
His winning time 50.39s remains standing till 2021 Tokyo Olympics
Let's rally behind him for another herculean fly flick kick 🏊‍♂️

Mighty Covid pretty much dictates…
Decrees wearing mask, staying 6 feet / 2 metres apart
Invisible yet so powerful
Humans forced to rethink, reinvent, recuperate
Corporate carnage

Will we ever annihilate Covid completely
Not really, only temporarily, a fatalistic reprieve
Once it mutates, wreaks havoc again
It’s natural selection, survival of the fittest
So what are we left with…
Be that as it may, united we stand, divided we fall
Work together, keep a lid on Covid
21st century apocalypse ! a turning point of no limit 🌪️

Back to the drawing board, reignite the entrepreneurial spirit
A never-seen-before unknown hangs precarious
Coronavirus spikes fuse into human cells, replicate, suffocate
Our defenceless immune system that can’t recognise it
Millions infected, thousands dead…who will lift us out of this masquerade ? 😷

Did you say masquerade ?
But Covid is not a charade, in fact it's real as hell !
So why did the word jump out of my head
Impromptu, took me by surprise
I rationalise...the mandatory mask we wear
Liken to a motley masquerade party 🎭
More dangerously, Covid too is masquerading
Corona / crown , spikes / thorns...Crown of thorns reminds me of Jesus
Latest: 70 million cases, 1.59 million person dies every 30 seconds...🕰️
Well, like the 2 handsome Mediacorp singers aspire :
I see light drowning out all the shadows...just fight !
I see light at the end of the tunnel...just fight ! 💡🧿🛤

Lam-My ~ 10 Dec 2020

I just heard Dr Reiner on CNN Don Lemon show, saying *carnage inflicted by Covid taking such a heavy toll, just today alone in the US, 3000 deaths, numbers have been high for quite some time. Don Lemon reports, showing figures, it’s more than 9/11. He also said he can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Earlier on, Anderson Cooper said they are in a very dark tunnel, how long the tunnel is, they don’t know but hoping for a welcome light; a double whammy Covid and Election fallout.

*Corporate carnage above, used by Adam Bakhtiar CNA.

The origin of *carnage is my description of 49 gays massacred (2016) which in fact was my first word but *carnage jumped out because it was so bloody and lustful.
This word doesn’t seem to go away even after 5 years and each time the *carnage increasingly devastating. 🤢😷

Lam-My said...

20 Dec 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 💉

Many doctors and the media have voiced their deep concern on Covid getting out of control but they are optimistic, and I think they like the Mediacorp song...*light at the end of the tunnel...

15 Dec 2020
So touched by a health worker who got the vaccine; she says she faces Covid patients every minute of the day. I think it’s more than just a vaccine to her, it’s her lifeline; she cried.

A doctor in Iowa wanted to show the vaccine is safe, got vaccinated, shown on tv and said he felt fine after 12 hours, just a bit of soreness on the shoulder above the upper arm. Smiled and said there is *light at the end of the tunnel on CNN with Robyn Curnow who said *The Light.

Dr Gianfranco Pezzino explains so graphically : The Light is the Vaccine but cautions that we are still groping in the dark tunnel; but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
He has resigned as Health Officer of Kansas due to strong opposition against his orders to implement restrictions to reduce Covid infections, save lives.

Dr Esther Choo Professor & Emergency Physician : We say *light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel is incredibly long, she says.

I say we are speeding through the convoluted tunnel on a toot-toot turbo train ! 🚝

Dr Wen and Dr Choo … my Chinese kin. 😁

14 Dec 2020
Sandra Lindsay, ICU nurse NY, first person to get the Pfizer vaccine; she says: This is the *light at the end of the tunnel but we are not out of the woods yet.
Well, I finally get to see the face, hear the voice of a healthcare worker that I admire so much, in my poems (above).

Dr Leana Wen also says she sees *light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through the tunnel together.

Sara Sidner says there is *light in this very dark tunnel, as she reports on site, refrigerated trucks -71 C transport Pfizer vaccines to Michigan.

12 Dec 2020
CNN Fred Pleitgen, German journalist says the authorisation of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine by US FDA is *herculean; he was interviewing CEO of BioNTech – Germany.

I recall General Perna, head of Operation Warp Speed saying : a vaccine by end of this year is *herculean...vaccine scientists / doctors have succeeded ! Covid herculean heroes !

Well, my *herculean, Joseph Schooling is going to fight other *herculean Champs come 2021 Olympics. In any case, Joseph has already gone down into Gold Olympics history.

Dr Reiner on CNN laments *carnage, the high death toll in the US and Adam Bakhtiar CNA describes businesses inflicted as corporate *carnage.

My original use of *carnage *herculean *purge, have reached 1st 2nd 3rd respectively in my word-marathon, 2017 - 2020.
Well, it culminates with a big bang in a double C...Covid Carnage.

Lam-My ~ 20 Dec 2020
Whoa ! 3x20 / 60+3 / 63 / 369 number that unlocks the universe. 😊

The Light
By Singapore Mediacorp Singers / Song Writers

Lam-My said...

2️⃣5️⃣ Dec 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ 💖💞 Merry Christmas 😊

Moon flags off 21st century with a big bang booom !
Now, that brings me back to the eclipse tango of sun moon
That I witnessed live from my balcony 26 Dec 2019 noon
Gravitational attraction, a dance in the heavens
Moon says : Watch me ! I’m hitting the limelight
Not only blocking mighty sun, my tango partner-in-crime
Earthlings are obsessed with digging up my billions-year-old treasures
In a fast and furious Chang’e 5 exploration and retrieval
The Return capsule just brought back 1,731 grams of moon soil / rocks
Flying through space…a perfect touch-down in the snow of Inner Mongolia / China
For dissection and sharing with the world our ancient volcanic evolution 🌋
Okay, I see now as I saw the moon-sun eclipse phenomenon
That brought me to tears from the heavens

On the flip-side, Covid had already slipped in by then, without warning
One year on, it has infected 79 million, killed 1.7 million…
Ah, brilliant scientists / doctors say in no uncertainty
Not so fast Covid ! We are hot on your heels ! Vaccine is ready to rock-and-roll around the world !

Overwhelmed by the Solar eclipse 2019, I had suspected something very dramatic would happen
A great deal more than I had expected
Before 2020 takes its curtain-call from this convoluted year of controversy and Covid ! 🛌💉😷

21 Dec 2020
First batch, Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines arrive at Changi Airport; flown in from Brussels, Belgium, stored at -70*C in refrigerated facility in Singapore.

As pointed out by eminent Doctors, the *Light at the end of the tunnel is the Vaccine ! So looks like the Mediacorp Singers’ aspiration has come to fruition, delivered by a jumbo jet at Changi Airport, in talks to be the vaccine distribution centre for the region.

*Carnage has indeed come a long long way from my original use of the massacre of 49 gay people 2016. This time round it jumped by leaps and bounds; with a double C… Covid Carnage, in human deaths as well as businesses.

It’s indeed a *herculean achievement by Scientists / Doctors to come up with a Covid Vaccine within a year; estimated earlier-on as too short a time for such a monumental creation. China Scientists’ mapping out the Covid 19 genome sequence, I think has speeded up the Covid 19 vaccine development.

*carnage *herculean *purge have emerged as winners in my word-marathon 2016-2020…picked up over and over again on internet. 🥰 Much appreciated ! Wonder if my word-marathon would carry through into 2021. I feel the skies are opening up but still a lot of dark clouds hang ready to burst without warning.

Merry Christmas ! Happy New Year 2021 ! 2021年新年快乐 !
Here we come chuga chuga tooot tooooot 🚂...🏃🏃‍♀️🕺🐕🏝️

Lam-My ~ 25 Dec 2020

Lam-My said...

1️⃣7️⃣ Dec 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Waah ! Chang'e 5 return-capsule streaks through the night sky bringing its priceless cargo of moon soil / rocks home to Beijing. Many helicopters and vehicles spread out to search the huge wide snow-covered grasslands of Inner Mongolia / China. Yes ! they found their return-capsule intact nicely landed in the snow. They were awed ! Billions-year-old moon soil / rocks that actually flew from outer-space into their backyard !

I tried to follow the convoluted procedures of docking and undocking of the 4 components of Chang'e 5 orbiter, lander, ascender, returner. Goodness me ! my brain got all entangled; so many times they join and separate and join again and separate. This one is dramatic, after the ascender carrying the moon soil/rocks blasted off from the lander on the moon, to dock with the orbiter circling the moon, unloaded its moon collections, to be stored in the return-capsule, was commanded by Beijing control to smash into the moon so as not to leave any space junk floating around that may hinder future explorations, their next probes Chang'e 6,7,8.
The final separation was between the return-capsule and orbiter, 5,000 km above earth, before touching down in Inner Mongolia / China.

恭喜中国 ! goong si zhongguo .. Congratulations China ! You are going to lead us through 21st Century !

Scientists opened the return capsule of China’s lunar probe Chang’e-5 in Beijing on Saturday 19 Dec 2020 morning and took out the lunar samples container.

Lam-My said...

2️⃣5️⃣ Dec 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Cathartic words from Adam and he too jumps onto our *light at the end of the tunnel tooot tooot train...

Wah ! Adam Lambert !
Everything else changes
But your singing remains steadfastly tenacious
Same beautiful voice that I first heard !
From the heart, and face that launches a 1000 ships
Like I said in my above poem, 21st century apocalypse
And you just tuck it in your pocket and lick it 🐕
Amid a run-amok wild Covid pandemic 💀

Lam-My ~ 12 Dec 2020

Wah ! Adam’s *bough note goes into overdrive right onto the next phrase…

Lam-My said...

Pre-vaccine… an update of one of my Covid poems in my archive showing alarming increase…

Never in my wildest fancy
Would I have imagined writing poetry on a virus!
That looks like a ball of pin-heads on tv
They have existed since the dawn of humanity, evolutionary
Scientists spending so much time, effort, resources to annihilate it
People have overcome phenomena, moon, space, Mars
Yet at a loss on Covid barging into every vein of our lives
Would the mighty virus one day outsmart humans
That will be the day…nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
Perhaps a master antibody, like a master key could unlock the crisis
Block off those billions corona spikes fusing into human cells
Scientists worldwide are closing in on a vaccine to ring-fence the convoluted Covid
I see light at the end of the tunnel…Just fight…cheer on the Mediacorp Singers
Singapore scientists discover 5 potent antibodies from recovered patients
That deter Covid infecting the lungs, buy time for the body’s immune system
29 deaths is testament to the Singapore scientists and doctors expertise, the heart-and-soul dedication of nurses, health workers and Government luminary

When I watched the spectacular Solar Eclipse, 26 Dec 2019
I felt so overwhelmed, tears welled up my eyes…moon blocked the sun, interlocked in celestial dance
Hardly suspecting, unknown to the world, Covid 19 had broken out simultaneously
Moon Sun tango in and out the clouds, a stunning epiphany right above my balcony
Was that a foreshadowing of the Covid catastrophe ?
8.5 million infected worldwide, 4.5 million recovered, 455,000 dead…
Exterminate the Covid ! Arrest it lock stock barrel, this pervasive killer nemesis ! 🛌😷

Lam-My ~ 19 June 2020

Latest Worldwide : Covid Cases 89.5M .. Recovered 49.7M .. Deaths 1.92M – 10 Jan 2021
Singapore : Total cases 58,836 .. Recovered 58,580 .. Deaths 29

This is exactly what I saw live from my balcony…26 Dec 2019 and even as I click on these pictures now, tears well up my eyes, have no idea why.

Lam-My ~ 10 Jan 2021


David Bowie made a documentary of Singapore; he was intrigued by the local Chinese street opera and embedded it in his hit song 'Heroes' just for one day. In the video, a curtain drops symbolising consummation of marriage...wife or concubine; not sure of storyline.

David Bowie sings : I, I will be king … And you, you will be queen …

Space Oddity ~ David Bowie

Adam Lambert performs Starman for #ABowieCelebration:#JustForOneDay!

Lam-My said...

The Straits Times Joyce Teo
9 Jan 2021

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong rolled up his sleeve for the Covid-19 vaccine injection yesterday, as the nationwide vaccination effort to combat the coronavirus swung into high gear.
A left-hander, PM Lee was administered the shot in his right arm by nurse Fatimah Mohd Shah, and experienced no side effects despite a 30-minute precautionary wait.

“It is painless, it is effective and it is important,” he told reporters at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where he received his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the only one to be approved here so far.

Video CNA

Nurse Fatimah became very famous. 😊


Year of the Ox ~ Chinese New Year 12 Feb 2021 🐂
新年快乐 ! sun neen fai lok (Cantonese)

(新年 sun neen / New Year .. 快乐 fai log / happy)

Hey there Pharaoh! Long time no see; I rarely hear you bark.

你好 ni hao internet aunty !

Wah, you still remember your smatter of mandarin.

Sure, you drum it into my miniscule brain. Okay test…what is your Chinese name?

Owooooh ! I can’t recall.

Clue : doe rae mi fa…

That’s not my name.

Okay, Pharaoh 法老王 fa lao warng / Pharaoh king.

Owooooh! I’m a king !

Yep, your name says so. So why were you barking?

I wanted to distract Daddy, get him to take me out for a run on Runyon…it’s been a long time.

You won’t be going out for long runs due to Covid.

Oh that again ! It’s such a nemesis ! But I’m not scared.

Well, your body immunity would lick it. Do you know what I’m talking about 法老王 fa lao warng ? 🙂🐕

No clue whatsoever ooooeeh!

Lam-My 15 Jan 2021


This must have been the most heart-wrenching moment for the Chang’e 5 Beijing ground control crew, their eyes fixated on the screen. First sighting ! ☄️ of Return-capsule back into the earth’s atmosphere about 5000 km above earth, streaking home, lands in Inner Mongolia / China where many helicopters and lorries 🚁🚚 encircled the vast snow-covered grasslands…Home sweet home 🚀 after a 23-day whirlwind moon excavation, bringing home billion-year-old invaluable moon soil, rocks all the way from outer space 🌒!

欢 迎 回 家 huan ying huay jia ! (欢迎 huan ying / welcome .. 回家 huay / return 家 jiah / home)

One of my favourite Chang'e 5 videos; Immaculate ! 非常漂亮 !

(非常 fei charng / extremely .. 漂亮 peow liang / beautiful)

Lam-My 23 Jan 2021

Lam-My said...

Happy Birthday Adam Lambert ! You look scintillating ! I’ve never missed any of your birthday celebrations since the start…2011 to date 2021.

An echo from the past…31st Birthday 2013

Another year passed…
Trundling along from dawn to dusk
Glamberts in tow, you and us
Life isn’t that bad to laugh and lust
Enroute our efflorescent musical path
Together we journey furious and fast
Expect the unexpected though we must
Nothing’s too wild, so what’s the farce
Lateral thinking, love and trust
Will open our minds, souls and hearts
Your impeccable singing a rare class !

Amid frustrations, enjoy the air
Pros and cons will always be there
Bounce, trounce, ready to pounce
No hate ! love eases pains an ounce
Beautiful is the head that wears the Crown !
Happy Birthday Adam ! 🎂🍧🐕🏡

Lam-My ~ 27 Jan 2013 / Updated 29 Jan 2021

Adam Lambert celebrates his 39th Birthday with virtual Concert for his Fans...

This is one of my favourite songs since the beginning, his first album…his vibrato is shimmering ♒ A Loaded Smile…We are barely hanging on…

Adam switches from high alto/falsetto to high tenor, wah! He’s wearing the 3rd Eye of the Mind; very important to be able to see and feel with one’s 3rd Eye because it comes out different in greater depth, height, a much wider expanse.

Overglow ~ Roses ~ Adam Lambert

Pharaoh! Haw haw viewing the world upside down; you must be a little bored, not able to go run your endless canyon road. I notice you feel liberated when you run, like trying to get to a destination. Now, you look like a flying-fox hanging upside-down, your big round eyes and antenna ears.

Hi internet aunty! You bet I’m longing to go pound the canyon; so free and I can feel the wind as my feet beat the Runyon track.

Do you know the way well ?

Sure I do, especially the familiar spots where I pee to mark the route; but now I may have lost those spots, washed off by the rain but I can still find them; a dog’s sense of smell is formidable.

Wah! you can remember big words; exceptional memory as well.

Trained sniffer dogs can smell out people with Covid ! by sniffing their mask, clothing, belongings, body, if they are carriers of the virus with no symptoms yet. ‘It has been estimated that a dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times more powerful than a human’s.’