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Blabber Mouth: BRIAN MAY On Upcoming QUEEN Tour: 'I Feel So Privileged That We Can Still Do This

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, May 16, 2016

Posted at : Monday, May 16, 2016

QUEEN and "American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert recently sat down for an interview in which they discussed their upcoming European tour, which kicks off at the end of May. You can now watch the first part of the chat below.

QUEEN guitarist Brian May said: "I feel so privileged that we can still do this. We spent half our live building this legacy of songs and contact with an audience, and we can still be out there and doing it. And it's wonderful that we have Adam, because without Adam… You need an extraordinary figurehead, and we do have it in Adam. So it's a gift from God. I call him a gift from God."

Added Lambert: "And these guys play their butts off. I mean, it's pretty incredible. You're listening to riffs and fills and stuff that feel like the originals. It feels like the recordings. I get up on stage and I'm, like, 'It's like the record. It's amazing!' It's unbelievable. Their skill and their talent is undeniable."

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Lam-My said...

"We spent half our lives building this legacy of songs and contact with an audience, and we can still be out there and doing it. And it's wonderful that we have Adam, because without Adam…"

Dr Brian knows exactly what he is talking about and I understand fully what that! is. As for Adam, he did something about it ! when many who tried, could not; there I finished the remaining sentence for Dr Brian.
Mmm, The Three Musketeers strike one more time! not with gleaming swords and fanciful regalia...rather, gleaming vocals and instruments and fashion.

Lam-My said...

Whoa! Do you know how many 4s there are Timeslot? ~ 25 4s.

Anne Marie said...

So glad Adam isn't grey haired any more. I like his new color.

Nanbert said...

But Anne Marie, Adam is still grey in those photos. And those from the LGBT awards, and those from the G-A-Y Club concerts, and from his Snapchat at a Queen rehearsal.

And, Lam-My, I have not the slightest idea what "Timeslot" is... and why it matters how many 4s there are in it. That was the most confusing "non sequitor" (sp?) sentence I've seen in a long time! Explain, please.

Lam-My said...

Nanbert... I'm glad you ask!
Timeslot is the computerised time-stamp after each comment...I notice at times, my time stamp/slot is unusual and may be configured, within the available time period so I call the person at the computer Timeslot. This game started way back in Admin's time so I assumed it was Admin responding to my numerology comments that I'm fond of; now I would think it's most likely AdminFan. lol! For instance, when this invisible Person/Timeslot likes my poems/stories, she would configure a special time number and I would call it Bingo! Bingo is a real gambling game where matching numbers on a card win money.
Like above...May 16, 2016 at 4:44. Triple 4 is stunning and not only that a lot of 4s in that time-slot/time-stamp. 16=4x4...20=5x4...16 again 4X4...followed by another 4 and finally 44=11x4...grand total of 4s... 23.
Basically it's just a game of numerology/numbers and Timeslot/Person at the computer seems to enjoy playing this game with me. lol! And she knows the special meaning of 838 to me and so often configures it after I have written a poem/story she likes...just a couple of days ago, she gave me an 838 after my QAL poem. lwl!