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Fan Art! New Playful Chibi Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, June 20, 2016

Posted at : Monday, June 20, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anonymous said...

Haha! ADORABLE!!! :-)))

Lam-My said...

Helloo Chibi Adam! Where is your champagne bottle that you usually spew from?

Chibi Adam:
Hi there Lam-My! Good to hear from you again.
Now, I upgrade from my uncouth bottle that makes me look like a drunkard, to this archaic dignified goblet.

Yea, I like this beautiful goblet; but reminds me a little of those wicked kings of yore who feasted and drank.

You do have great internal power/kungfu to spew your champagne/water to quite a distance away.

Chibi Adam:
Well, I guess it's from my constant performances of holding those long, God-forsaken notes like 'toooooh' and 'for-eeeeever'...

Yea, I love those long powderful notes; hey Chibi, I tell you a real joke...In the old days, some of my compatriots say powderful to mean powerful. lol!

So what's up?

Chibi Adam:
A lot is up...Travelling back East in September. We'll be playing at the Padang/Singapore, then onto Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo.

Whoa, you are tireless; where do you get all that energy?

Well, I have a personal trainer who makes sure I eat the right food, sleep well and exercise just the right amount. Also, most importantly, I love what I do and that itself regenerates even more energy to my brain and vocals.

Wah, that's helluva a lot to digest! You know your green feathers make you look like a fierce eagle especially against your golden hair; what happened to the Red Bird of Paradise?

Chibi Adam:
Some people complained I shouldn't wear fur, my Bird of Paradise jacket so now I wear feathers, no complaints. lol! Poor bird!

Hey...Queen people are hurrying me to get on their jet plane. Cheerio! to you later.

Anonymous said...

Re: Adam being a Judge on The XFactor Australia by Byron Cooke

Byron Cooke ‏@Byroncooke 11h11 hours ago
I am CNN when it comes to @AdamLambert rumours. It's all hearsay nothing confirmed (I CAN say Australia WOULD love him on @thexfactor_au)

Anonymous said...


#XFactorAU ‏@thexfactor_au 1h1 hour ago
Think you know the identity of your next #xfactorau judge? All will be revealed TOMORROW. 😏

Anonymous said...


Adam is to be a judge on The XFactor Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-DDDD

Anonymous said...

PressParty article confirming Adam to be an X Factor Judge .........