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Fan Art! Sexy Chibi Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, June 25, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, June 25, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Wah! Chibi Adam...You sure look chic and buff! That's my favourite black sexy singlet. Actually, you look more glamorous with less clothing.

Thanks Lam-My! It is getting warmer so I can bare more skin.

So have you encountered a new beau in your life or is it still that all-time what's his name...Sauli; yes he too is one helluva chic, a mighty good character.

Chibi Adam:
Yea, I do miss him quite a lot but our careers take us in different directions; so we catch up now and then...well, we'll never know, we might take it further.

You posted your water-taxi ride in Venice. I took one of those and we alighted at that grand ancient Venice Cathedral, San Marco Basilica with a big spacious quadrangle in front and a lot of pigeons. Got a picture of three doves standing on my head, shoulder and hand; they were after the packet of popcorn I was holding lol! Venice, such a historic romantic city. Also got a ride on their gondola. Wah, you'd make such a handsome gondolier; their singing echoes in the canals where houses line both sides.

Hey Chibi...I'd love to hear you sing O Sole Mio. Pavarotti won a Grammy for that in 1980.
That's why I enjoy following takes me to places all around the world, to revisit them in my mind.

Chibi Adam:
Actually, I think I'm the singer to have sung in the most number of cities in such a short span of time; Ah, X Factor Judge is on my mind now; got to help them as much as I can, to hurdle over their most pressing problems and be fair and honest.

Chibi, you are a super mentor because apart from you vast firsthand knowledge on the subject of music/singing, you are able to literally step into their shoes, feel their anxiety and guide them through their problems. You always put others first...that's a beautiful gift in itself!

By the way, you sang your heart and soul out in honour of your horrifically slain gay brothers and sisters. You own WWTLF now...and Brian was visibly shaken; perhaps he never heard you sing it quite like that; he would have recalled the time when he felt like throwing in the towel when he wrote that song; after Freddie was gone and thought Queen wouldn't be able to go on.

Chibi Adam:
I have learned such a lot from Queen, a feisty first-class band! and they are so in control and relaxed; be it the logistics, the lightings, sound mixing, song arrangements etc. jetting from city to city.

Oh yes! that brilliant laser-ball descending on you as you sang WWTLF.

Okay...bye Chibi! Talk to you another time...need to take my 3 toasts and aromatic coffee. See, I had to talk to you first instead of eating breakfast... jai jian! 再见!