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From Daily Singapore News: Queen + Adam Lambert Will Be Bringing Their Concerts To "Asia & The Far East"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, June 07, 2016

It seems that Queen + Adam Lambert will be performing a series of concerts across "Asia and the Far East" later in 2016.

It was announced earlier by Singapore GP Pte Ltd that they will be headlining one night of the "2016 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX concerts held from 16 to 18 September".

Queen + Adam Lambert will be performing on the Padang Stage on Saturday, Sept. 17.

From this story today in the Daily Singapore News (article linked below), Dr. Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert discussed further (yet not officially confirmed/announced) plans for more Asian shows in the near future.

Roger Taylor, Adam Lambert & Brian May in Tallinn: Photo by Mariana @_swoosh14

LINK TO Article: "Singapore GP Announces First Wave Of Music Lineup Featuring Queen + Adam Lambert..."

Quotes from Brian May, Roger Taylor, and Adam Lambert:

Announcing their Asia and the Far East shows the band said:

Brian May: “What an amazing opportunity, after over 45 years of touring the World, to be breaking new ground in Asia. Queen has found a new energy and life with Adam, and I look forward to seeing happy faces out there”.

Roger Taylor: “I really look forward to bringing Queen to the great cities of Asia”.

Adam Lambert: “I have been lucky enough to visit Asia recently and am so thrilled to be able to return there to perform with Queen. We are going to give you a show to remember”.

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Dee R Gee said...

So this DOES sound like the first of number of shows in Asia! I posted on a previous thread, but I will repeat here: Each show that Adam does with Queen is a real gift, but it won't last forever. He's so lucky to have such a chance and he clearly knows it. I'm sure he'll embrace every opportunity he can to perform with them until they decide to really retire.

It looks like Adam's work on his next album may be postponed for a while longer. But boy, will he be raking in the money! All the better when it comes to financing his next album and a new solo tour!

The Dark Side said...

It sounds like a win win situation. QAL have a momentum going and it would be criminal to not take advantage of it. Adam can always continue his solo career but QAL is a once in a lifetime thing. Brian and Roger are still making beautiful music the public should hear!!!

Nanbert said...

I agree with both of you --Queen and Adam Lambert should take advantage of this precious time together. Each is a "Gift From God" for the other... and us! There may never be a greater tour in their lifetimes (or ours) than the one they are on now, and all are "at the top of their game".

Most of all, they are having a ball doing it. How wonderful for them... and us!


Shelagh said...

All good thing all round,hope he doesn't "burn himself out" though,but I know he really looks after himself and if he's touring Asia with Brian Roger and the others,they probably won't do a concert every night but possibly every couple of nights,( as they aren't as young anymore !), great opportunity for Adam to "sell himself" as well everybody loves his incredible voice and the the show he puts on,he could probably do with taking his own personal trainer around with him on tour....Sauli are you free ??

Shelagh said...

And eventually after they finish this incredible tour,people around the globe will be eagerly waiting to see what Adam does next in his career,no doubt a new solo album, Warner will be probably pleased to let Adam carry on with QAL,because in the long run,he will be popular around the world so good publicity for them as well.