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It's Official: "US Singing Sensation" ADAM LAMBERT Is Named 3rd Judge On X Factor Australia 2016!!!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We've been hearing rumors for the past couple of days that ADAM LAMBERT will be a judge on the 2016 season of X Factor Australia.

We here at Adam Lambert 24/7 News (LINK) published a story 2 days ago with that speculation, with the unofficial announcement from Radio Station @KIIS1065 re Adam Lambert and X Factor.

So it doesn't come as a complete surprise to hear the AWESOME news announced today that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!

Congratulations Adam Lambert!!!

The Daily Telegraph in Sydney, Australia broke the official news with their announcement:

Adam Lambert was named today as the 3rd judge on the upcoming season of X Factor Australia - Photo by Toby Zerna

From The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia):

US singing sensation Adam Lambert joins The X Factor judging panel

EXCERPTS from the article:

AND then there were three. US singing star Adam Lambert has been named as the third and final judge for The X Factor in 2016.

Lambert joins Aussie superstar Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian as Channel Seven shakes up the program’s format in its eighth Australian season.
Fewer judges mean fewer spots for aspiring singers, with competition set to be hot this year.

“I am very excited to join X Factor in Australia and am looking forward to helping people shine their brightest,” Lambert said.

“Australia has always been one of my favourite places to tour. The Aussies I’ve met are so kind and good humoured — so the thought of getting to live in Sydney is very exciting.”

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anonymous said...

FABULOUS news!!! :-))))

Dee R Gee said...

This is SO great!

PS I'm out of town this week so my posting will be soarse. Such great news this morning!

Anonymous8 said...

Loving the trajectory of his career at this point in his life. His ever growing international recognition should make him more marketable in the eyes of movers and shakers as entertainment is increasingly measured on a global scale.

I also love that he is a citizen of the world. Although he loves that SoCal weather and lifestyle, in many ways he has outgrown that environment. Granted that he will maintain his house there and will consider it "home", LA will not feed his soul as much after months of living abroad with new friends and experiences.

Glamitup said...

Am I a bad Glambert for wanting to keep him in the U.S.? Lol I know he is happy for this opportunity so I am happy for him. I just wish our country would "wake up" and realize what is right under their noses! Good luck Adam!!! I hope we will be able to see the shows on this site! Does anyone know when the show starts and ends? Thx!

krismidas said...

This is very exciting news! Australia has excellent taste!

Nanbert said...

Besides Adam's voice and looks, the many interviews he had on Australian TV while he was touring the area were really different, entertaining, and lots of fun. They showcased Adam's great personality, sense of humor, and quick wit, which, I'm sure, attracted the attention of the X-Factor producers. It was obvious Adam enjoyed his time there and the Australian "mentality"and warmth. It is also obvious that Australians hold him in very HIGH esteem.

I just hope they don't steal him away permanently! But....GOOD for him! I just hope he doesn't "burn out"! He's been non-stop for a long time.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hope we'll be able to see the shows here in the US .. if not maybe they'll be on ADAM's Ytube channel ... I've seen X-Factor & the Voice videos from other countries on Ytube ... so maybe we'll get AU X-Factor videos too! In any case ... Congrats to ADAM ... he'll make a very capable & extremely Handsome judge I'm sure!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Marion M said...

I'll just wait till there's a 2h youtube video of Adam on X-Factor Australia ^^...

I'm glad Adam has all these opportunities that he's always wanted for himself. I just hope that he doesn't forget, that people want to see HIM perform as well. Like Nanbert I also hope that he doesn't "burn out" it has indeed bin a VERY long run for Adam. On the other hand he's smart and knows when to take some time off and I think he will when this Sommer-Festival-Tour with Queen is finished.

Like pretty much everyone on here I think Adam deserves more recognition but I'm torn. I'm not sure he could be himself so much any more if was "too" famous. The yellow press can get UGLY if it picks up on you. Maybe that's even the secret he's not burning out it seems, that for instance he can leave his hotel and do sightseeing.

I just wish him all the success he can handle!

V Camilleri said...

This is so exciting. Hope we can watch it in the USA. I just love this man.

Allysa Mentor said...

Isn't being a judge sort of time off. He difinitely needs a break from performing, so he gets to sit back and watch others perform. Sounds like a perfect job to me and a nice break. Not sure if Adam can actually allow himself to not be busy. As an American, I feel our music scene if pretty awful and corrupt, Adam is so popular all over the world, and look what is going on in this country. I wish I could leave for awhile, at least until after this election. Lucky Adam

Dee R Gee said...

While so many Idol alums reach a kind of leveling-off point and stay there. Adam just keeps getting more BIG opportunities. I agree that his great personality is likely a huge asset. He's proven it so many times all over the world. Media peeps know that about him. He's a gem.

coloforadam said...

No one country can own a talent like him, no genre can be the only one, no song his only signature ... he belongs to the Universe but most importantly, to himself!! He is so smart and strong and willing to stand up to what he needs and what we need. He has damned stupid press before and I'm sure he will do it again if need be. His fan base in this country is smaller but extremely loyal, passionate and strong. Comparing his earlier tours in this country with the one he just completed, he seems happy, calm, satisfied....truly loving what he is doing. What more could we ask .... he is doing everything right while remaining safe, intact and true to who he is. He inspires me every DAY!!

Anonymous said...

@Allyson Mentor, Adam will be a mentor on The X Factor Australia, as well as a judge. He'll be preparing contestants to compete against contestants of the other judges/mentors.