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Tegan & Sara: "Stars Such As Sam Smith, Adam Lambert & Troye Sivan" "Trailblazing In Pop World"

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Posted at : Thursday, June 02, 2016

From The West Australian & AU Yahoo News: 

Twin-sister Canadian pop stars Tegan & Sara chat with Simon Collins before their tour in Western Australia next month, and mention Adam Lambert in the process

Adam Lambert is "Trailblazing in the Pop World" 
(photo montage credit: unknown, will add if source is discovered)

LINK To: Tegan and Sara build on success

Sisters Tegan & Sara in March 2016: 
Photo by Elizabeth Weinberg for Buzzfeed 

Quotes from the interview/article:
With Tegan and Sara putting a same-sex twist on love songs, Quin reckons pop music is reconnecting with the gender-bending 80s superstars she grew up with: David Bowie, Prince, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Madonna and George Michael.

“Whether people were gay or not, there was a real queer vibe to a lot of the music from that era,” she says.

While grunge and alt-rock reinforced more rigid heterosexual lines in the 90s and beyond, Quin sees current stars such as Sam Smith, Adam Lambert and Perth’s own Troye Sivan as breaking down that divide once again.

“There’s a lot of guys really trailblazing in the pop world,” Quin says. “I don’t see a lot of girls, so I’m hoping we can be part of that movement.”

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