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VIDEO! Queen & Adam Lambert Landed And Announced Show in Sofia!

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, June 22, 2016

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choons said...

three cool, cute guys.

Anne Marie said...

I agree 3 cool guys, that are a tight unit, and it shows on stage. Am I imagining it, but lately it seems Adam has gained a few pounds. I see it in his fuller face, arms and legs. He still looks great but not as lean as I am used to seeing.

LTA said...

The 3 Kings with a heart!!!:) Adam is taking care of himself dearly!!:) What a trooper indeed!!!:)

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, I've noticed the same thing... Adam has definitely gained some weight. He still looks great; in fact, at an earlier point he even looked too lean IMO. But this non-stop schedule he has been keeping for months leaves little time for exercising-- or even a healthy diet. His stamina is amazing!

He might be in need of a personal trainer soon!... LOL

Anne Marie said...

He needs a personal trainer on these tours, as he has done before. As I said he still looks great and handsome as ever.

glitzylady said...

Gosh, in my opinion, he's been working out (as he always does on tour and off) and he's added muscle.

Having spent a *certain* amount of time carefully studying :))) (purely for scientific purposes of course) the photos coming out of this Queen + Adam Lambert EU Summer Tour, particularly the most recent ones from Bucharest, Romania, where it was about 9000 degrees and humid, which prompted Adam to wear his very form fitting tank top (which I TOTALLY applaud & support, and am hoping for more HOT weather :))), the added muscle seemed apparent, in his arms, his chest... and I don't recall thinking it was weight gain per se, but instead muscle gain!!!

Looking good Adam!!!! Really really good!!!

Marion M said...

I havn't noticed any difference...all I know is that Queen travels with and exquisite chef^^

He is still very slim and I'd also like to know how he keeps a healthy diet on tour. Doesn't he have a veggie plate on his rider?

I just hope he's happy and healthy and can do the things he loves and keep bringing music to the world ;)

JAK said...

I can't believe y'all are just now noticing his weight gain.......torso, hip and upper least 25 lbs.
I wisely kept my mouth shut, I didn't want to be bombarded.
When you are the daughter of a seamstress/tailor you spot weight loss or gain quickly.
Including your own. :-(

Adam just needs to get home for awhile and run the canyons again. With his body type he has to work out vigorously.
Eber should join him.

Anne Marie said...

JAK, well said. I see no muscle tone, he is not built that way. He has an upper large chest, which is uncommon, but essentially needed for him to breathe properly for his singing. I have read reviews from trained singers who have commented on this very thing. I am not saying that he doesn't look great and sexy as ever, but the weight gain is looking obvious. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he will be going home for at least a couple of weeks. He has to finish this tour, and then off to Australia, and hopefully get there with enough time to get over the jet lag, before his next venture. After that he is either going home or going on a vacation, according to some of his comments. Or probably both. He is a happy man right now, with a very bright future.

sugar buss said...

Weight gain, no. We don't want Adam to read this and have a eating disability.
He looks just as handsome as ever. I see no change. Pictures sometimes add pounds.
Maybe that is what you are seeing.

Marion M said...

25lbs? WTF? That would be 12kg. Even on a 6 foot guy this is alot!
Can someone provide a before and after, to illustrate what we're talking about here?
I agree that he's not the musclular type.

Anonymous8 said...

Oh dear, are we body shaming Adam?

Certain camera angles and certain outfits are less flattering than others, baggy clothing always expands body shapes. I think Adam is fine and well within his personal weight range. While he may be indulging in some wonderful European fine dining, he probably still makes wise choices and continues with his pre-show juicing ( according to the published "riders").

His exercise routine may be modified while traveling, but I bet he still makes it to the gym or gets a run in everyday. His sweating and activity on stage is an advanced work-out in and of itself! He is still lean and toned and the envy of most men on the planet.