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Lam-My said...

My anecdote delving in "strength, identity and Welcome To The Show..."

Dr Handsome was on his way to administer to a delirious patient who had called in to say he wanted to take his own life. He had cured many patients of their demonic mental disorders and knew he had to act fast.
He got into his Lamborghini and sped to the address given to him. Dr Handsome knocked on the door and a gaunt, haggard man opened it.
'You must be Dr Handsome...' the gaunt man gave a resigned smile and introduced himself as Victor. Soon Dr Handsome was examining Victor on a couch and yes indeed he found Victor's heart beating abnormally fast. He was quite delirious, thought Dr Handsome who immediately gave an injection to lower his blood pressure.
After five minutes, the injection took effect and lo and behold...Victor got up from the couch with a confident smile and stared at Dr Handsome who was rather apprehensive about the outcome. Then Victor's voice changed and started to squeal high notes and then growled in baritone ...aaarrhg... ooeeeh....
Dr Handsome straight away realised he had given Victor the wrong vial of injection. This was the vial he drank from, when he wanted to change from Dr Handsome to monstrous Damnlam.
What was he going to do time to lose as the drug would soon turn Victor into a violent monster.
Quickly, Dr Handsome took out the antidote vial and injected its contents into Victor's arm; who was already reaching out to strangle him! Victor slumped back onto the couch and became his dismal, suicidal self again. He moaned he had no more incentive to carry on. He had recently lost his beloved caring soulmate who was always there for him through thick and thin.

At this point, Dr Handsome sensed something strange happening to himself. His swervy chest hair started to stand erect. And then ! Damnlam emerged from within; his facial hair sprouted and his eyes bulged grotesquely.
Victor became really scared now; even his suicidal thoughts flew off the window. He got up and ran out the ajar door, screaming madly down the street. Luckily, a kind lady, his neighbour, Lucy, ran after him and calmed him down. Victor pointed to his house and blurted... d-d-Doctor h-h-Handsome !
Lucy took him back to her house and gave him a hot cup of green tea to soothe his nerves; and turned on the radio. An announcement came on to warn the people that a grotesque monster was on the loose.
Only then did Lucy believe Victor. She called the police to report that the monstrous being was in their neighbourhood and left Victor's address.
Soon, the wail of siren rang through the neighbourhood and a special tactics squad banged on the door of Victor's house.

Police! Open up!
Dr Handsome opened the door and greeted them with a beautiful smile. The police searched the whole house...nothing unusual nor any monstrous being was found. They then questioned Dr Handsome who beguilingly explained he had come to treat a delirious patient who had run off like a mad man.
The police left and Dr Handsome drove off in his down the street in delirium, rushing home for his antidote before Damnlam convulsed him to a point of no return!
Ah, not so fast, one of the tactics police squad noticed a perculiar twitch on Dr Handsome's face as they questioned him. He decided to tail his Lamborghini. As Dr Handsome wove in and out the traffic, desperate to reach home, he wasn't aware he was being tailed.
The undercover police stopped him for further questioning when he stepped out of his Lamborghini, outside his house. Lo and behold, the police-officer was shocked to see Damnlam's abhorrent face, contorted eyes and facial hair still sprouting. Yes, Damnlam took over completely; he was no more the benevolent Dr Handsome.
Damnlam became very violent now, his survival instinct kicked in; heaved the police-officer up and threw him down ! Damnlam then rushed into his secret basement laboratory and swallowed a vial of antidote to transform himself back.

Lam-My said...

Sirens wailed down the street... wheoo-wheoo-wheoo and soon...Bang Bang ! No! ...
Have no fear...Dr Handsome escaped by the back door! He regained his composure and drove more calmly down the road. He could still hear the police-siren wailing in front of his house.
The police by now, had found Dr Handsome's secret laboratory. Whoa! vials of serum of different colours; some were hair-dyes of all hues.
As for Dr Handsome, he kept looking at his rear-view mirror as he sped away.
Suddenly, a voice from a loud-hailer bawled:
Park your car by the road and get out with your hands up! We know who you are!
The police-car then overtook the Lamborghini trying to nudge it off the road.
What was he going to do now...?

Desperate...Dr Handsome activated the secret pedal; stepped hard on it...and lo and behold, he and his car disappeared in broad daylight! This had helped him before to escape from some desert thugs, remember?
He could still see other vehicles including the police-car, its siren blaring full blast, but they couldn't see him, cloaked in the invisible gas.
When the coast was clear and the police-car was out of sight, Dr Handsome stepped on the secret pedal to reverse the procedure. Nothing happened ! he tried again, expecting to re-emerge on the road...still no change; oooh-la-la the disappearing gas failed and he was now dangling in limbo.
Out of the blue, a voice:
Do not be afraid, you have slipped into another realm of time and space. Just follow this road and you'll be able to re-enter your world. Dr Handsome was getting really worried.

At this juncture, rinngg....
A desperate voice shouted from his car-phone:
Hey Dr Handsome, where are you? I need your help now! I need another injection, I feel so dismal I could jump off the tallest building.
Dr Handsome recognised the desperate voice of Victor. He knew he had to get out of this invisible realm to help Victor or it would be the last he would hear of him.
He stepped hard once more on the secret pedal...this time his Lamborghini sent out a pink flash of exhaust... psssssh...speeding down a stretch of lonely road. Where am I ?
And then someone came into view, waving frantically to hitch a ride...a lady dressed in a long white coat. Dr Handsome being a kind doctor if he was not Damnlam, stopped his Lamborghini by the road to give the lady a ride.

Yes, this very humane act of selflessness propelled Dr Handsome back into his real time and space. He let out a sigh of relief ! After dropping off the lady at her destination, he rushed to Victor's house.
Whoa! he saw Victor teetering on the brink of the rooftop of his block of apartments. A crowd had gathered below trying to dissuade him from doing the unthinkable.
Dr Handsome rushed up to the rooftop by an emergency staircase and called out: Victor ! In desperation, he burst out singing under the moonlight:

You know I have a veil
All covered up, to myself
It's always there
Now they wanna know...
How does it feel?
Gonna let it show
I'm happy to entertain and share with you
It's hard to say how your own thoughts can hurt you
So welcome to the show
Bring on all the lights
Let it shine on you
We're together here tonight
Welcome to the show
Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life-i-life...

Dr Handsome's powerful reverberation woke Victor from his stupor. The song struck a chord...In a daze, Victor shakily extended his foot was already slightly outside the edge of the ledge. Dr Handsome gently led him down to safety. An instant applause erupted from the crowd below.
The special tactics squad looked on with skepticism; They murmured: Who is this Dr Handsome... doctor, singer, monster?
All 3.... retorted the police-officer who tailed and chased him down the road.

Lam-My lwl!

Lam-My said... look worried; perhaps there lies a hidden silver lining in the dark clouds.

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JAK, Apparently, I am a lot like you. Somewhat overwhelmed.

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