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Adam Lambert, Judge On X Factor AU: Is Adam "The New Simon Cowell"?? Could Be...

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, July 1, 2016

Posted at : Friday, July 01, 2016

Adam Lambert, new judge on X Factor Australia, currently in the contestant audition phase, is a super nice, sweet, caring guy, but also is known for his honesty, his keen ear and his knowledge of vocal talent, honed from years of musical theater, and his own music/singing career spanning nearly 25 years.

Sounds like he continues to let people know what their chances are for a "yes" from him when it comes to a "yeah" or "nay" for getting into the live show portion of X Factor AU this season!

Below is a short report on Instagram from a fan @popthatadam who was excited to share the experience of being at the auditions, and some of Adam's comments to X Factor hopefuls..

"Well what can I say? Just left XFactor. It was amazing experience, so many funny things and dorky moments. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else. I technically met Adam and Iggy, laughed my ass off with a friend, bitched about Adams horrible and harsh comments like "you're tone deaf" "you make me want to jump of a cliff" LITERALLY WORDS FROM HIS MOUTH HAHAHAHA it's okay though. He was being honest. He's so cool. Going to the XFactor made me realize how hard it is to get on these shows."

We do remember that Adam has had some experience in the reality show process, both as a contestant on American Idol in 2009 AND from his guest judge stint in Sept. 2014 when he stepped in for Keith Urban during the audition process on American Idol at the New York City auditions. We learned then that Adam was serious about his job, and while he was sweet and encouraging, he was also honest in his critique and comments.  The video in the tweet below was posted by American Idol

"New York Auditions Preview - Adam Lambert Gets Tough - AMERICAN IDOL XIV"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...

Adam of all people knows what it will be like after someone wins, how hard it is. I am glad he doesn't sugar coat someone's lack of talent, but tells it how he sees it. Yes indeed 25 years of experience, and he is only 34. Seems like Guy Sebastian is getting quite a kick out of Adam, and all 3 judges are getting along just fine.

LTA said...

Just cut to the chase and give the reality for the contestants!!:) It's tough for Adam bec. he is known for being nice he!he! But he is an honest person that sometimes find himself being criticized and misunderstood. The contestants are lucky to have Adam as a judge bec. they can trust him. I can't wait for the live stream!:)

ovationimpact said...

Finally a person who says what needs to be said ... It's not the show for you... Glad Adam is truthful and it's about the music talent PERIOD.

Marielle Linthorst said...

There are two ways of saying the same thing. One is encouraging, the other discouraging. Sounds to me like he chooses the wrong way. Sorry, don't approve.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Adam's honesty!!! Can't wait to see the actual X Factor AU series.

Nanbert said...

Without seeing it ourselves, it's hard to pre-judge what was going on. However, anyone who has watched these type of auditions have to realize that there are a certain number of con-testants who REALLY have NO talent... maybe only big egos... and may KNOW they can't sing, or are incapable of realizing it. Some of these people even obviously have mental problems. Or they may just be trying for their "15 minutes of fame".

We've all seen how often these "talent" shows put on some of these obvious "losers" to spice up the auditions and make it more interesting for the audience. But some are so obnoxious that there's no reason for the judges to treat them with "kid gloves". It's not a situation where the judges should be NURTURING budding talent. It's more like "EXPOSING IMPOSTERS".

If they can't sing... they can't sing! If they don't know it, you have to tell them.

Nanbert said...

There's lots of examples of "no-talent" auditions. One of my strongest memories from American Idol was a young woman who could not carry a tune in a bucket. When Randy Jackson told her that, she replied that she KNEW it... but insisted that American Idol could "teach her" how to sing so she could become the next American Idol!

When Randy said she had to able to sing in the first place, and they would not pass her on, she became very nasty, loud, sarcastic and argumentative.. and disrespectful... and so obnoxious that they almost had to physically force her to leave the audition.

That was ONLY one example of someone who was allowed to reach the final judging table just to add a bit of excitement and spice to the auditions. BTW, I'm sure that this young lady either had some mental problems or was putting on a good show so she could get on TV...AND BE PAID FOR IT! There's a lot of those, too.

Marielle Linthorst said...

When Adam Lambert was a judge before, he said to one of the contestants that he was thirteen in a dozen. Or words to that effect. And this was a really NICE contestant, who was genuinely hurt by this remark.
If Adam Lambert would have said something like "you haven't found your identity as a singer yet", he would have said exactly the same without hurting someone's feelings. I'm not saying they should lie, but you don't have to get rude, and he does.

Nanbert said...

I see your point, Marielle, and I agree that hurtful comments should be avoided. However, saying "you haven't found your identity as a singer YET" IMPLIES that the person is/will be a singer... and encourages them to continue trying to make their career in singing.

In the long run, making the contestant understand that they do not have enough talent to be a "singer" may be what they need to know to avoid wasting their time seeking a career that will be unsuccessful. In effect, it releases them to pursue other goals.

Many people want so desperately to be a famous celebrity that they (or their family) delude themselves about their talent... and some (imposters) just want to get on TV, have a moment of celebrity and a nice paycheck. The "imposters" do not deserve kid gloves... do not even expect them. They may act angry, defiant, argumentative, surprised...or hurt... whatever the character they're playing calls for... but they won't really be surprised.