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Adam Lambert Tweeted: "So- the first demo of The Original High Leaked! Well it's out now! Thanks for the love!"

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Posted at : Thursday, July 28, 2016

Following a leak on 7-27-16 of his early first demo: a more "chill", with some different lyrics & vibe, version of Adam Lambert's title track "The Original High", (from his most recent album of the same name, released in 2015), Adam tweeted:

@adamlambert "So- the first demo of The Original High Leaked! Well it's out now! Thanks for the love!"

Photo: The "cover art" from the deleted SoundCloud recording 
of the leaked "first demo" of 
Adam Lambert's "The Original High"

We here at Adam Lambert 24/7 News reported the leak yesterday (see the link below to our story and more) and shared the SoundCloud version, which was subsequently pulled over copyright issues.. There are however, uploads to YouTube that presently survive and Adam shared one of them on Twitter today.

AND, if you would like to revisit Adam's journey to his latest album "The Original High" with this first song that he wrote and presented to Warner Music, ahead of his subsequent signing with the label, visit the link below to hear his story of how he came to write the song, his inspiration for writing it, and more!

We included an alternate YouTube recording of the leaked version, excerpts from a 2015 Idolator interview, where he explained how he took his demo to Warner Music, his "The Original High Track Commentary" VIDEO, and the TOH album track official audio of "The Original High". And, we included an MP3 download link, along with a link to the written lyrics of the first demo version that are somewhat different in parts of the song than the final album version. 

Never a dull moment in this Adam Lambert fandom!!! 

LINK: Listen To Adam Lambert's Original Demo Track For "The Original High": Different, Edgy, Awesome! + mp3

Three articles (with excerpts) referring to Adam's tweet and the leaked demo of "The Original High" (no doubt we'll see many more as the day goes by):

Entertainment Focus: Adam Lambert shares link to leaked The Original High demo

The Original High is the title track from Adam’s 2015 album and has become a firm fan favourite. The demo version of the track has a much more chilled vibe than the final version and it offers a completely different take on the track.

Female First: Adam Lambert thanks fans for love following 'The Original High' demo leak

Adam Lambert has taken to social media 24 hours after a very different, more chilled out sounding original demo of 2015 track 'The Original High' leaked. Tweeting the above link to the song, Adam's decided to make the tune public and said: "So - the first demo of The Original High leaked! Well it's out now! Thanks for the love!"

Leaked on Soundcloud, the track was quickly pulled from the web, but spread like wildfire across YouTube until Adam decided to make it public.

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LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I also found this video on Ytube when I went there for this TOH video ... it's a remix of the Ghost Town demo ... don't know if it has been posted here before but I thought I would share it ...

Adam Lambert - Ghost Town (Deejay-jany Demo Remix) (2016

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Since sometimes several "remixes" by other people turn up commercially of Adam's work, it would certainly seem that Adam could release more than one version of his own work as well. The first version in this case could be released as a single just like WTTS was. Why not?