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Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Wow @FLOTUS [Michelle Obama] speech at the #DNC was so uplifting! Yes!!!"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, July 25, 2016

Posted at : Monday, July 25, 2016

Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Wow @FLOTUS speech at the #DNC was so uplifting! Yes!!!"

A quote about Michelle Obama's speech: From The
Most convention speeches are forgotten almost before they’re finished. But tonight in Philadelphia, Michelle Obama delivered a speech that will be replayed, quoted, and anthologized for years. It was as pure a piece of political oratory as this campaign has offered, and instantly entered the pantheon of great convention speeches.

And if you missed Michelle Obama's moving and powerful speech, and would like to hear it..  From "The Hollywood Reporter" website

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JAK said...

I agree, wow! Just WOW!!

fluttsp said...

Michelle Obama is a wonderful, inspirational orator.

Dee R Gee said...

It was an outstanding speech and she delivered it so eloquently. She has been an exception First Lady IMO.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Sure beats the 'drivel' I heard at the RNC! Beautiful Lady .. Great Speech!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anne Marie said...

Had an excellent speech writer.

Nanbert said...

Admirable lady! She brightens up a room with her personality and "smarts". Her optimism is contagious. Maybe she should run for President after Hillary's 8 years!

Think about it, a logical progression...1. First Black President, then 2. First Woman President, then 3. First Black Woman President!

What could No. 4 be?

And Anne Marie.. even if they had the BEST speech writer in the world, nobody could do a better job of delivering it than she just did. She's just so authentic.

The Dark Side said...


Anne Marie said...

I will not get political, but to each his own. That's what is great about this country, we are free, for the most part, to voice our opinion. I think she has been a nice first lady. But just another speech of what we would like our country to be, when it is in such turmoil. This goes for both candidates.

Dee R Gee said...

This is just a guess, but I would wager that Michelle Obama had major input for that speech. I know they all have speechwriters, but she is definitely capable of creating a speech like that. Most of our first ladies have been smart, articulate women who could deliver speeches when called upon to do so. I think Michelle Obama is one of the better public speakers of that group.

Anne Marie, I agree with you that we all have a right to our opinion. This speech, as were the others last night, was a first-day introduction to the whole week. A kind of philosophical overview. The remaining days will likely have many more specifics. The tone of this convention so far is one of hope and hard work for the future. No instant fixes.

glitzylady said...

Just my opinion, but I felt that Michelle Obama's speech was completely from her heart. She may have had a speechwriter to help her put it together, but it was all Michelle in word and spirit. I was crying by the end of it.. Because it was very clear to me that she meant every word of what she said.. She's incredibly classy, elegant, eloquent, intelligent, and a strong woman in every sense of the word. She's well educated, a graduate of Harvard Law School, and I have no doubt that the majority of the words in her speech were her own.. I truly believe that this speech will always be remembered as one of the most powerful and memorable speeches by a First Lady ever.. And possibly of the most memorable at any political convention anywhere, any time.. Major respect for her, always.

Anne Marie said...
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Nanbert said...

Certainly Michael Obama had a speech writer -- they all did. The convention is too important an event not to be orchestrated, including ALL speeches being "vetted".

However, I have seen Michele Obama in so many "unscripted" appearances through the years not to believe/know that her hand is all over that speech. I've heard many of the thoughts in that speech uttered by her before. She is a brilliant, highly educated lawyer, exceptionally articulate and dedicated woman in her own right... not JUST a First Lady.

And she's a lot of fun, too-- in lighter moments!