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Fresh1027: #OnTheList with Xtine: 7 Musicians Who Don’t Suck at Acting #adamlambert

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Posted at : Tuesday, August 16, 2016


There was never a question that Adam could act. All of his performances are very theatrical. He was fantastic in Glee. Next up, following in the footsteps of Meatloaf, Lambert will play Eddie in the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, set to air October 20th on Fox. If there ever was a part he was born to play, that would be it. I think Lambert can pretty much do anything he sets his mind to and I guarantee we’ll keep seeing more and more of him. I’m sure we’ll keep hearing from him as well.

Link 7 Musicians Who Don’t Suck at Acting « Fresh 102.7  

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Dee R Gee said...

This is exactly what I've been saying! I oray b that RHPS opens some acting doors for Adam. He can do it!!!

Anonymous said...

All True! Every word That.

Anonymous said...

I just got sucked into watching everyone of Adam's Glee performances. So Worth Re-watching!!!

Nanbert said...

lollymop... haha ... the same thing is always happening to me, too! And they ARE worth re-watching. But it's like eating potato chips (or is it popcorn) --"betcha can't eat just one".

I think I like the "Gloria" song on Glee best. Adam was so good and so cute in that one-- with the two girls fighting over him to be their "best gay". I loved that hat jauntily perched back on his head. And his harmony was to die for!

But when he got angry with them, and scolded them for their bickering, he was absolutely convincing and natural in his acting.

Is there nothing that young man can't do? I could listen to/watch him all day!