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"Unofficial" Poster: Queen + Adam Lambert Tel Aviv, Israel Concert (9-12-16) By @CreativeSharka

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, September 11, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, September 11, 2016

Unofficial Poster: Queen + Adam Lambert Tel Aviv, Israel Concert (9-12-16)

By @CreativeSharka (On Instagram)

"UNOFFICIAL QAL POSTER 9/12 Tel Aviv FIRST QUEEN CONCERT IN ISRAEL Thanks to _swoosh14 (twitter) for pics #adamlambert @adamlambert #qal #glamberts #glambert #graphicdesign #fanart #edit #digitalart #brianmay #freddiemercury #queen #queenband #poster Info: I will do all posters for this QAL tour. Will be downloable on my twitter"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Rose Petal said...

This really has nothing to do with the poster although I think it's gorgeous and I'm excited for the concert and Israel. I haven't been here in so long I've kind of lost touch and I was wondering about JAK. My husband just keeps getting worse and worse and it never seems like I have read through th e comments anymore . But I got up thinking about JAK and all of my cyber friends here and wanted to say hi. So hello to you JAK and everyone else here hope you are doing well. I'm hoping to get back where I can come spend some more time here it's good for my heart and my soul.

Nanbert said...

Nice Poster!

Dee R Gee said...

Rose Petal! It's so great to hear from you again! First of al, I'm so sorry about your husband. A serious illness in the family sure puts many other things on the back burner. I'm sure I speak for other 24/7 friends as well as myself when I say that I hope for the best for him.

Adam is busy beginning the Queen tour. He's got RHPS coming up; he's doing the XFactor in Australia later this fall, etc. Hope you can find time to keep checking in here.

JAK has left this site for reasons that she gave a number of threads ago. Many of us miss her very much. She is so smart and fun and witty, and a great Adam fan. Hope she is still following him on a different site.

Nice to see you back!

Dee R Gee said...

And the poster is really great!

Rose Petal said...

Dee R Gee
Thank you for answering me . I have no words to express how sad I am to hear that JAK has left this site. Although I don't know her reasons I myself stayed away many times that had nothing to do with my husbands health. My very liberal views and dislike for so much speculation about Adams personal life put me at odds with several posters here. So I will see how things go ,peace and light to u.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been here for ages either. I have to admit to getting a lot of Adam info on my phone thru twitter. But I do miss everyone here. If only people could stick to facts and not speculate and go off into fantasy land things would go a lot smoother,
It is a shame for our Admin people they put a lot into bringing us this information, videos and photos.
Come back people give this another try.
So sad about JAK, I so enjoyed her input.

Anonymous8 said...

I have been a longtime fan of Adam's and just recently started following this fan site or any fan site. My browsing has been most enjoyable but I must admit that I have also been appalled by the level and degree of speculation, and personal invasion into Adam's life in some postings. JMO - I find it degrading to Adam, and particularly detest the justification that Adam is probably OK with it. I think we all know better. As with others - Peace!

Lucy said...

@ Rose Petal---I'm glad to see your post. I assure you JAK still considers you 'her girl'. I'm also a daughter she 'adopted'. Reasons similar to yours. I'm lucky , I know her 'in the flesh' and she has helped me leave many worries and troubles by the river. I'll tell her you asked about her. She's had a hard year too, husband had cancer surgery and she's really suffering with arthritis, that's where I come in. I help her get her new manuscripts on their way to her publisher.

I am sorry to hear about your husband, JAK and I will send our prayers for him and hold you in our hearts.

Lucy said...

I would like to add my dislike of the speculations about Adams personal life, his sexual liaisons or lack of them.
He's a real person and these things are none of our business. I imagine if he ever read any of these comments he would find them inane and asinine. He must wonder at the time spent digging up information about each person he has a photo with. How nosy can you get?
And I personally think fanfic does not belong on a site like this and yet there it is, again and again, thread after thread.
Aren't there sites for fanfic?

glitzylady said...

@Rose Petal
Great to see you again! PLEASE be a more frequent visitor! I've missed your thoughtful comments...

Please give @JAK my best.. I miss her and hope she can at some point feel she can come back here... She'll be welcomed back with open arms by the majority who have enjoyed her since way back when. I know why she left and I suspect she isn't the only one who has left under similar circumstances.. I'm one of the "helper" admins and I did let the blog owner and the other admins be aware of the unfortunate circumstances that led to her departure.. She had her reasons, as do most who leave for one reason or another.

I posted a comment in a thread awhile back and asked that fans of Adam Lambert who come here to PLEASE treat each other (and Adam too) with respect and kindness.

Re the comments by others here on this thread: I agree, we need to stop the speculation about Adam's love life, past, present & future.. Unless we know for sure that he has someone special, if he choses to share that information with us, his fans, fine.. Otherwise, let's keep it to a respectful minimum.. Just my 2 cents about that subject..

A reminder: This is a public fan blog: We need to remember that.. What we say and do here reflects on Adam and his faithful fans..

It's fabulous to have fun, be silly, enjoy each other's company, cheer Adam on in all of the ways we've been doing since 2009... Let's just do it! Adam keeps expanding his fan base, his reach, his career opportunities, and he just keeps getting better vocally and otherwise.. I cannot imagine not being here, chatting about what he's doing now and in the future.. and doing a little bit of nostalgic reminiscing too.. And..being a welcoming place for all fans of Adam's here on Adam Lambert 24/7 News is something I hope we can continue to be, far into the future..

Off my soapbox now :))))

Unknown said...

I too hate the speculation on Adam's personal life,the info dug up on every male he is photographed with and the "updates" on Sauli's life and relationship with Adam. I scroll a lot and bite my tongue most times. I like JAK a lot but does she really get to call someone a bitch and be welcomed back with open arms?

Unknown said...

And now after catching up I might as well add I am tired of the complaints about Adam's hair and clothing.

Nanbert said...

Unknown... I definitely see your (and others) point of view. I for one, definitely plan to comment less on Adam's personal life and/or love-life-- unless he volunteers information that appears to want a response/reaction. I feel that the less we say, the more he will reveal.

Also, I will consider grumbling less about Adam's hair and clothing-- although he may rather enjoy getting such responses... since so much of that is done to be provocative, isn't it? At the same time, Adam must want/need to "tune in" to his fans likes and dislikes in order to remain "relevant"...i.e. appeal to the most people---- because when all is said and done, he IS IN SHOW BUSINESS... he has come to realize and react to that IS a BUSINESS!

Also, Adam knows that TRUE Glamberts are most tolerant of whatever he does-- we "let him be himself"... but at the same time are honest enough to express our opinions about him that he needs to be aware of for the betterment of his career. After all, some things we complain about might be enough to turn away new or prospective fans! IMHO

Nanbert said...

P.S. In other words, Adam doesn't need a bunch of adoring, non-judgmental, vacuous "Yes-Men" (or Yes-Women) in his corner. I certainly hope (and feel certain) that is not so with his "people"(managers, etc.). Nor does he hang on our every word.

But we Glamberts have ALWAYS been BEHIND Adam during his wonderful career.... not being "pulled" by him... but behind and "pushing" whenever needed. He seems to know and value that. It's almost a "family" type of relationship.

I guess we just have to find the fine line between being loving "helpers" and nosy busybodies!

Lucy said...

@Unknown----Sept.12 at 10:55 PM

You needn't worry about JAK returning to the site. She knows the rules about being 'mean to each other' so after she had her say, she kicked herself off the site.

Why didn't Lam-my do the same when she was mean to a an innocent fellow member of the site?