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Adam Lambert Instagram: HALLOWEEN

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Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Bert was delivering pizza to a farm-house in a remote village. This was his part-time job during weekdays; he sang at a club on weekends. At his singing stints, he would dress up very well in suit and hat to match; during Halloween he would wear all kinds of weird fashions, make-up and hair-do, like in the picture.

Bert parked his motorbike outside the gate of the farm-house and rang the bell. A man came out and led him into his rather sparsely furnitured house. After collecting the payment, he got back onto his motorbike and went to deliver the rest of the pizzas. As he was leaving, he saw a shadowy figure on the wall of the house. He didn't think much of it but the shadow seemed to be following him. He looked around but there was no one, so whose shadow was that.
Anyway, he went on his way to do his deliveries, stopping at the next farm-house. He rang the gate-bell and got in. Something perplexed him greatly. The second house looked almost identical to the first one, including the man; perhaps they were twins living close-by. It was getting more strange by the minute and a chill ran down his he spotted the shadowy figure still following him. It was literally moving across the wall along the pavement which was quite run-down with potholes.

Soon, Bert reached home after a hard day's work. As he walked back to his apartment, he saw someone sitting at the stone-table at the recreational area of the block of apartments. This was not unusual as the neighbours often sat there to chit-chat. There was only one person as it was already past midnight; perhaps the lady with long white hair could not sleep and just came out for some fresh air or hopefully find someone to talk to.
Bert thought he could keep her company. Then, things took a strange turn. As he was approaching the block of apartments, he suddenly realised the lonely lady wasn't there anymore. He had goosebumps as he definitely saw the lady sitting at the stone table. While he was on his way to the elevator to take him to the 8th floor, the shadow reappeared against the wall; but there was absolutely no one.
Bert sensed something supernatural happening; he got quite uneasy and decided to call Saul, his best friend.


Hello Saul...I'm feeling kind of scared; could you come over and stay the night?

Hey's past midnight! Are you okay?

I'm feeling uneasy...I think a ghost is following me!

Huh? What? Just hang in there, I'll be over in a jiffy. Saul too was getting confused.

Bert waited patiently sitting at the stone table downstairs. He glanced around the surrounding walls; yea! the ubiquitous shadow is still there!

Hey! Bert ! Saul came from behind.

Bert jumped up in fright...he was at the end of his tether.
You scared the hell out of me Saul!

Boy, was he relieved to see good ole Saul and nothing more...sealed with a Halloween kiss!