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Adam Lambert Liked Sauli Koskinen IG Photo

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A photo posted by @saulikoskinen on

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Dee R Gee said...

Sauli looks absolutely terrific. He is so into the whole health and fitness thing. He seems to be doing very well with his career. He and Adam maintain a connection, for sure.

beeinabarn said...

I like Sauli, I like how they still communicate. Wish they would live closer to each other.

Artemis said...

Of all the men we've been shown that Adam is connected with, Sauli is my favorite. I wish he and Adam were still "together."

Lam-My said...

Helloo Sauli... long time no see; you're looking good and happy. Ah, I know why you are holding a tray of eggs. You know that's Adam's masterpiece recipe, Mean Omlet! lol! I think both of you are very good cooks. I remember writing a story about Bert and Saul running a sushi restaurant....How about that? Not a bad idea you know! And you and Adam can run on Runyon Canyon and then have a sushi party every week, when time permits.
Good luck Sauli! How is your father's garden coming along? You are such a filial son to help him spruce up his garden.

Anne Marie said...

As usual Sauli looks great, healthy and happy. He now has his own apartment and a career job as a personal fitness trainer. He also seems to advertise certain products, not sure if that is for Finnish TV or something. I appreciate that Adam still seems to keep tabs on him and continues to be his friend.

Lam-My said...

A short Bert and Saul unending 'tale of two cities'...


Hello! Is that you Bert?

Yes, what's up Saul?

Today seems like a good day to jog round the Canyon. How about it?

Oh so sorry a rehearsal to take care of.

Well, how about tonight...sushi?

Still no... my Original High tour is onto its second leg; lots of new preparations to make.

It's all right then. Take care dear.

5 minutes later...

Prrrrrrr... What's that? Oh my goodness, it's Saul in his helicopter right above my roof!

Hey Bert, want to go for a quick helicopter ride?

Saul Saul wherefore art thou...Saul

Soon Bert and Saul were swirling around the Grand Canyon...Wow! that's breathtaking; Bert looked longingly at Saul.

Well, Saul piloted the helicopter and took Bert to his Original High venue in Nevada. He landed on the helicopter-pad, and together walked hand in hand across the desert sand. Soon after, Saul was seated right upfront in the concert arena of 5000 cheering Bert on and Bert's energised high notes soared.

'...Another day another lonely night...I would give anything to have you by my side...Another day another looonely night...

Bert's high note hit the roof like never before, pointing at Saul, throwing him a flying kiss...lwl!

Lam-My ~ February 22, 2016 at 7:58 PM

Nanbert said...

I have always admired the strong friendship between Adam and Terrance... of many years duration. I have no idea that it ever involved any romance... probably not... but they seem to be very compatible and comfortable with each other. Such a friendship can last a lifetime, and is a precious thing.

Adam does not seem to be lacking friends... wherever he happens to be. He has such a delightful personality... charming...and real!