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Adam Lambert Sings Queen's "I Want To Break Free" With X Factor AU Contestant Harley Vass

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, October 9, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, October 09, 2016

Adam Lambert Sings Queen's "I Want To Break Free" With X Factor AU Contestant Harley Vass

Screen caps above (by @glitzylady) from X Factor AU Official Video clip, 
with Adam Lambert & Harley Vass

Adam Lambert, judge & mentor on the X Factor Australia this season, dueted with contestant Harley Vass, who had chosen to perform the famous Queen song "I Want To Break Free". Adam, who is the current frontman for the iconic band Queen, was asked to sing along.. He modestly and very graciously obliged. And of course, was perfect! Fun segment from the latest episode of X Factor AU.

LINK TO X Factor AU Official Video:
Harley Vass Sings 'I Want To Break Free' By Queen

Note: It would be BEST to listen via the OFFICIAL LINK above, a direct link to the official X Factor AU video. But if you are unable to view, most of the segment is embedded in the tweet from Adam Lambert Daily (below)

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...

I have been listening to this a dozen times, it just blows you away, how good Adam is. Good promo for him too, there probably were a lot of people who either forgot about how good he is, or saw him sing for the first time, and checked him out. Also most likely the first time the other judges had heard him live and personal. I read that this is a clip from the show, and he did get a chance to warm up, that we did not see. I have never heard him sing, without a warm up, it's not good for his voice to do that. But what a great segment to the show, and obviously the audience loved it.

Dee R Gee said...

Not only had Iggy and Guy probably never heard Adam sing so up close and personal, but I'll bet there were many in the studio audience and many home viewers who probably had never heard Adam sing. And boy, did they get a treat! I love how this little performance has really hit the media. Twenty seconds of absolute HEAVEN! He just blew them all away. There were some tweets I read from people who said, "I forgot how good he is!" or "I didn't know he was THAT good!" All of this is fantastic marketing for Adam.

Someone posted on another site that the moment Adam got on the stage to sing IWTBF, the atmosphere changed for mono to stereo. What a perfect way to say it!

Catharine Sloper said...

Yes, I thought Adam did such a great job with the song and he also made Harley Vass sound good as well which is what he always does with his duets. He is so gracious and accommodating when it comes to supporting his fellow artists.

Marion M said...

He totally knocked it out of the park! Blew me away, even though I know what he is capable of.^^

Some say he did this not warmed up some say he got a chance to warm up. Taking vocal lessons myself I would dare to state, that he can do this without warm-up. On the other hand I don't think that TV is as spontaneous as it likes to seem.
Also from what I gathered at a couple occasions, that he doesn't like to be put on the spot with singing. Everyone will start to ask to hear a verse or line of something.

@Anne Marie: Here's a interview with a La radion sation he talks about push-ups, hicking runyon, a "zap-line", new house, that he hates cats (which gave me total FEELS since I don't like 'em either) and he gives a line of the original high at 3:50...

...also I found this on the way!

...and yes the media buzz is AWSOME!!!

Didn't he repeat a line back to a contestant on I think it was the second Episode of X-Factor and the audience cheered?

Also: a little of topic but did anyone else celebrate when he called that one girl hot?^^

Anne Marie said...

If the X-Factor AU is anything like US shows, they do have commercial breaks, he could have been able to warm up then. Being that this was being televised my guess is that he was warmed up. Don't they know before the contestant performs, what they will sing. This looked like he did it on the spot, but TV makes things look like what ever they want. This is only a clip from the show, I wish someone who was there could say, but I don't think they can until it airs. Adam really protects his vocal chords, he didn't insure his voice for $48 million and then take chances. He could have warmed up before this guy sang, he didn't really look very surprised when Guy asked him to do a duet.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I thought ADAM was both surprised & kinda sheepish when Guy asked him to sing ... just like when Harry C. Jr asked him to repeat his audition when he guested as substitute judge on AI ... this didn't look pre-arranged to me ... however ... ADAM showed them how it's done!! He's my Pavarotti of Pop/Rock!! NO ONE else can Top him!! JMO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Allysa Mentor said...

His perfection is so effortless

Kathy said...


Unknown said...

Adam has sung a couple of times without warming up and all the comments have been how amazing he is without warm up and still spot on key.

Linda said...

That's how it's done, Adam!! Wasn't his voice spectacular? Don't mean to put down the contestant, but really .... who can sing like Adam??!!

lollymop said...


Kath said...

They cut the best part at the end when Harly said "that would be a YES!"

Anne Marie said...

We heard the response from Guy about Harley Vass, that he didn't think he was ready yet, but did Adam and Iggy say anything? We know he didn't go through. Just wondered what their comments were if any.

Nanbert said...

Loved watching Adam blow everyone away with that.

BTW, did anyone notice that "newsprint" outfit Adam had on? .... It had a big "A" printed on the right front chest? Makes me think it probably was a special printing just for him.