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Pattaya Mail: Mott the Dog: Queen & Adam Lambert rock the Impact Arena

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, October 15, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, October 15, 2016

How was this going to turn out?  This was Queen’s third tour with Adam Lambert (let’s face it after the tours with Paul Rodgers anything had to be an improvement.  All fine players but if ever there was a mismatch.  Who can remember the album they made together?  The Cosmos Rocks 2008)

While Queen obviously had the songs to cover all bases, could they still cut it?  From one point of view there was a lot stacked against them.  The two remaining original members of the band are now closing in on 70 years old.  Then there is the selected lead vocalist, who although half the age of the other two name grabbers in the line-up had after all only come second in the 2009 American Idol show.  And backing those three up were two fine but journeymen musicians, plus the drummer’s son on percussion.
The Bangkok weather and traffic did not exactly help either.  A tropical storm blowing over the Impact Arena two hours before the show resulted in gridlock outside and caused the concert to be delayed by nearly an hour.  On the plus side it allowed many latecomers to buy last minute seats and eventually sell out the venue to its full 11,000 capacity.


Mott the Dog: Queen & Adam Lambert rock the Impact Arena

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Nanbert said...

Stupid review!!!! It discussed everything about the QAL concert but Adam's contribution! All of the comments after the article remarked on the same thing. Only mention of Adam is that he was on AI. Unbelieveable... actually outrageous... insulting. What could have been in that writer's mind?

I'm really sorry I read that!

glitzylady said...

I was a bit discouraged to read this review also, although to be fair, the reviewer did post a great photo of Adam, with a (very small) notation under the photo..

I thought it was odd that every member of the band was reviewed and commented upon, with the exception of Adam, other than in the title of the review and the one lone sentence under the photo.. But better than nothing I suppose.. It's almost as if the author left out a paragraph somewhere.. Seriously!

The notation under Adam's photo:

"Adam Lambert gave a fine performance as lead singer with the band."

I don't feel that it was insulting per se, because what the author DID say about Adam was positive, but very brief.. I'm surprised he didn't have more to say about Adam's "fine performance"..

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

That's okay ... ADAM's Glamberts made up for the writer's obvious dismissal of anything ADAM so phenomenally did & the videos speak for themselves on YTube!!! Don't shoot me but I gave him/her? what-for also mentioning ADAM in caps like I always do!! I'm so frustrated mingled with furious bewilderment about this Lousy review ... IMO!! I hope the rest of ADAM's fans go there to comment!! This is one article that 'begs' MORE information!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

I left out the paragraph at the end in my comment above which also mentions Adam:

"Queen and Adam Lambert were a sensation. Without doubt the best show by a foreign band in Thailand in the last thirty years. This was Queen’s last gig of a very lengthy world tour. There are no future tours booked, but let’s hope it’s not their last."

I do think he could have said a little more about Adam: being a fan of Adam's I always LOVE to hear positive & enthusiastic reviews of his vocals, his performance skills, his charm & humor and humility.. but I do appreciate what the author did say about him.. More would have been even better!!!!! Awesome review of QAL overall... we just needed more of an Adam Lambert as Queen frontman review!!!! But we know he's the best!!!

lollymop said...

The good news here is that Rufus got more press than he normally does.

fluttsp said...

A well-rounded review. The author reviewed everyone in the band.

Dee R Gee said...

I think it was a very positive review overall. Some reviewers have found it hard to give Adam lots of individual praise for the QAL. I think sometimes it's an ingrained and deep loyalty to Freddie. But this reviewers did say that Adam did a really great job. He just didn't go into individual songs like some reviewers do. He seemed ot really like the show!