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Adam Lambert mention: Rocky Horror Picture Show -People Picks, (People Mag-Oct 24 2016)

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Lam-My said...

Here is my version of time warp...I used this term in my story unaware of its connotation in the Rocky Horror movie.

Bert was driving along a lonely stretch of road. Suddenly a road sign with arrows, caught his attention... >> Ghost Town.
Bert being the curious type, wanted to find out why it was named Ghost Town. He drove his beautiful white car into the inlet which seemed nice and sunny, a little bumpy. Soon he got into the estate; he looked around...rows of neatly-lawned houses with spick and span driveways, vintage cars parked outside.
Bert drove on hoping to meet someone as he was feeling a little hungry and wanted some directions to a restaurant for a tasty meal. He looked left and right and he drove further into the estate.
He felt something strange about the whole place, neat rows of well-kept houses yet he could not see a single person walking along the road. So he decided to park his out to visit one of the homes. The doors were all ajar; Bert's first thought was the people here were very trusting and so he got in front of an artistically-painted blue house; looked in and called out:
Hello! Hello! Is anyone there?... No answer...he walked in and still found no one. He walked up a red carpet to the upstairs rooms.
Bert was sensing something really out-of-this-world. He looked around, the house seemed well-kept, the beds all had clean bed-sheets, he even looked into the toilet, spankingly shiny.

Bert got back to his car and decided he would look elsewhere. Ahh finally, he found someone...sitting by a pond gazing intently into it. Bert got out and briskly walked towards the man who was gazing at the lovely orange and white Koi fish swimming gracefully in the clear water. He walked up and greeted the well-attired gentleman:
'Good morning sir ! They sure look beautiful, don't they?'
The gentleman didn't respond, not even aware Bert was standing next to him. Bert then gave him a tap on his shoulder.
'Whoa! What was that?'...Bert blurted as he didn't feel anything ! as if the man was a hologram!
He knew something was quite different and got scared; right about turn...he ran back to his car. He was panting and sweating, not knowing why. He collected his composure and then a thought came to him.
'Am I dead...' He pinched himself...well, he felt a sensation...Thank goodness! Bert thought.
He had had enough...he drove desperately back to the road entrance, just a short distance from where he drove in.
Lo and behold, he seemed to be driving round and round in circles ! like trying to get out of a maze. He stopped his car...calmed his nerves and then tried again. In vain, he was making no headway. He banged on the steering-wheel hoping that might change things.

Beeeeeep...What now?
'You are trapped in the wrong time zone...' a voice echoed from the outside. Bert wound down the car out hastily to see if someone could direct him to the entrance.
Goodness gracious! It was none other than the hologram man...staring at him, smiling. Bert retreated and quickly got back into his car. Now, he was even more determined to find the entrance signboard. He stepped on the accelerator and that worked! His gleaming white car sped up a slope and screeched to a halt onto the main road. Yes, he made it out of >>Ghost Town Road.

As Bert drove on, rather relieved from his ordeal, he saw a white car just like his; all bashed up! He checked the number plate...oooh-la-la it was the same as his car's ! And what's more, an injured man was lying by the roadside. An ambulance paramedic was carrying out resuscitation on him. It became quite eerie as he got closer to the scene of the accident...that man was him! wearing the same shirt and black tight leather pants.
A cold chill scuttled down his spine...Bert pinched himself again. Continue...

Lam-My said...

Hello! Bert! Where are you? Remember, we are supposed to meet at the sushi bar?
Bert suddenly snapped out of this weird sensation of a time warp! Boy, wasn't he glad Saul called. He wasn't dead after all !

I've often wondered whether it's confusing at one's point of death as the spirit leaves for another realm; how/what/where.
People seemed to have returned from their death experience, like floating above their body and then waking up on the operation table.

Lam-My said...

By the way, I still do not know what 'Let's Do The Time Warp' is. lwl!