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The X Factor Australia 2016 - Judges categories! #AdamLambert

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Posted at : Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Anonymous8 said...

As talented as they are, Adam has the most difficult group to develop. Most are incredibly young ( a few under 16??), and as Adam alluded to - no life experience, nothing to draw on, probably not used to coaching or constructive criticism, at fragile stages of their lives. He will have to relate to them on a whole new level, I am guessing lots of babysitting and hand holding.

Anonymous said...

Yes totally agree, Anon but I think he will be a good mentor all the same, don't you think. Exciting aye. We have to wait till Saturday night to see the show on TV in NZ then they show it all at once so its 3 shows ( I think ) I do get to see snippets on line of course to keep me going.
Does anyone think Adam will sing with he other judges or his people at any time. Maybe the finale I know with the Voice they do, but can't remember about XFactor.

Lam-My said...

I think the Winner will most likely come from the over-22; because like Adam pointed out, there is more experience for them to draw from. Art depends quite a lot on one's background experiences which nurture the artist. Adam should be given this group to draw his expertise, techniques, charisma. But I'm quite sure the other two judges who I don't know, are highly competent. The way Adam just belted on the steps of the stage in an almost impromptu demonstration is mastery without which it can't be achieved so flawlessly.

Anonymous8 said...

Absolutely jaycee, Adam will excel and make the unders feel challenged and supported at the same time. With his incredible knowledge and communication skills, I will expect that the young ones will always look back at this as one of the greatest experiences of their life.

LTA said...

Adam will push these young ones for the better for sure!!!:) Focus and thinking ahead are the best combination in my opinion!!:)