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USA Today: Review & Interviews "'Rocky Horror' time-warps to a new generation" Adam Lambert, Laverne Cox

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USA Today Review & Interviews: "'Rocky Horror' time-warps to a new generation" with Adam Lambert, Laverne Cox, and other cast members

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EXCERPTS from the much longer article/review/interview(s)
But those behind the project, scheduled just in time for Halloween, knew obstacles awaited in re-creating the Time Warp 41 years after the film's release. For decades, midnight performances of Rocky Horror have been a pop-culture mainstay, with fans queuing up in boas, garters and heels. To date, the film has raked in $112 million at the box office.

Photo from the USA Today article: 
Ryan McCartan, Victoria Justice and Adam Lambert are all in for 'Rocky Horror' antics. 
(Photo: Steve Wilkie, Fox)

Adam Lambert "Eddie" Quotes from the article:
"I was about 19 or 20 and I went to a screening," says Adam Lambert, who takes over for Meat Loaf in the role of doomed gearhead (and Frank-N-Furter foe) Eddie. "I dressed up like a freak and had a great time," he laughs.
Rocky Horror has long been viewed as a haven for individuality, and the remake embraces the campy, subversive themes that made the original (a box office dud in 1975) a lasting sensation. “The thing that’s so brilliant about it is, you sit and watch it and you realize it was pretty shocking for its time,” says Lambert, an American Idol finalist who initially connected to "the glam of it all. I loved the message, sort of like, 'This is me, and I can be anything.'"
Discussion of the terms matters, and Lambert is comforted by how far we've come. "If you look at the past five years, our country’s been through a really great education on what trans is," he says. "People’s eyes are opened and people have been educated, and it’s wonderful."
Lambert calls reworking the gender of Rocky Horror's central character "a really interesting twist. The movie is such a cult classic that you run this tightrope between paying respect to the original and also coming up with something new. And casting Laverne was a brilliant choice in creating a new context for the character, and one that feels socially responsible."

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Dee R Gee said...

Love those steam punk goggles! Adam looks hot and dirty and smoldering and deliciously trashy. Just like Eddie is supposed to be. Can't wait till Thursday!