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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Happy Birthday @whoisjohnnyrice !!!!!! Miss u!!

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Posted at : Saturday, November 05, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

Adam like Sauli's IG again, wonder if he is planning to meet up with him, when X-Factor is over. I don't think Adam needs another vacation though, this gig is just pure fun and it is everything he loves. He is helping and mentoring some young people to get their careers established, if he can. He seems to love OZ too. The weather must seem like home from home, it appears to be like CA. I am sure he is having fun with friends and doing some clubbing and shopping. A really nice gig, in front of cameras, relaxing and paid well too.

Lam-My said...

Hello Johnny Rice, Happy Birthday! Saw you live at Star Theatre; I like your supple dance moves...performing Fever with Adam and Terrance. You three have great stage chemistry.

Hello Anne Marie...chief updating officer! So Sauli and Adam have not called it total quits; that's wonderful news, so I can write more daring Bert and Saul stories. lol!
Actually, they both complement each other, such as in a business venture and from there something may blossom; working together brings people closer because they need to learn how to trust each other and the rest will materialise.

Lam-My said...

Unending love story
Well, how about set it free
Kindle it further under the yum-yum tree
Or take a trip to Hawaii
The beauty of sunrise, sunset
Will set your minds at ease
To fathom each other more deeply
This is the right time, not so busy
Queen is taking their hiatus high-tea
How about embarking on a viking spree
To the Baltic Sea
Throw a few kisses to the breeze
You'll never know what the catch is until
To be or not to be...Adam and Sauli