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Adam Lambert Tweeted: VOT VOTE VOTE!!!

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Posted at : Tuesday, November 08, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

Yes I watched the debates, and it was both candidates slamming each other. I think the American people voted for change, more than voting for Trump, plus a percentage don't want a woman president.

Anonymous said...

Annie Marie, you are going to be horrified when you find out Trump winning means you lose just like the rest of us.

Catharine Sloper said...

I think people have not been paying attention to the kind of hate that has been growing and growing over the years towards Jews, towards minorities, and towards women and folks with disabilities. I feel I have personally dealt with it in my advocacy and then when I have tried to report it in my writing and in my conversations with other people, they just find it so hard to believe. But this is not a surprise to me because when I have gone into the court system and spoken to people about what is going on the blatant bigotry is right out there.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe Adam. Make Australia your home.

Unknown said...

I fear for women's rights, LGBT rights, minority rights and for the safety of the Muslim community.

I fear for the safety of the world with such an easily provoked person as president.

The super rich are just going to get richer too. Wall Street and the banks will be able to destroy our economy again.

I can't believe what is happening. I never thought hate would win.

Desperately hoping for a recount that changes how it looks right now.

Tears for the future of our country.

Unknown said...
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Nanbert said...

Unbelieveably sad...ashamed...terrified for our country....for the world!

Marielle Linthorst said...

My commiserations. To the world indeed. We've had our share of idiots but they never get more than a minority of the votes.

Jean Renard said...

WOW, what a night! I have been away from this site for, I think, about eight months but, this is a very special night and I wanted to comment. I finally believe with this tremendous victory that justice has been delivered to the American people. When a society has put such a criminal as Hillary Clinton on such a high pedestal, only an incredible win as this can deliver JUSTICE. We deserve this justice and I pray with all of my heart that President Elect Donald Trump will finally start to address the severe problems of the United States. He must drain the swamp of the elite monsters that overtook our political system, blatantly lied to Americans, and ran their own private government of corruption. I have tonight cried tears of joy for this gift from heaven..........I know Adam is an unhappy camper at this time but, he will get over it. None of us can always be the winner. And, oh, BTW Glamberts, I am a Democrat! I will sign off now, and like our friend and ex-fellow Glambert, JAK, I will not be back. LAM-MY, I miss you but, I had to leave. I still love Adam with all my heart, and, I only came back tonight because I knew hate speech (hate speech that drove me away) would be rampant on here, and I just wanted to finally be able to exercise my right to throw in a very last comment!!!! MARGARITA LADY

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

If you think Hillary Clinton is bad ... honey if Trump becomes the next President you aint seen nothing yet!! He has caused such a schism in this country like there has not been since the Civil War ... only it's not just internal problems this time!! Oh no ... the rest of the world is waiting to see what this Neanderthal has in store for us!! If he can't contain himself in a debate & encourages his supporters to result to violence & name calling during an election ... what do you think is going to happen when he insults some head of state from another more volatile country?? Look out world ... we are in a lot of trouble!! Mark my words ... I called it with Nixon ... I'm calling it again!! Heaven help the USA!! BIG FAIL!! I hope I'm wrong .. in fact .. I PRAY I am .. but I'm not feeling good about this ... at all!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Unknown said...

There was no hate speech, just sadness and fear, until Margarita Lady and Tess4adam.

There is do much division and hate already, can we please not bring it here?

Marion M said...

As one Muslim on Twitter put it: It doesn't matter who he votes for. The one candidate will harass the Muslims in the country and the other bombs his brothers and sisters in foreign countries.

That I think puts the difference on the spot. She would have been a foreign disaster and he will be more of a national disaster (Just my opinion)
Another difference is. She is predictable, same old...he is not, we will have to see
This election falls perfectly in line what we are seeing here in Europe where parliaments have been taking STRONG right-shifts in the last two years. (Poland, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain...). People are done with same old, with being fooled by corporations, by corporate media, by elite politicians etc. (what Anne Marie sayed)

I think the Democrats overplayed themselves in the primary. They have absoluteley NO reason to complain! Had they not rigged the primary and robbed Bernie Sanders of the nomination I think we would have seen a different outcome.

Allysa Mentor said...

I am heartbroken for this country, and devastated beyond believe. Taking the day off.

Dee R Gee said...

Political cartoon: White House flying the American flag at half-staff.

Dee R Gee said...

The two candidates "slamming each other" was a result of Clinton having to play defense against Trump's virulent attacks. If she had been running against any other Republican candidate who conducted himself normally, she would have engaged in healthy, constructive debates. But Trump hi-jacked all that with hate speech.

As for some voters voting for Trump simply because they don't want a woman President is sad beyond words. Shouldn't we have evolved past that deep prejudice by now? For some people, apparently not.

BTW, France's president sent a "congratulations" to Trump that was such faint praise, it was almost funny if it hadn't been so sad. Angela Merkel was a little more "accepting." I think world at large is saying a big loud WTF?

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Okay!! I'll admit I was harsh in my criticism of Trump but what else would you expect after reading about the way he & his supporters treated that 12 year old boy with cerebral palsy?? Trump ordering them to eject the boy just because he was anti-Trump. He didn't say anything .. couldn't speak ... only computer generated .. I assume he had a sign of some sort ... and Trump directing everyone to "GET HIM OUT"!! That's not hate speech ... only facts with pictures!! I don't 'hate' Trump ... I'm only concerned about his terminology when he speaks!! I don't hate anyone ... that's NOT my nature!! From here on I'll keep my comments to myself & I'll stay away for awhile until this all blows over!! GOD Bless America & watch over us all!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anne Marie said...

The country was divided almost in half, I am surprised. This has been the strangest presidential election in years. All we can do now is wait and see what happens, rarely does a president carry through what he promised during the debates. Hope there will be peace among the haters of each candidate. and there are many. Anger will get us nowhere. Lets still fight for our causes in each State, which we have been doing already.

Artemis said...

America, you get what you deserve in your choices. We now have all three branches owned by one party. No checks and balances. Totalitarian rule. Somebody is in for a very rude awakening when reality actually sets in. Whatever. The die is cast. The electoral college has spoken, and we don't know for sure yet what the popular vote is. I am sick at heart, but there is nothing more I can do but pray we will all come out of the next four years in one piece. The sun has set on the American empire and the next super power waits in the wings to become a leader in the world. Who will that be? May the American people hold on to their spirit.

Catharine Sloper said...

Adam, I'd stay in Australia for your own safety.

Anonymous said...

Artemis, you're more optimistic than me. I agree with all you say except four years from now we will see no election. We're done voting for our leaders.
Right now our only hope is that the electoral college does the job it was created for. It will not have spoken until sometime in December.

Nanbert said...

Saddest of all.... Hillary WON the popular vote!

I've always thought that the electoral college is an artificial measurement that is faulty. Here is proof!... again.

For the first time. our checks and balances will be ineffectual. We have elected a Dictator!

Not only does Trump have BOTH the House and the Senate (both Republican majorities now)
in his pocket... he will be able to appoint Supreme Court Justice/s that will effect our laws and lives for decades... there is one opening waiting for him to fill now, and three of the remaining members are in or near their 80's, and certainly will be retiring within Trump's 4-year term.

Dee R Gee said...

As much as I'm glad Hillary won the popular vote, even though she lost the election, I am still in favor of the electoral college. The purpose of it is to prevent the more "powerful" high-population areas from always getting their way every time in every election. That would be unfair to less-populated areas whose needs and wants might be different. They would NEVER have a legitimate voice if they were always outnumbered by the more populous states. It's a way to level things out more equitably. The founding fathers were pretty far-sighted about that. But it's really frustrating when the candidate you supported got the popular vote but not the electoral votes, due to the states they won or lost.

Unknown said...

There is some political science misinformation here that should probably be corrected.

The three branches of government are Executive (President, VP, Cabinet), Legislative (Congress which is House and Senate), and Judicial (Supreme Court and lower courts). All three branches cannot be held by one party as the Judicial branch is not determined by public election like the two other branches.

After the inauguration in January, the House and Senate (Congress) will be controlled by the same party as the President. That is only two branches. This has happened many times in the past, as recently as 10 years ago when Bush had a Republican controlled Congress.

Our checks and balances have not been removed and are not ineffectual. While Conress will still be in Republican control, Democrats will still hold enough seats to influence voting. Any people nominated for the Supreme Court will have to pass Senate approval.

Yes, Republicans will have more influence in the next two years but checks and balances remain.

As afraid as I am of a Trump presidency I continue to have faith in the Constitution, Congress and the Courts (lower courts are filled with many Democratic appointees) to maintain checks and balances and hopefully moderate any crazy things Trump may attempt.

Nanbert said...

Good point about the electoral college, Dee R Gee....I'll have to read up more about that.

Unknown, I don't agree entirely with you about the checks and balance, as it relates to the Supreme Court after this election. The president nominates a prospective Justice, and the house and senate votes on him/her. Since the Presidency is now Republican, and the House and Senate now have a Republican majority.....they can jointly nominate and vote in whatever Supreme Court Justice they want to. Democrats can disagree, but they don't have the majority.

So, in effect, as Supreme Court Justices are replaced, the Republicans will be in position to replace them with Justices who rule with Republican values, and wishes. True, they cannot control Supreme Court rulings, but they can just "stack the deck" with Justices who they already know will rule the way they believe and want.

Then, with one position open now on the Supreme Court and three ready to retire (at or above 80), you can be sure that that before the Trump presidency is over ..ALL THREE BRANCHES WILL BE HELD BY ONE PARTY....even though the Judicial Branch is not determined by public election.

That is simply a coincidence of....1. The Executive and Legislative branches both being Republican... at the same time as...2. One, and more likely Four Supreme Court Seats become available. Unfortunately, the constitution does not provide for such an unlikely situation.

Lam-My said...

Helloo Margarita Lady! My dear 24/7 friend! Sooo happy to hear from you...I had been wondering if you'd drop by after the Elections because you left due to the controversies. But there is no reason why you can't continue dropping by when you have some free time. I like your open-mindedness very much and you see things in a wider perspective.

Well well well my supposed psychic ability didn't waver from the get go on a Donald Trump win! though I didn't see such a clean sweep. Not sure why, but couldn't feel a Hillary Clinton win at all! even when the initial polls pointed to that direction. I commented a few days before the Elections that if Hillary Clinton won, then it might be almost the first time my psychic crystall-ball crashed. lol! However, I have great respect for both Leaders! They are unique and brilliant!

Hey, Margarita Lady...There is no reason why you are not come back! Miss you a lot! Thanks for the Hi!

Lam-My said...

Should be... 'coming' (last line). You see, misspelling means I want you to come back. lwl!

Unknown said...

Nanbert, I see your concerns. I have been reading a lot to see if my concerns are valid and to see what is likely or not likely to happen with Trump as President. That has been very helpful to me.

The following article is an interview with a law professor regarding the Supreme Court. (BTW only the Senate confirms appointees.) It takes 60 votes to confirm an appointment and the Republicans will only hold 51 seats. The professor also thinks it is unlikely three of the judges will want to retire in the next four years, two because they won't want Trump to have an appointee.

This article is about the resistance Trump is likely to face from Republicans in Congress on various issues.

I think you made a couple of assumptions that aren't foregone conclusions. I hope the articles helped in that manner. It is very unlikely all Republicans will fall in line to vote everything Trump wants. He is likely to be blocked on any spending bills due to conservative Republicans. He is certain to face resistance from several Republicans who have been vocal about not supporting him as well as from Democrats. It is not for certain that Trump will have a shot at four Supreme Court nominations. Hopefully the Justices won't have health issues. One appointment is very unlikely to change the makeup of the Court and it's decision splits.

Just a bit of semantics, the Judicial branch can never be Democratic or Republican; it is liberal or conservative. It has become more "partisan" recently due to how judges are selected but it is not a partisan branch.


Lam-My said...

This is just a layman's summation:
If Donald Trump actually strikes up a good working relationship with Russia who already has a good working relationship with for the first historic time, these 3 Super powers will rule the world together and may actually create a more congenial, positive atmosphere for the whole world; rather than the present political climate of suspicion.

Dee R Gee said...

Some people say that the electoral college is an anachronism, very outdated, and should be tossed out in favor of going with a pure majority vote of the people. That could very well happen at some point. Neither method is perfect. It is so frustrating to have your chosen candidate lose the election but still win the majority of popular votes. I don't think Trump would have been very happy if it had happened to him. ("rigged"). LOL

Nanbert said...

Recent news has stated that 49% of eligible voters did NOT vote!!!

Since the popular vote was almost equally split between Clinton and Trump ... Clinton only ahead by 1%.

That means (in round numbers).....1. Only 50% of Americans voted
2. That leaves 50% of available votes to be counted
3. Each candidate recieved half of the 50% balance (25%)
4. Trump was elected on 25% of the vote!!!
I repeat --- ONLY 25% OF AMERICAN VOTERS VOTED FOR TRUMP!!!!! Unbelieveable!

Nanbert said...

BTW, Unknown, Thanks for the articles...and your very informed comments. I must have known it at one time, but at 83 it's hard to resurrect my political science memories. I appreciate you reminding me that only the Senate confirms Supreme Court appointees... requiring 60 votes to pass, and the Republicans, though in the majority, only hold 51 seats. Thank goodness the Democrats still have some say in it!

Yeah, I know at least a couple of the Justices have been "hanging on" until more favorable circumstances arrive.... and might make it for 4 more years... but what if Trump wins a second term? That's inconceivable! But so is the fact that he just won now!

I am still stunned by the realization that Trump won with only 25% of the available voters!!!!

Lam-My said...

If Donald Trump won by 25% of those who voted, as stated above, then it would be about the same if Hillary Clinton won, because the results were close, almost half/half.

I have another perhaps more accurate scenario:

The last electoral vote ended with Donald Trump 290 ... Hillary Clinton 232 as reported; 270 being the basic required number to win the Elections.

290 + 232 = 522
To calculate % win based on electoral votes for Donald Trump ... 290 / 522 x 100% = 55.55%
Donald Trump won by 60% of electoral votes.

Lam-My said...

Updated results of electoral votes: Donald Trump 306 ... Hillary Clinton 232

306 + 232 = 538

Donald Trump's % win : 306 / 538 x 100% = 56.88% ... won 57% of the electoral votes.

Nanbert said...

Apples and oranges...

The popular vote counts the actual number of people who voted....

The electoral vote counts the state that the votes came from -- and the most votes for a candidate in that state is awarded all the electoral votes in that state...the number of electoral votes per state depends on the population of that state.

The candidate who wins the most electoral votes wins the election...and in most cases they also win the popular vote.

But not always. I read that there have been five cases (including this one) in all where the winner of the electoral vote has has not won the popular vote. Bush vs. Gore is the most recent one.

It all depends on WHICH states were won -- some a have higher number of electoral votes.

In this 2016 election, Trump won the election by 74 more electoral votes than Clinton.... but Clinton actually received over 1 million MORE popular votes (by latest reports).

In effect, Trump and Clinton pretty much split the votes -- so they each average close to half of all votes cast. But since ONLY 49% of all eligible voters in the country actually voted, that means that each candidate averaged only about 25% each of the voter population!!

Interesting historical note re: electoral vs. popular vote.... In the 2012 election (Obama vs. Rhomney)-- when it appeared that Obama would win the electoral, but Rohmney would have a higher popular vote....Trump (a Rhomney supporter) was having a fit, and railing against the electoral system ...tweeting on Nov. 6, 2012 (11:45 PM).."The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy"!!! Eventually Obama won both votes in 2012.

It's ironic that four years later Trump won the presidency under the same rules he was railing against in 2012!!!!

Lam-My said...

Latest Popular Vote result:

"a razor-thin difference of 233,404, or rather 47.7 percent for the former secretary of state to 47.5 percent for the new president-elect, CNN and CBS News show."

A difference of... 0.2 % points...only.

Nanbert said...

Wow... I'm amazed to see the numbers keep changing! There are still 14 states where the results are not all in!

As of 4:03 A.M. EST, CNN, the popular vote stands at:

Clinton --60,467,245 -- 47.7%
Trump ----60,071,650 -- 47.4%

Nanbert said...

I guess the only reason Margarita Lady came back "after 8 months" was to gloat over the fact that Trump won the election.

I don't know her, or anything about her -- but it was obvious that she took a perverse pleasure in rubbing it in.

Whatever turns her on -- but a lot of us are hurting here -- and I don't find that a very classy or Glambert-y move on her part.

Just saying!

Boy,she's going to get CHANGE, like the rest of us. Be careful what you wish for, ML!