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New/Old Zodiac Show (2003 or 2004) "Adam & Eve Finale": Adam Lambert, Alisan Porter, Scarlett Cherry et al

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, December 2, 2016

Posted at : Friday, December 02, 2016

The Zodiac Show just posted  (on Dec. 1, 2016) this video from 2003 or 2004 on their official You Tube Page. The performers include Adam Lambert, Alisan Porter, Scarlett Cherry and many other Zodiac show regulars. The show was produced by Adam's close long time friends Lee and Scarlett Cherry.

"The Zodiac Show. Adam and Eve. Finale. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To be Free. The Zodiac Show" 

Description of the video: "Found this in the archives. 2003? 2004? I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free. Feat. Scarlett, Ali, Allan, Adam."

Watch this newly discovered gem below!!! 

The song: "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

I love all the pre-Idol Adam stuff. He was SO crazy and open and free about himself (and still is!). Love this Zodiac finale. He got to be so creative with his onstage persona. He met the Cherrys at Zodiac and remained close friends with them, not to mention being the godfather to Riff. And then that voice, that voice! Hard to believe that Idol was just a few years beyond this. He has really had a lot of rich, professional experiences in his life. He takes risks, is unapologetic and isn't afraid to re-invent himself. I'm hoping for big things in 2017 that will lead to OTHER big things, and so on, and so on.

NickAckley said...

freaking amazing!!!

glitzylady said...

I believe Adam met Scarlett Cherry around the time he and she were cast in the European touring production of "Hair" in late 2002, early 2003, when Adam was just turning 21. Back when Adam had his ginger hair (then light blond, and finally dark brown/black by the end of the 6 month run of the tour) and Scarlett said they called him "Cherry Pie" because he was so sweet. And then they were later cast in the 2004 stage musical "The Ten Commandments" with Val Kilmer and Alisan Porter. Such an amazing circle of mega-talented friends..

Dee R Gee said...

Oops! You're right, glitzy. I forgot about "Hair" and "cherry pie." I love that nickname; it's still a perfect name for him. I wish we had video of more of Adam's pre-Idol theater work: Brigadoon, Hair, Grease, etc. I know we have a little audio and a snippet of video here and there, but not much else. I would LOVE to have seen Adam as one of the guys in Grease. And of course, he would have made a gorgeous Danny Zuko. Thanks for the reminder about Hair.

Anne Marie said...

I am so glad Adam has matured out of that era, and so have a lot of his friends who were there with him. If he had continued in that style, I would never had followed him. His voice is so much richer now, that he is a little bit older. I love him being camp in his concerts, but not to the extremes he was in those days. JMO

Nanbert said...

Wow!... that was an impressive group of voices...but they kept drowning each other out. A bit too busy and disorganized for my taste... but certainly flashy.

I agree with you, Anne Marie, I'm glad Adam has moderated a bit. Even he has said that he has learned that "less is more". I also love his campness, but feel if he had continued to sing "at the top of his lungs" and at the highest range full-time, he might have ruined his voice by now. Now he takes good care of it...thank goodness.

Adam's voice is a beautiful, versatile, iconic instrument... a stradivarius of a voice! be cherished and cared for!

But that doesn't mean he can't take that side of it out for a "run" now and then! LOL

glitzylady said...

My thoughts on the Zodiac Show and Adam: It was fun, exciting, purposely over the top. I would have given anything to have experienced it live at least once.. I attended a similar show in another city.. It was so much fun.. Certainly not for everyone but what a HOOT!!!!!

One of the (many) reasons I was so enamored with Adam as we first got to "know" him is his unbridled joie de vivre.. And in this case, performing with friends, for people who appreciate something a bit out of the ordinary, with some truly talented singers/performers who dare to be a little different.

Adam has this innate natural ability, carefully honed over the years, to impress us on so many levels, in a variety of genres and settings.. He can be serious and gentle and quietly sing and bring us to tears on occasion.. And a minute later he can be wild & crazy, exuberant, loud & sexy..

His style has certainly evolved over the years, his technical skills, his range of vocal elegance & beauty, and control.. I love the Zodiac Shows, snippets, that we've had the honor to see and I really enjoyed this one as well. Each new glimpse of Adam over the years is a true gift..

An observation: recently my husband (also a big fan of Adam's) and I were watching a few of Adam's Idol performances from 2009.. What struck us as we watched was just how much he has matured as a vocalist and performer. Make no mistake, we were COMPLETELY in AWE of him then, and we instantly, from the first moment we saw him perform on Idol, knew he was clearly the best all around contestant on Idol Season 8: the best of the best. He's even more astounding now, going on 8 years later.

But again, this Zodiac Show performance is Adam being Adam, unfettered and enjoying himself to the max.. I suspect he wouldn't mind having the opportunity to do a show like this again, with his friends, and just letting loose once again.. And I wish I could be there to see him totally in his element.

Nanbert said...

Well said, glitzy lady... and for all we know, Adam may still do some of that in play with his friends... a bunch of artist/theatre types just jamming around!

But we all know he can sing any genre/type of music better than anyone... and convey an emotion with subtlety or fierceness with such sure instinct and impeccable technique.

However, I was "gorging" myself on some earlier interviews of Adam today, and the most comforting thing he said (more than once) was that he's more comfortable in his skin now, and more relaxed, less anxious, and doesn't feel he has to "show what he can do"with his voice anymore...and he'll always have enough work. That's freedom too!

ICU2;~}INVU4URAQT said...

This show along with others from his past are a part of his growth. All experiences comes growth and maturity, same in all aspects of life. I've so enjoyed watching him grow into the man/entertainer he is today and will continue to be. I too would have loved to see this live. So much to see, hear and experience.

Did anyone else notice Monte Pitmann in the background doing his thing? I have noticed you don't see him in Adam's circle of friends. Not that I'd expect you'd see all of his friends. But I seem to vaguely remember seeing a blimp of a mention in a article that their not on friendly terms anymore. I tend to so not believe everything I read so I have no idea if that remotely true.