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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Adam Lambert From American Idol to ‘Queen’ Frontman

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Posted at : Tuesday, January 31, 2017

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Lam-My said...

I can tell this 8-year real life story with enthusiasm and a fair amount of accuracy; the good, the bad and the destiny.
My very first glimpse of Adam was when all the S8 contestants gathered in a room to listen to the rules of the AI competition, that would be in San Francisco. They walked up onto the stage, could be the first cut, everyone looked about the same, casually attired. And then one stood out. I remember thinking: This one looks professional, some kind of band person; very tall with black outfit and boots. He smiled rather effervescently; didn't think much of it then.
The next time I recall, he was sitting in one of a row of chairs placed outside the audition room; he looked at the camera but the camera wasn't even focusing on him. lwl! Now, all the cameras are chasing him so much, he has to lie low. lol! He even hid behind pillars at a parking-lot (early days of Idol). The best one was a little ole landlady had to come to his rescue to shoo the paps; she specifically admonished them to leave Adam alone and scoot. lol!
But Adam, despite being chased, was largely kind to the paps because being once a poor boy himself, he could empathise their plight...other than the beach fight, mounting the pap to grab back the film in the pap's camera; he wouldn't have done that if the pap had stopped taunting and filming him lol!
When he finally got in front of the panel of 4 judges...well, the destiny unpretentiously unfolded, 'Mama...I killed a man...' first time I heard him sing. The first song was actually MJ's 'I wanna rock with you...' A flurry of argument arose when Simon said, Adam was theatrical and that made Adam suggest he would sing another song, Bohemian Rhapsody...that was it!

Lam-My said...

By the way, I was on tour in San Francisco, walked along the pavement on Gold Gate Bridge with my daughter; later, had a ride on one of those antique San Francisco trams on rails.
Ah, a rather traumatic occurrence smeared my romanticism of San Francisco. We were stalked by a burly man who sensed we were tourists and perhaps to get some fast bucks; scary when we were in a foreign place.
We kept crossing the road but he relentlessly followed. Finally, I decided to escape into a grocery store; and asked if we could use the loo. The Chinese man said something, relevant to this day. He said: 'Chinese okay, own people...' my first encounter with real racism. Thank goodness, after killing some time in the shop and buying a small bottle of apple-cider, we peeked to make sure the coast was clear and walked off in the opposite direction.

Lam-My said...

Should be Golden Gate Bridge.

The Dark Side said...

Sorry your experience in SF comprised by that creep. The City is my home town so I hope the rest of your experience a good one. I would have loved to have seen Adam audition but no longer reside in SF. Cheers!

Lam-My said...

Hi The Dark Side! I still think San Francisco is a lovely city! By no means would I judge a well-established city by just one incident that happened to me many moons ago.
I left my heart in San this romantic song.