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Fan Art! Adam Lambert Fashion illustration By creativesharka

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Sunday, January 1, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, January 01, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS




Nanbert said...

Sorry, but this does not work...on any level...IMO.

Anonymous said...

This drawing depicts the suit Adam wore at his New Year's Eve party. I also saw a photo of him in a jacket & jeans.

Anonymous said...

The suit is by dolcegabbana.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp...I know what it depicts. I also saw the same NYE photos as you. I'm saying that the drawing does not live up to a good fashion illustration, or a good representation of Adam... or simply a good piece of Art.

I would never have recognized it as a Creativesharka by its quality. Sorry...IMO.. it does not live up to the quality of work seen in the artist's finely executed Chibis or splendid posters.

Sorry if anyone is offended, but please look at it with a fresh eye... forget the need to defend the artist. No one hits a home run every time.

Understand me... just because I do not care for the Chibis, does not mean that I cannot appreciate the high quality of craftmanship that goes into them. It's the subject matter that just doesn't do it for me.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, the subject matter of the chibis is Adam or it revolves 'round Adam.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White... no offense... but just because they are"identified" as or about Adam does not make them any less stock cartoon characters seen in hundreds of other contexts by hundreds of other artists...cute, big eyed, child-like. I only see Chibis, not Adam. you can put any name (or clothes) on them that you want.

Yes, they are adorable. Yes, they are very beautifully executed by Creativesharka, as well as the artist's splendid Adam posters (which I'd like seeing lots more of on this site). But just because they are IDENTIFIED AS ADAM or "DRESSED" like him does not "charm" me the way it seems to most of the Glamberts. It's only a LABEL on a stock cartoon character to me.
I can't help it. I can't "make it happen" for me. I JUST CAN'T SEE ADAM IN THAT WAY. Somehow I seem to have to keep explaining I feel... defending myself because a particular piece of digital art doesn't "do it for me". Sorry.

On the other hand, recently a wonderful piece of art, a caricature of Adam dressed and posed in the chair where he sings "Killer Queen" appeared on this website. I loved it!
I would be happy to see something like that all the time. I see ADAM in it... it didn't need a label! It wasn't about a small, large-eyed child , but a real, living "grown-ass" man!

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, Adam follows CreativeSharka & "likes" her artistic "treasures" as do many, many other people.

To each his/her own.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White.... I know that, and respect everyone's enjoyment in them. But don't confuse the fact that I don't care for Chibis as being "unfaithful or disrespectful" to Adam or other Glambert's. There is no correlation between the two, but you somehow seem to connect them.

If you will read my comments about Chibis, you will see that I have always complimented the craftsmanship by Creativesharka in them, as well as the artist's wonderful Adam (and sometimes QAL)posters that I enjoy enormously.

And BTW, this original thread was started by my commentary on the Creativesharka fashion picture at the top, in which I felt and said "does not live up to the QUALITY of work seen in the artist's finely executed Chibis or splendid posters".

I still feel that way.... a personal opinion only... NOT disrespecting anyone who likes it...why should it even be considered as such? Creativesharka is a gifted artist, but am I required to like everything he/she does because Adam does. or you do? Am I a "traitor" or a "turncoat" if I don't? I don't even "like" EVERY painting by my favorite artist!!

I don't expect your art appreciation to be in lockstep with mine... or Adam's. That dosn't make you an "outlaw", a "traitor" or "disrespectful" in any way.