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Ryan Tedder Re Adam Lambert As Queen Front Man "Adam Is A BEAST Of a Singer And Front Man. Star"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, January 22, 2017

When Ryan Tedder "One Republic" was asked by a fan on Twitter what he thinks of Adam Lambert as a frontman for Queen (Queen + Adam Lambert), Ryan responded:

"Adam is a BEAST of a singer and front man. Star"

As we recall, Ryan Tedder was a writer on Adam's song "Sleepwalker" from Adam's first album "For Your Entertainment" in 2009, immediately following Adam's glorious time on American Idol, Season 8.

Watch the video embedded at the bottom of the page, from the Glam Nation Live Tour DVD/CD.

Photo: Adam Lambert & Ryan Tedder (photo credit unknown)

Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker (Glam Nation Live) 
Adam Lambert's Official VEVO Video

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Lynn Stierlen said...

I have the DVD of the tour. Sleepwalker is the song I listen to over and over and over. I think it is the best song on the DVD. I saw him live on the Glam Nation tour and when he sang this song, I actually started crying. There was so much passion in the way he sang. Incredible, just incredible and I would like to have this song released as a single. I want other non fans to hear this, then they will know what a true singer sounds like.

Anonymous said...

Sleepwalker is a BEAST of a song sung by a BEAST of a singer. I would love Ryan Tedder to write another song for Adam.

Mariana Anca said...

Sleepwalker is by far my favorite song among all Adam's songs. I truly regret that Adam did not follow up with subsequent collaborations with Ryan Tedder. I HIGHLY appreciate Ryan and I am 100 % sure they could have come up with brilliant music.

Nanbert said...

I think there was a poll not so long ago.... and wasn't "Sleepwalker" at or near the top of the list? It's certainly one of my favorites.

If an Adam-Ryan collaboration could produce another song with such drama and brilliance... I say, go for it!

Magiclady said...

I wanted "Sleepwalker" released as a single after WDWFM. I too feel it could have been a great follow-up single. It was my favorite after FYE.

On Trespassing I wanted Shady released as a single and on "The Original High" I can't believe they did not release TOH as a summer single.

Oh well, if I only was the one making the decisions on Adam's singles... (particularly 2nd singles)

Oh, and love Ryan Tedder. Every time I hear one of his hits, my body starts movin.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Shoshanna has said that there are a lot of surprises in store for us Glamberts ... maybe ADAM & Ryan collaborating on a song for his new album is one of them!! I really love Sleepwalker ... I even bought the single when it was released in Germany (I believe ... it was some time ago ... can't really remember exactly). I remember watching him perform it on Leno ... blew the roof off the house ... I squealed like a teenager ... I was so thrilled to see him get such a wonderful reception from the audience!! Ahh!! sweet memories!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Artemis said...

Sleepwalker is my favorite ballad on FYE, and I always thought Sony dropped the ball when they didn't release it as a single. I saw GN tour twice and he always delivered on that song.

Catharine Sloper said...

Such a great song. Seriously never get tired of it.