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Adam Lambert Tweeted: I'll be on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE @BravoWWHL w @Andy Cohen TONIGHT at 11

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Posted at : Thursday, February 16, 2017

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LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I watched it on TV tonight ... YES!! I finally got to see ADAM on US TV ... not here at 24/7 or Ytube!! I actually stayed awake & didn't miss it!! I think I need a hug or something for that accomplishment ... LOL!! I watched it but ... it was too short!! ADAM wasn't on long enough to satisfy my appetite ... two many people trying to fit too much 'stuff' in a half hour!! The show needs to be longer!! ADAM looked gorgeous as always ... loved his outfit .. hair & his Smile just lit up that whole place!! I hope we get to see another TV appearance soon ... maybe next time he'll perform ... but it was a fun show ... nevertheless!! OK!! Just call me 'nitpicker'!! LOL

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

Loved the show! Adam was his usual sweet, charming, witty, sexy self. So quick with a joke or comic aside. And pretty risqué in a few frisky moments. Thought the call-in questions from home were good. Wish he could have mentioned his own new music, though. I wish I had started watching This Is Us. It's a HUGE TV hit. I hope Adam gets a chance to do a TV show at some point. He'd be great.

Nanbert said...

Hugs, Lambert Outlaw!

I watched too... feel there was too little of Adam... too much else happening. But Adam was delightful, as usual...handsome, of course, and clever, naturally!

Hope he'll get some more TV appearances...that James Corden video went viral on Youtube... great ad for the coming QAL tour.

sweetietsd said...

I wish they had played a video of Adam singing with Queen. They showed a clip of this is us and the bartender's videos. Nothing makes as good am impression about how great Adam is with Queen as a video does.