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"Abbey Road Warrior" -"Pink Satellite Studios" Palm Springs Life - PHOTO: "Adam Lambert's Future Is So Bright.."

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Posted at : Friday, March 31, 2017

Adam Lambert recently (Feb. 2017) spent time recording at Pink Satellite Studios near Palm Springs, CA, (in the Joshua Tree area), co-owned by Spike Edney, musical director & keyboardist for the legendary and iconic rock group Queen, of which Adam has been a valued member & frontman since first meeting and performing with original Queen members Dr. Brian May & Roger Taylor at the American Idol Finale in 2009. 

In this new article, "Abbey Road Warrior" Spike mentions that he alerted Brian & Roger when he saw Adam performing on American Idol Season 8 (*see the selected quotes below). And of course, the rest is history! 

"Abbey Road Warrior" by Lisa Marie Hart LINK HERE

This article was published in "Palm Springs Life" today (3-31-17)

Adam Lambert, who is currently working on his 4th major solo album, and will tour with Queen again this year, in the US, Canada, and most recently announced by Dr. May, in Europe and UK, (more info HERE) is in one of the featured photos, captioned: 

"Adam Lambert’s future is so bright he’s got to wear shades as he takes in the view from the vintage Silver Streak trailer outside Pink Satellite Studios."

Adam Lambert at Pink Satellite Studios
Photo credit: David Blank

Screen cap/edited from the original photos close up by @glitzylady

*A few excerpts/quotes from the informative & extensive article linked above

The music scene’s latest hideout has hatched overnight 144 miles from Hollywood. Pink Satellite Studios sits on 10 private acres of secluded, Joshua tree–studded land. Its open expanse of pristine terrain looks out to Ritz-Carlton–style vistas. The moment your SUV limo chauffeur begins to question the driving directions, a silver bullet trailer glints in the sun and a hot pink house waves hello.
Co-founder Chris Haines knows all about that. To sit down with this 15-time Baja 1000 champion would be a dream for some. To sit down with counterpart and co-founder Spike Edney, musical director and keyboardist for Queen since 1984, would be a dream for the other half of the world. Two illustrious worlds collide inside their state-of-the-art recording studio.
Edney’s projects include forming his own all-stars group and preparing for the upcoming Queen and Adam Lambert tour. Fronted by Lambert, the American Idol front-runner-turned-platinum-artist, their summer tours have sold out arenas worldwide the last two years. Edney emailed his Queen bandmates from his Joshua Tree cabin the moment he saw Lambert on Idol. As a solo artist, Lambert is writing and recording for his fourth album. (The remote location goes hand in hand with Lambert’s aptly titled smash single “Ghost Town” on his latest album The Original High.) The new studio and the natural setting of the desert getaway were good medicine for a touring megastar and a muse for his new material.

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Dee R Gee said...

This place could be a match made in heaven for Adam. Lots of high-level talent here! Fingers crossed.

The Dark Side said...

that picture is a gem, would make a great album cover

Nanbert said...

What's especially nice here is that Spike Edney knows Adam's voice and capabilities inside and out -- there's not any "feeling each other out" like most people Adam has worked with.

I was surprised, and pleased, to read that Spike was one of the many Queen's friends who alerted Brian and Roger to Adam when he saw him on American Idol.....ANOTHER FULL CIRCLE in Adam's career!

I hope/believe that they will make music together that will only Adam's voice can!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I like Spike Edney ... I'm glad that he has taken an interest in ADAM apart from their QUEEN collaboration!! With this new project plus Nile Rodgers plus the upcoming tours with QUEEN in North America & even Europe & the UK .. the future looks bright indeed for our Golden Boy!! Can't wait for summer to get here ... hope I'm still here to bask in all this happiness with everything happening in my life too!!

Baby is right around the corner but having trouble making an entrance .. my granddaughter went for another sonogram this AM ... possible C-section .. she doesn't want it ... took her so long to recover from her first .. if that's not bad enough .. they told her breast-feeding is doubtful!! GOD give us all the strength to help as much as possible .. I feel so helpless & USELESS!! Please pray for her Sister Glamberts!! Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Very good news. I think Adam's album will be very special.I sense a Grammy

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw...don't worry...that baby will come when it's "done"! I think sometimes the expectations are incorrect...and the time is misjudged. And...of course sometimes they just like to hang in there a while longer!

My first grandson came two weeks early, and the second came two weeks late...same Mom...both perfectly healthy.