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Adam Lambert Liked 2 Photos on Instagram

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Posted at : Thursday, March 23, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Oooh-la-la! Pharaoh! I see your girlfriend misses you; she's sexy! So do you intend to do more than just sniffing like on the first date?

Lam-My, she is not my steady girlfriend just a close acquaintance.

Okay, doesn't it always start this way? lwl!

What breed is she?

It doesn't matter what her breed is; I love them all. My Daddy always says: All is love!

Pharaoh are so handsome; you give your Daddy a run for the money. Your ears are enough to mesmerise your Missy; even me for that matter.
Are you both going on another date?

Not sure yet; it depends on whether Daddy takes me to meet her. She lives close-by.

Are you anxious to sniff her up again?

Yea! Owooooh! She sends shivers down my er...down my er...


Lam-My, don't pretend, you know what I want to say.

Okay, I'll finish it for you since you're so courteous and shy...down my er...Hey, looks like I too am in a fix!

All right Lam-My, since you too are shy and courteous, I'll do the honours. Here goes: ...down my Cuckoo!

Not bad Pharaoh! You are quite a gentleman er gentledog!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to finish what I started...Owooooh

你好 ! ni hao .. 再见 ! jai jian .. Happy parktore!

What's parktore?

Pharaoh, parktore is what you are doing now! Dating.

Lam-My said...

拍拖 park-tore / courting / dating ...(Cantonese)

拍 park / side by side ... 拖 tore / hold hands

Marielle Linthorst said...

It might be a boyfriend ....

Lam-My said...

Marielle...Yea, perhaps that's why Pharaoh wasn't too excited. In fact he stood his territorial ground. lol!

Nanbert said...

Settle down, everyone, no chance for romance here.....take a good look, Pharoah is neutered.
Can't even tell about the other one from that photo...male or female? Either way, probably neutered too.

Dogs always sniff each other's privates and rears for identification, it's not ONLY sexual...but most of you dog-lovers/owners know that already.

Sorry to "rain" on everyone elses parade! LOL

Nanbert said...

i.e. ---it's strictly platonic!

Marielle Linthorst said...

They can still fall in LOVE even though they can't you know what, can't they :>).

Lam-My said...

Marielle...That's a brilliant ping pong shot! Hey where did the ping pong go? Under the table.
I was quite aware of Pharaoh's condition all this while. Aha, Pharaoh's sharp defenders!

Nanbert said...

Marielle...they can certainly be "best friends/buddies". Actually, dog don't "fall in Love" like people anyway.... but they DO "fall in Lust" when the female goes into "heat".

UNLESS that "lust part" has been removed, of course.....which is the case here.

Lam-My said...

"Don't assume that neutering or spaying your dog will put an end to all sexual urges. While the surgeries indeed reduce a lot of frustrating hormonal behavioral patterns, they don't actually get rid of all hormones. If you catch your fixed pooch in the act of mounting a stuffed animal, for example, he's not an oddity."

(From two expert veterinarians who wrote books...)

I found out about Pharaoh's background right from the beginning, it was reported on a couple of sites and the Rescue Home from which Adam adopted Pharaoh.
And so bearing that in mind, my conversations with Pharaoh circumvent that...still retaining the sexual component; try reading between the lines. Some things can be implied, without stating it outright. Never fails to be 3 steps behind; helluvan irritating!

Nanbert said...

Marielle.....Certainly neutered male dogs will periodically "hump" other dogs, people, cats, footstools, pillows, etc. but it is very indiscriminate -- and of course most owners who have had neutered male dogs already know that, as well. But, they are unable to ejaculate, or procreate, and in fact, seem to care little about what/who they are humping...just the sensation.

I had a neutered male wire-haired terrier who became "fixated" on one specific sofa cushion.. which we had to take with us whenever we travelled with him....just to keep him from humping the cushions of people we were visiting! Strangely enough, he played with the female next door almost every day, without ever showing any interest in humping her! Go figure!

Lam-My said...

Well, your original claim above was : "Settle down, everyone, no chance for romance here.....take a good look, Pharoah is neutered."
Of course, neutered dogs can't "ejaculate, procreate" and are less inclined to copulate! Stating the obvious! That's why they are neutered in the first place; Pharaoh being a Rescue dog living with many other dogs in the compound; most if not all are neutered to prevent over population. Helluvan irritating indeed! Nothing to figure! Even dogs have moods and choices, you know!

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh...I need you to humour me a bit.

Humour you? But you're always so engaging and lively.

But I get very irritated when a particular person keeps coughing up those helluva pseudo rhetoric.

What's pseudo?

Pretentious...twists and turns.

Hey Pharaoh, how's Daddy?

Daddy is as contented as ever, singing in the bathroom. Sometimes I shower with him.

Really! Ooooh-la-la!

Daddy's vocals are so beautiful and the closed-in bathroom walls insulate his vibrato.

Not bad Pharaoh, you know about vibrato and insulate.

Living with my Daddy, I get his live vibrato directly into my antenna-dishes.

Oh yes Pharaoh...those magnificent antenna-dishes make you look sooo handsome.
Okay, Pharaoh, thanks for humouring me. See you!

Nanbert said... what's your point? Don't get your feathers ruffled because I observed Pharoaoh was neutered.. A fact is a fact. After all, Pharaoh IS an actual real living dog.

If you wish to write about a Pharaoh romance, it's no more or less fictitious than that Pharaoh is conversing with a human. Fiction is fiction....have at it!

Lam-My said...

Pseudo wants attention
Redundant, incoherent
Ping pong smash! Can't return

Marielle Linthorst said...

I used to have a neutered cat who would take the sleeve of my sweater between his teeth and who would then 'kickstart a motorcycle'. As tomcats do with their ladyfriends. Always wondered what that was about.

Nanbert said...

Haha...Marielle... Cats too, huh?.....Undoubtedly the same situation as discussed above.

I guess all neutered male critters are not that different, regardless of the species...same reaction to a few odd hormones left floating around, but not strong enough to be appropriately directed or consumated...very random.

I've read that this behavior can also indicate a "dominance" demonstration.... maybe your cat was just showing you he was "the boss"! LOL