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Posted at : Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The celebrities often have demonstrated their pets in Social Media. We found the most creative dog names. Meet the beautiful dogs!

One of the most stylish celebrity dog. The Adam Lambert’s dog Pharaon with really Egyptian grace.



Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS 



Lam-My said...

Good morning Everyone on 24/7!

Hey Pharaoh, you see I was spot-on when I visualised you as Cleopatra's dog, flanked by those sun-radiating cushions, with you reposed stylishly on Daddy's sofa in your palace; now someone says you have Egyptian grace!

Hi Lam-My! Well, like I said before, I only want to be Daddy's boy and no one else's.

Okay okay, I know you are very possessive of your Daddy. Well, actually, a lot of us are not just dogs. lwl!

So what's up Pharaoh? Anything exciting to are a very effective poster doggie for your Daddy.

There is a little lull right now but something will crop up and I'm all ears. Everything is so new to me, almost like I've just landed on one of those newly-discovered earth-like planets 3 trillion light-years away. I used to live in a cage, and perhaps that's why you say I look melancholy.

But lately, you look satisfied; your face exudes radiance with melancholia.
Not bad, Pharaoh, you're quite up-to-date and futuristic. Mmm, so far I've written space stories involving your Daddy, might give it a go with first space dog!

Lam-My, I don't want to go to space...I'm sooo happy and secure with Daddy who feeds me with the best food in town, some personally cooked by him. By the way, my Daddy cooks real good, you know! He should open a dog restaurant. (Turning ears in delight)

Pharaoh, thanks for your time and your Daddy's...breakfast now for me, 3 crunchy toasts and coffee. Happy explorations in your new surroundings. Cheerio...

Magiclady said...

Pharaoh has beautiful eyes, just like Adam...

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

To stay in bed with Adam. What do you like more? lucky dog

Lam-My said...

Pharaoh was rejected and now receives the love he was deprived in bucket loads; what a surprise turn of events even in a dog's world.

Lam-My said...

Every dog has its day ... proverb.

Lam-My said...

Story time...

Pharaoh was dozing on the sofa flanked by sun-radiating cushions looking much like a royal dog. Suddenly his antenna-dish ears twitched back and forth.
What's that droning sound outside?
Pharaoh, Bert's pet dog woke, looked around, sniffed the fresh air of the canyon.

Pssssss... Who is that? ...No reply.
Pharaoh was getting anxious...may be it's a rat; Mmm I'm going to kill you! No rats allowed in my Daddy's spick and span home.
And then the candlelight on the sofa-table flickered and the container started to move.
A bright light hit Pharaoh's big bulgy eyes and a squeaky voice was heard:
Helloo Pharaoh! You look radiant and content surrounded by soft cushions.

Who are you? How come I can't see you?

Look you see a praying-mantis perched at the top right-hand corner of the ornate ceiling of your Daddy's home?

As a matter of fact, that a praying-mantis?

You got it...notice my forearms, always clasped as if I'm praying; but I'm not; I use them as my weapon with hooks! It's called praying-mantis kungfu.

So Praying-mantis...what do you want from me?

Aha! That's my favourite song sung by your Daddy, Adam Lambert.

So you are my Daddy's fan?

Yep! My other favourite song is, Find Me Somebody Tooooh Love.

Oh yes, Mantis, that's my favourite too.

At this moment, the droning sound outside got much louder and nearer. And within seconds, Pharaoh was teleported into deep space, trillions of light-years away.

A chorus of celestial voices echoed:
Your Majesty, Pharaoh! Welcome to our newly discovered planet, Earth's cousin. We have good news for you, our Queen Hydra wants to meet you.

Pharaoh's big ears twitched back and forth vigorously.
Soon a beautiful Queen seated on a sedan lined with sun-radiating cushions was carried out from an Earth-like cave. There seemed to be droplets gleaming on the dome-shaped rocky cave.

Wuf wuf owoooh! I have never seen such a beautiful sight all my life! especially the Queen with so many undulating, sparkling tentacle arms!

Queen Hydra:
Your Majesty, Pharaoh...I have invited you here for a special coronation. I now formally install you as Pharaoh of our new-found Planet, Earth's cousin.

A praying-mantis guard then lay a wreath to crown Pharaoh. His ears kind of got in the way so the crown circumvented Pharaoh's big ears.

For the first time, Pharaoh smiled; something he rarely did. He felt proud to be bestowed such great kingly honour.

Pharaoh! You're smiling! A gentle serene voice whispered in his ears...Pharaoh instantly recognised the unmistakable voice of his Daddy who was caressing him on the sofa.

Owoooh...what a beautiful teleportation, or was it what humans call a dream.

Nanbert said...

Pharoah should have his OWN blogsite for all his conversations and stories. He's beginning to take up more space on Adam Lambert 24/7 than Adam Lambert!

Lam-My said...

Erroneous and false claim regarding Pharaoh taking up more space than Adam on 24/7 ! I just counted 10 threads on the front page and 1 out of 10 is on Adam's dog, 10%. Even if it's 2 out of 10, 20%. That means 80% of the topics are devoted to Adam, his concerts, albums, fashions, friends etc.
Pharaoh is now an integral part of Adam's life...Pharaoh helps ease Adam's tensions/anxiety; no necessity to separate them!