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Adam Lambert Snapchat Story 4-27-17

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Posted at : Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Lam-My said...

I've never seen a dog sleep so soundly. lol! Pharaoh must be in some kind of other-worldly realm.

Wakey wakey Pharaoh...bright and early. Maybe he's making up for bad times when he could barely sleep comfortably. I recall seeing a very small box-shaped bed at his old abode and he couldn't stretch out like now.

Good morning Daddy!

Good morning!

I heard a rat squeaking; otherwise I would have carried on sleeping.

That's me, not a rat; we have to run round the mountain; I need to keep fit to psyche myself for my rigorous upcoming tour; so far 50 cities, you know. Got to condition my lungs, my turbo.

Okay Daddy, let's go...I always outrun you anyway, especially up-slope.

Pharaoh and his Daddy are on the canyon trail in a jiffy.

Good morning Pharaoh! You look top form and you too Adam!

Their neighbour friend pats Pharaoh.

Further on...Pharaoh spots something in the bush.

It's okay Pharaoh; it's just a little green snake.

Pharaoh keeps eyeing the little snake:

Finally, they ended their morning run and Pharaoh was back home sunning on Daddy's patio while Daddy Adam sips an aromatic cup of coffee; ruminating on his new massive 2017 QAL tour.

Helloo Adam, we are all looking forward to the new QAL tour; I understand the staging will be spectacular and high-tech. Will you be flying on stage or descending in a kind of saucer? Ooooh-la-la? But as I always say, it's your singing and Queen that constitute the jewel in your Crown.

Bye Pharaoh! Enjoy your Daddy while he's still around to wake you up. You lucky son of a er whatever; literal, kind of fits. lol!

Anonymous said...

Pharaoh is one tired puppy.