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Rolling Stone: Summer 2017's Hottest Tours: Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga, Metallica and More

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Queen + Adam Lambert

June 23rd–August 5th
Tickets $43–$270

"There will be no holograms," Queen guitarist Brian May assures fans of how the band will be paying tribute to Freddie Mercury on the band's upcoming arena dates with Adam Lambert. "But there will be a retrospective element that connects to the glory days of when Freddie was with us. There will be echoes from the past in a new way." As for just what that means, though, he's keeping silent so as to surprise fans. That said, he says set lists will skew toward "vintage Americana Queen," meaning classics like "We Will Rock You." "I remember Prince saying, 'Too many hits, too many hits,' which is a good problem to have," he says, "but we'll be throwing in a few songs people won't have seen live for a very long time." That's all right with Lambert, who has been singing with the band since their 2009 American Idol performance together and likes the collaborative nature of the pairing. " We are a band when we get onstage at this point," he says. "We have that thing where you can look at each other and there's an unspoken communication that happens. It's pretty exciting."

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LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I hope this means that MAYBE one or two of ADAM's songs MIGHT be included ala QUEEN style like Ghost Town ... Lucy for instance!! Any other QUEEN music will be new to me since the only QUEEN music I've heard has been via ADAM since he started touring with the band!! Here I go again .. IMpatient 'itches' .. lately I seem to break out in a rash when I get excited .. it's a real pain in the nether region .. can't wait for June 2 so I can hear ADAM's new rendition of THINK from the Capt. Underpants movie!! Better calm down or I'll be scratching for the next couple of weeks!! lol

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Helloo Dr responded to my suggestion, a hologram of Freddie with Adam live on stage; I suggested it because you inferred advanced technology and you being an astrophysicist. But I also concluded by saying it's Adam's singing and Queen, your cosmic guitar, that matter most; all the gadgets and gizmos secondary.

Just as when QAL played at our City Hall Dome, so simple but the Dome background is not simple at all ! for me. It brought back WWll 70 years ago; the steep contrast between Adam's transcending vocals / Queen, against the mass murders that occurred during the Japanese Occupation of 3 horrific years; the infamous British Surrender of Singapore who was mercilessly thrown into the lions' den. Same location Padang. Singapore managed to get back on her feet with a lot of hardship and hard work after WWll.

Do you know Lee Kuan Yew who became Singapore's first PM was one of those Chinese males ordered to get onto the 'Lorry Of No Return' which took the young strong Chinese males literally to their graves...shot and buried. Mass graves were exhumed after the War, their bones, ashes now lie beneath a Memorial known affectionately as the 4 Chopsticks, across the road, Padang where Adam/Queen performed last year 17 Sept 2016.

Dr Brian, likewise your inclusion of Freddie's / Queen's beginning/past will evoke passionate feelings in your upcoming QAL Tour.