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Dr. Brian May To Adam Lambert: "Well Proud Of You Adam. The Right Message At The Right Time"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dr. Brian May of Queen, To Adam Lambert*  

"Well proud of you Adam. The right message at the right time"

"Look ! Adam Lambert Speaks At Resist March LA Pride. Excellently done, Adam."

"Beautifully done Adam. Totally with you. Bri" 

*Dr. May's responses & comments on Instagram & Twitter to/about Adam Lambert after Adam's excellent speech at LA Pride #ResistMarch 2017

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And Dr. May's comment on Adam Lambert's Instagram photo:

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Hurray for Adam!... Hurray for Brian! That IS the right message.

I think Adam's picking up some extra social activism from Brian. If there was more like them, we would have a better world. We can do our part by paying attention and supporting and voting for like-minded people in the coming mid-term elections....and thereafter. We ALL have to get involved!

Dee R Gee said...

I'm with you, Nanbert! We can all do something to advance the cause for human rights. And BTW, Adam may sometimes wear an outfit I don't like or he may sometimes wear his hair in a way I'm not crazy about, BUT, in the things that really matter, like the things he spoke about in his speech, I am never disappointed. He is a quality person, FIRST on the inside, and then on the outside.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee... well put, and I agree wholeheartedly with you. However, I am trying to look at him through the eyes of OTHERS... those who don't know him like we do, or those who made up their minds about him way back THEN...

It was those OTHERS who need to be convinced.. not Glamberts...not Queers...and that message needed to be RESPECTED as an important admonition on the state of our country today. Let's face it....often clothes DO make the man...and certainly vocabulary. We only have ONE "first impression".

If I did not KNOW Adam...if I was not a fan... I would not have accorded him as much RESPECT as he was due because of... 1.that "cute, stylish" backward baseball cap, and 2. a few words...we know which ones...he sprinkled into his speech before a national (probably international) audience of all ages and persuasions.

Knowing Adam as we do, we know that those were HIS WORDS, oft spoken, about a subject dear to his heart.... not something cobbled together by a "speech writer" for a "rock star" to read aloud.

I just want Adam to have the respect he so much deserves. WE know what an intelligent, articulate, caring and kind man he it's time for the rest of the world to know that he is so MUCH more than a "voice" and "entertainer"!...Someone they would be proud to call a be a fan of..

And BTW, that doesn't mean I want him to run for office!!!...LOL

Dee R Gee said...

Agree 200%!

Dee R Gee said...

Agree 200%!

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Adam does not make a political speech to get to the White House. It seems to me to be very appropriate how it is dressed and the language it uses.

Adam fan # gazillion said...

The way we dress can show the respect we have for the occasion. Our language can do the same thing.
When you are trying to reach everybody, I don't know the best choice of words and outfit.
Maybe you just say your piece as often as you can in as many ways as you can.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I think ADAM was speaking from his heart to those who were there to participate in the event .. namely .. #ResistMarch .. it was a protest gathering .. not a formal occasion. I doubt very much if anyone there was wearing a suit & tie except for maybe the leaders .. from what I could see most of the people there had on jeans .. shorts .. tank tops .. baseball caps, etc. ADAM was speaking to and for them so naturally he would speak their language .. I doubt if any of them were offended or even noticed that ADAM used 'colorful' words & phrases!! This was their day .. their event .. so why not just relax & speak to them in their words!! The somewhat 'colorful' words were just words to emphasize the meaningful words ... the ones that really mattered!! ADAM knew how to reach the ones who really mattered!! The ones that have been pushed around & denied for far too long!! Great thoughts & words ADAM!! You tell it like it is .. we'll know what you mean!! BRAVO!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

This event was an LA Pride event in West Hollywood. Casual is the norm for the event and for the area. I thought Adam looked wonderful. And he fit right in with the audience. He was amongst his peers, his community.

His speech was perfect. And once again, he earns my respect and admiration. Beautiful man with a caring & loving heart and soul.

Nanbert said...

I didn't realize it ahead of time, but it was initially an LA pride event which "morphed" into a HUMAN RIGHTS gathering named "ResistMarch".... a "Protest" against Donald Trump.... not just for gays. Reading about it, I discovered that over 100,000 people attended.

Adding to the importance of the event as a political protest were speakers: Nancy Pelosi (U.S. House Democratic Leader); Representative Adam Schiff (D-Burbank); and Representative Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles); Adam Lambert ...and a couple of others whose names I forget. Frankly, it is the presence of those dignitaries that made me wish Adam had not sported that cap, and had policed his vocabulary a bit more...that was just a bit disrespectful, IMO.

So, you can see that it was not as casual (dressing up in colorful outfits and dancing in the streets) as the usual PRIDE event....Adam even addressed that in his speech.

No, this was a full-fledged Protest march against Trump... a more serious and important national and international political event. Not "casual" at all.

glitzylady said...

When I wrote "casual" I meant and should have written "casual dress".

Marion M said...

I thought the speech was brilliant and heartfelt...intelligence and eloquence paired with common sense..

I don't think that Brian had much of an influence on Adam "extra social activism". I just think that it bothers Adam THAT much...has he said he's not very political but this current administration has gone too far...

needless to say I am once again in awe and inspired by the man...

Nanbert said...

@Glitzylady... actually, I understood that you meant "casual dress". I misspoke in saying it was "not casual at all". I should have said it was " not a casual EVENT at all"... I was not referring to clothing, but the event. Sorry.

This was originally envisioned as a LA Pride event, which evolved (deliberately) into another of those human rights political protest marches which have been popping up around the country...and the rainbow flag was "thrown around" ALL people who felt disenfranchised because of their differences (immigrants, muslims, mexicans, blacks, queers, etc.).

BTW....none of these Protest Marches require formal wear.... just everyday people in everyday wear! If you look at news photos, you will see Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff dressed in casual clothing, too. But their PRESENCE provided "gravitas".

Adam is a dynamic and convincing speaker. His speech would have still been as effective without those five or six words we've been discussing. Exposure like this will also bring him to the attention of more Americans, and he could well be called upon again to contribute remarks or performances to future such assemblies. However, that is less likely to happen if protest organizers have to worry about Adam's language... or actions... possibly offending anyone... being "still" considered a "loose cannon".

Just saying. I want everyone to know Adam like we know his "heart" like we do!

CT said...

What great comments....all of you! I'm in complete awe of Adam and always have been since 2009. His talent blows me away as does his character. He's so incredibly kind and generous, humble too. Now, after many, many times I see he is chosen to give public speeches, present awards etc. This particular speech, however, was definitely totally an Adam speech. We know him so well and have heard him speak on interviews, give speeches etc. but this speech to me was really brilliant. He's so articulate, so relatable to his specific audiences. He knows how to reach and connect with his audience whether singing in front of thousands of people or speaking in front of thousands of people. He speaks from the heart and is so honest and open. Those "colorful" words he throws in for emphasis is who our Adam is. But, he knows when it's appropriate or not. I remember a speech he gave downtown Los Angeles at the City Hall with the Mayor and many other city dignitaries present. He received an award and gave an acceptance speech. So sorry I don't recall the date but Adam looked great in his suit and tie and spoke with great respect to those around him. He knows when to to use more conservative speech or when he can be more himself. Along with his intelligence Adam has a lot of common sense. I admire and respect him very much. He's taught me so much in these last years.

I say keep up the good work Adam.....I'm right here to support you.

Nanbert said...

@CT....well expressed! And yes, I believe we've all learned at lot from Adam over the years.