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From OUT Magazine: INTERVIEW "Adam Lambert Stands His Ground on Glam-Rock Single, 'Two Fux' "

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Posted at : Friday, June 30, 2017

From OUT Magazine: INTERVIEW "Adam Lambert Stands His Ground on Glam-Rock Single, 'Two Fux' " (6-30-17)

*LINK to the article/interview: 
"Adam Lambert Stands His Ground on Glam-Rock Single, 'Two Fux' "

"OUT caught up with 35-year-old Glambert to discuss his defiant new guitar-pop anthem."

Adam Lambert

EXCERPTS from the much longer article/interview. Be sure to go to the *LINK embedded above to read the entire interview! 
Lambert's new music has developed tremendously from 2015's The Original High, both sonically and lyrically, abandoning the narrative of wanting more and honing the realization that he's enough as is. On the album's dramatic opener, he repeats the grim line, "My heart is a ghost town," above Max Martin's euro-pop production—a far cry from today's empowered "Two Fux," drenched in '70s glam production. "No one gets me like myself," he says now with aplomb. Currently on an international tour with Queen, Lambert's gone from American Idol to queer rock icon, filling frontman Freddy Mercury's shoes each night with his own powerhouse vocals and newly magnetic fire-orange hair. Flanked by drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May, he wails classic hits—"We Will Rock You" and "Another One Bites the Dust"—slipping in his own original material, as well, including "Two Fux," which nearly sounds like a lost Queen song. OUT caught up with Lambert this week to discuss creating his new single, defying the status quo and revisiting his glam-rock roots.

OUT: Why is “Two Fux” a strong introduction to the larger project you’re working on? ADAM LAMBERT: It’s basically a mission statement. That chorus, saying, if you think what I do and how I live is too much, I don’t really give two fucks. You know, the world we’re living in right now is a little scary. There’s a lot of hatred out there and a lot of negativity. Our country’s politically and socially divided. And to be able to put out a song that addresses everything, saying, “Look, you may not like me, but I’m not going to let that take me down. I’m not going to let that ruin my day. I’m going to do me.” I think people want some of those self-strengths. It makes me feel good to listen to it, and hopefully it makes others feel good. It’s not taking itself too serious—the lyrics are ridiculous and silly, and I think it’ll give people a reason to smile.

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Nanbert said...

Good article!

broddybounce said...

Agreed -- really great piece. Tanks for posting, Ms. Glitzy! :)))))

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

One by one the naysayers are beginning to sing ADAM's praises ... but his true loyal Glamberts knew it all along!! Great article ... thanx for the link & sharing!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

choons said...

that pic tho - hoooo-ah

Nanbert said...

Don't know where to put this, but it's a very interesting article about Adam's personal sound technician. I know you've all often seen Adam fiddle with his earpieces and/or make gestures to someone off to the side somewhere. Well, he's gesturing to his sound technician, who constantly adjusts the sounds Adam he can sing his best along with it.

Read the'll find out one more interesting thing about Adam that I bet you didn't know.

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks for that link, Nanbert. It was very interesting!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Thanx Nanbert ... so now we know why ADAM is always fiddling with his earpiece ... I often wondered about that!! Mr. Perfection .. a real pro!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

daydreamin said...

Thanks Nanbert! I have wondered about how that all worked! Great article!!

Nanbert said...

I might point out the fact that wearing those earpieces also PROTECTS Adams delicate ears from those enormous Queen sounds. Everyone who has attended their concert knows what THAT's like! It can, an most often does, cause permanent damage to the ears.

Marielle Linthorst said...

Roger Taylor has tinnitus for that reason.

Nanbert said...

Right...and noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing loss means you don't hear existing sounds as well as you should....Tinnitis means you hear sounds that don't exist.

Nanbert said...

BTW...did anyone happen to notice Adam's snakeskin gloves?