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Cleveland: Queen plus Adam Lambert rocks The Q with set worthy of rock royalty (review)

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Posted at : Saturday, July 22, 2017

CLEVELAND, Ohio - How do you step into the platform shoes of one of the best rock frontmen of all time?
You don't.
Adam Lambert, who delivered a knock-out performance Friday night with rock royalty Queen, knows this.
"There will only be one Freddie Mercury, " the singer said to the near capacity crowd at The Q, a mix of those old enough to have seen Mercury back in the day, and teens who weren't even born when he passed away in 1991. "Just like you, I'm a fan. Except I'm up here in the gayest suit you've ever seen," he said referring to his chartreuse lame and sequin get-up.
It was one of several costume changes the flamboyant singer trotted out, in true Freddie Mercury fashion, at Friday's show. Besides Lambert the band consisted of founding members Brian May on guitar and Roger Taylor on drums, with a new backing band.


Queen plus Adam Lambert rocks The Q with set worthy of rock royalty (review) 

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Mi Re La said...

There will only be one Adam Lambert!!! I was a fan of Freddie but now I like much more Adam's voice and how she looks and moves on the stage. I do not think Adam is doing well that every show says he's not as good as Freddie.It seems to me a little overwhelming with Freddie's superlative.

Unknown said...

Cleveland was my concert, have followed tour and watched most videos but was still not prepared for this awesome production. Adam,Brian, Roger and band out did themselves. Staging, lights, lasers, so many special effects, just out of this world. Spent time with friends who I have met thru Adam. Beautiful fireworks celebrating Indians win just as we left concert. Fantastic evening!

Lam-My said...

This continuous Mercury-Lambert hypermania goes on ... Perhaps I'll join in lol! Okay...based on a 10-point scale:

Composer of pop or rock songs : Freddie 10 ... Adam 9

Singing skills : Tie at 9.99

Voice quality/versatility/power : Freddie 9.9 ... Adam 10

Handsomeness : Mercury 9 ... Lambert 10

Originality : Freddie 10 ... Adam 9.5

Stage glam-rock fashion : Tie 9.99

Crowd puller : Freddie 10 ... Adam 9.5

So you can see, they are quite compatible in the delivery of Queen songs. lwl!

daydreamin said...

OMG if I never hear those words "he's no Freddie Mercury" again, I'll be very very happy and so will Adam. Enough already! Move on people!

Mi Re La said...

Lam-My, here are some notes I have given and justifications
Stage glam-rock fashion. Most of the time, Freddie had a disgraceful appearance on stage. Without having a beautiful body, she appeared on the stage with only very short pants. Freddie 6 Adam 10 .
Handsomeness. Freddie had a horrible teeth,and she was a little tall Freddie 7, Adam 10.
Crowd puller:During the Freddie concerts there were no mobile phones. Today the public does not enjoy concerts are more interested in filming with the mobile phone.I do not think Freddie would have such public participation today.I think Adam here also has a bigger credit for making the audience play with him and stop filming. Freddie 8, Adam 10.
Originality:Today it's very hard to come up with something original.Even when singing Queen Adam songs brings something original. Freddie 9, Adam 9

Mi Re La said...

Please vote ADAM "Most Handsome American Men 2017 Poll" !!!!
The fight is very tight between Adam and Tommy Joe Ratliff. I do not think Tommy is more handsome than Adam. I do not know how so many votes are, especially at "World's Most Handsome Men 2017 Poll" Tommy has 48217 votes and Adam only 2124. Very strange!!! Does Tommy have more fans than Adam in the whole world? I do not believe.

Anonymous said...

Lam-my, I wholeheartedly agree with your Freddie/Adam analysis. :-)

It's not a competition between Freddie and Adam although some people seem to think it is.... there's ample room in the world for more than one great singer, and there's certainly more than one great singer in the world.

Lam-My said...

Thank you! Fluttsp and Mirela for your different interesting views on the topic.

Basically I find them both very talented in their own unique ways; most importantly, they deliver!
Brian and Roger got what it takes to steer Queen 1.0 and 2.0 round the world. I recall though they almost didn't manage to resuscitate Queen 2.0, until without mincing words, they said God sent them their "1-in-a-billion Gift from God" Adam. On the other hand, it was Freddie who started it all ! and it was a bit self-prophetic when he sings... 'Carry on, carry on...'
Both Freddie and Adam have their fair share of elevating Queen to the highest level. This is the epitome any artist hopes for and loves, Freddie or Adam.