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Entertainment Weekly: "14 Famous Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers" - Includes Adam Lambert's "Mad World"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, August 30, 2017

From Entertainment Weekly: "14 Famous Songs You Didn't Know Were Covers"

With a nod to Adam Lambert with an "Honorable Mention" for his "iconic" "Mad World" Season 8 American Idol performance in 2009

13. “Mad World” by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules for “Donnie Darko” soundtrack (Originally by Tears for Fears)

14 famous songs you didn't know are covers

Adam Lambert on Season 8 of American Idol in 2009 singing "Mad World". 
It earned him a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell. And high praise everywhere.
Watch his full performance(s) in the embedded videos below

Quote/description from the article about "Mad World", the original and covers, with an awesome Adam Lambert mention of his own cover on American Idol for "Birth Year Songs" week! 

Note: interestingly enough, the article re Adam's "iconic cover" links his much more recent re-do as an Idol guest performer in 2016. We'll include that one below but also will embed his original 2009 Idol performance. He also performed "Mad World" on the Top 2 American Idol performance night and has done so MANY more times in live concert performances over the years. Definitely a fan favorite!
Before it was a haunting ballad on the Donnie Darko (2001) soundtrack, “Mad World” was a synth-heavy dance song released by Tears for Fears in 1982. (Honorable mention: We’re still not over Adam Lambert’s iconic cover of the track on American Idol, arguably one of the show’s greatest performances ever.)

Below are 3 of Adam's "Mad World" performances from American Idol 2009 (2) & 2016. Enjoy!!!!

The original Adam Lambert "iconic cover" of "Mad World" on (Top 8) American Idol 2009

"Mad World" by Adam Lambert (Top 2, Round 1) 2009

Adam Lambert "Mad World" reprise in 2016 American Idol (this is the one linked in the EW article, guessing it was unintentional, to be honest... but still excellent!!!)

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The Dark Side said...

Not too shabby being mentioned along with these greats! Considering the hundreds maybe thousands of covers coming from a multitude of these Idol type shows for Adam to be si fled out is an honor

Dee R Gee said...

Love Adam's Mad World so much! It's one the his multiple highlights on the show. He made every song his own. I love his controversial ones, too. Ring of Fire is one of those. Simon's "What was THAT?" is an iconic Idol moment. And he dared to sing his Disco Week song, If I Can't Have You, is a non-disco style, which I think was a first. He's just amazing and continues to be amazing and will always be amazing.

Nanbert said...

Of course, Adam's "Mad World" rendition was unequalled and thrilling, and highlighted his sensitivity in interpreting a song.

But a close second, IMO, has to be "Ring of Fire"...which showed off Adam's clever and brave interpretation...AND also "blew the roof off" with his astounding vocal control, acrobatics, power and range.

Dee R Gee....through the years, I've seen so many enthused compliments about Adam's "Ring of Fire", that I have come to believe it's been one of the highlights of Adam's AI odyssy for many more people than me. It was so offbeat...and Simon scoffed at I thought I was alone in my love of Adam's rendition.... evidently not.

Adam IS a GFG!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Posted a comment on here a few hours ago but never made it into print!! It was kinda long & typing with only one hand is tedious at best .. sometimes painful .. so here's a link I found on one of my flash drives about ADAM past & present performances in Oriental language .. I enjoyed it .. hope you do too ...

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw... why are you using only one hand? Have you injured the other? Sorry you're having problems...hope it's only temporary.