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Ultimate Classic Rock: Adam Lambert Admits First Queen Shows Were ‘Terrifying’

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Adam Lambert has opened up about his first run of shows with Queen, saying they were “terrifying” because he was convinced he had no right to front Freddie Mercury‘s group.

“I thought, ‘There’s no way I should be doing this,'” Lambert told ET Canada. “I had the confidence of the band and they were really lovely about it. They were like, ‘No, no, no, you’re great. We love it. Do what you want.’ But in my head I kept going, ‘No, I don’t know.’”

Brian May and Roger Taylor first performed with Lambert while he was a competitor on Americal Idol in 2009. After enjoying the experience, they teamed up again three years later, and continue performing today under the banner Queen + Adam Lambert.

In the end, Lambert said he left the final decision to the people who, in his estimation, were most important. “The first audience we had was very supportive, and each audience afterwards was supportive,” Lambert said. “So, slowly, little by little, I was like, ‘Okay, all right, I can do this – kind of.’ But there’s no comparing to Freddie.”


Adam Lambert Admits First Queen Shows Were ‘Terrifying’ 

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Lam-My said...

Adam, you are always so humble. At first, I thought it was just modesty but I think because you actually know the real depth of the challenge, that is stepping in for Freddie who is larger-than-life in his innovations, originality and dare to do as he pleased.

Terrific performances at the latest QAL/N America ! Some even Freddie might not have pulled off the way you did...The Show Must Go On...Who Wants To Live Forever...belong to you now; and I say this with great respect to a musical prodigy, Freddie Mercury.

Nanbert said...

We're SO lucky he didn't "chicken out". What a loss that would have been to the world!

I've been thinking about something that's been bouncing around in my head...I don't know exactly how to formulate my thoughts, so I'll just throw it out here for anyone who might be interested.

First...there was a band with Brian and Roger, both extraordinary talents. Then they were joined by a talented unknown, Freddie Mercury---who evolved over the years to be considered the greatest frontman and rock star of his time.

Then, Freddie Mercury died, and many years went by.

Second..there was a band with Brian and Roger, both extraordinary talents. Then they were joined by a talented unknown, Adam Lambert....who IS evolving over time to become the greatest frontman and rock star of HIS time.

Similar stories, aren't they? But shouldn't Brian and Roger get a great deal of credit for finding, nuturing, and bringing to bloom two amazing timeless talents? Yes, I know, Freddie turned into a wonderful composer, too---but without Brian and Roger would he have been able to? After all, they were composers as well.

Just a thought... Brian and Roger are almost like a magic greenhouse, providing the fertile soil and room needed to grow great, free-ranging, unfettered, constantly "blooming" wonders!

Maybe they should get a lot more credit!

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, very importantly, Queen also included John Deacon who was the original bass player who left the band after Freddie died. He also wrote a number of Queen's songs including but not limited to "Another One Bites The Dust", "You're My Best Friend" & "I Want To Break Free".

Nanbert said..., I didn't include John Deacon, because he didn't join the band until well AFTER Freddie did.

Brian and Roger started with a band named "Smile" 1970, they brought in Freddie Bulsara, who changed his name to Freddie Mercury, and the band's name to "Queen"... and John Deacon joined in 1973.

My point, basically, was that Brian and Roger were/are the only "CONSTANTS" in choosing and nuturing BOTH Freddie and Adam...encouraging their talents, giving them free-rein to explore themselves, and providing them with superb musical backgrounds.

I'm well aware of John's contributions to Queen...but there was never any contact between him and Adam...Just as there was never any contact between Neil and Freddie.

Only Spike knew BOTH Freddie and Adam, since he's performed with Queen since 1984.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

I Want To Break Free by John Deacon/Queen

Singapore City Hall Dome 17 Sept 2016 (F1 GP)

Uploaded by Violetglitz

Nanbert said...

Oops...correction....John Deacon joined Queen in 1971..

Lam-My said...

Freddie was already playing with several bands namely Hectics and Ibex in the '70s before he finally joined forces with Brian and Roger, their band Smile, as he found their music compatible with his. So I don't think it was a case of Brian and Roger nurturing Freddie! They joined forces; in fact it was Freddie who encouraged Brian and Roger to diversify/broaden their music repertoire to include other genres such as Rock. Freddie as Farrookh had studied music/piano before he joined Brian and Roger, and later changed their band name to Queen; Freddie also designed the Queen logo. So Brian and Roger did not nurture Freddie, they provided the guitar and drums to form a band, a joint collaboration.

Queen officially formed in 1970, debuted with John Deacon who joined the following year in 1971; and he must be mentioned as an integral part of Queen; they were a band from the start, lasted for almost 20 years before Deacon quit after Freddie passed on.

As for Brian and Roger nurturing Adam...Adam was a full-fledged stage singer/actor playing big production musicals such Ten Commandments, Wicked, Hair. Yes, they provided a huge Queen platform / huge audiences but the nurturing was already done.
Nurture means bring up, educate, protect. Neither of the two Superstars Freddie nor Adam was nurtured by Brian and Roger...they facilitated, provided valuable hand-holding more so for Adam.

Nanbert said...

Again... it was Brian and Roger who CHOSE to bring Freddie, and later Adam, into their band. And it was Brian and Roger who were the ones who performed with BOTH singers, enabling their evolutions. Neither Freddie or Adam had attained superstar status before they joined the band. That does NOT say that they had no previous experience.

Nanbert said...

"NUTURE" does not only apply to child-rearing. Its broader meaning includes...helping someone develop by encouraging and supporting their talent and/orcreativity"......nourishing and supporting someone by creating the environment in which they can flourish.

A college can nuture students' intellectual development and creativity. An employer can nuture an employee's aptitude.

Ergo, Brian and Roger nutured Freddie and Adam... and they are what both singers have IN COMMON.. they provided the fertile environment and support for Freddie and Adam to flourish.

Surely Brian and Roger could take SOME credit for their risky decisions and the successful results.

Lam-My said...

Well then, it works both ways; Adam practically resuscitated / nurtured Queen back to life to their fully glory with Brian and Roger at the helm; nobody is discrediting Brian and Roger...they are the backbone of Queen, needless to state it. And no need to explain nurture, of course it's not about children only. As for Freddie, they collaborated to form the band Queen; and they would have nurtured one another as they progressed to become world renown. And to say Freddie and Adam were nurtured by Brian and Roger only, it's always!

Nanbert said...

Yep... everybody nutured everybody. How's that?

I simply wanted to give richly deserved kudos to Brian and Roger, the "living core" of Queen/QAL...common to both Freddie and Adam...and who I greatly admire...

Anonymous said...

Yes, "richly deserved kudos to Brian and Roger" but Freddie & John were most definitely part of the "living core" of Queen.

Anonymous said...

No member of Queen was important than the other.

Lam-My said...

What I admire most about Brian and Roger is they kept at it; even when only two were left on board Queen; I like Spike and Neil very much, they simply transitioned into Queen so smoothly, great musicians in their own right. Queen 2.0 made it! Adam held the key and unlocked the door to 2.0.

Lam-My said...

Adam unlocked 2.0
And lo and behold
Found a Queen treasure trove
And so he started to roam
Truck and roll...coast to coast
Daunting notes spiralling out of control
As new frontman for Queen, he mows down
Those highs, mediums, lows
Sending them into a frenzy of furrows
Any way the wind blows on Queen 2.0 lwl!

Nanbert said...

The reason I said...Brian and Roger are "the Living Core" of BOTH Queen and QAL... is because they are the ONLY members who have historically performed in BOTH bands... with BOTH lead singers.

Anonymous said...

Opinions differ. Let's move on.

Nanbert said...

Not my opinion... an historical fact...ONLY Brian and Roger have performed with both Freddie (Queen) and Adam (QAL)...

OF COURSE Freddie and John were part of the "living core" of Queen!...and ALL four were equally important! I NEVER said or thought otherwise, believe me!

But Queen and QAL have only two "living core" members IN COMMON, Brian and Roger.

Yes.. let's move on... we seem to keep talking "past" each other, and I don't know how to resolve seem to keep finding "slights"or "insults" to Freddie and John where none existed, and I can't seem to find a way to correct your impression, no matter how many different ways I've tried to explain what I was really very simple and innocuous..