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Nanbert said...

Such silly guys! I LIKE silly... there should be a lot more of it.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Aha, my favourite singer vs my favourite dog! Adam's artistic eye of the mind in black and white. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the handsomer...the big or the small lwl!

Knock knock!

Who is there?'s me! your diehard fan.

晚安 wan arn / good night ...zzzzzzzzzzz

Hey Pharaoh! Wake up! Someone asks me to send you good tidings.

Pharaoh (peeping) : What good tidings?

Do you recall Queen Hydra, ruler of our Cousin Planet, trillions of light years away?

You mean Queen Hydra with multiple swirling tentacle arms?

Yes, yes, you do remember. She wants to meet you again and I received her call via telekinesis.
Remember, she crowned you King Pharaoh laying a wreath on your head and your big antenna ears got entangled so the crown had to circumvent them.

Oh yes, I remember my coronation most vividly and what an honour. So what does she want from me now?

Okay, just carry on snoozing and you will be teleported to our Cousin Planet...are you ready?

1 2 3 wheeeeee...

At this moment, Daddy Adam notices Pharaoh's half-open eyes twitching but soon drop off into deep slumber again.

Queen Hydra:
Welcome King Pharaoh from Cousin Earth!

An entourage of hydra guards ceremoniously surround their new King with myriad tencles swirling and whistling a strange ghostly tune sounds a bit heart is a ghost town...

Queen Hydra opens her 10 swirling tentacle arms and envelopes Pharaoh in embrace almost constricting him.

King Pharaoh very gentlemanly bows (learnt from his Daddy), and holds one of Queen Hydra's slippery tentacles. They float euphorically on a throne of cloud flanked by two radiant rainbows.

All of a sudden the cloud bursts and down down down...Queen Hydra and Pharaoh tumble into the abyss...of no return.

Abyss Ruler with multiple heads:
Who art thou? Falling into my abyss without permission. Do you know this is the place of fire and fury like no other!

Helloo Abyss Ruler! Wah so many heads...which one shall I talk to.

Abyss Ruler:
Anyone will do...many heads are better than one...they connect faster and smarter.

Please Abyss Ruler, let us go...we fell off a bursting cloud; not intentionally.

Queen Hydra:
Yes, we mean no harm; you can visit me on Cousin Planet Earth.

Abyss Ruler does not take no for answer...With a huff and a puff he spews his wrath like a volcano...vooooomh at Pharaoh and Hydra.

Ooooeeeh! Daddy Daddy Save me!

Pharaoh! Are you okay?

Daddy calms him and Pharaoh opens his eyes and smiles, licks Daddy, so grateful he is sleeping by his side to take care of him.

I hope Queen Hydra manages to escape back to Cousin Planet.

What are you mumbling Pharaoh? Must be a nightmare...come I'll treat you to some munchy marrow.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

OMG I'm jealous of a dog!

Daydreaminmylif said...

I agree Nanbert and Mirela! Life is too short...and too scary these days! Some people need to lighten up!

Lam-My said...


A big smile from Pharaoh at summer camp, with Grandpa Eber while Daddy Adam is on QAL tour 2017.

Lam-My said...

Spread your wings and fly away...

T-Mobile Arena - Las Vegas 06/24/17