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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Remember when I went HETERO-EROTIC for DETAILS magazine ? I got a lot of shit for this... I thought it was funny. Lol.

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Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Why did Adam regret now that he made these pictures? Always when asked why kissing women answered that women are beautiful and "why not".

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I want to have this magazine.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I think this picture is the dream of many Glamberts

glitzylady said...

For those who aren't aware, there are actually two photos Adam posted.. To see the second one, move your cursor over the photo, and you'll see a small arrow to the right side of the photo. Click on that for the second photo from this Details Magazine photo shoot. The photos are from the Details Magazine cover article from November 2009..

Adam Lambert, Details Magazine, November 2009 issue.

"Why Does Every Woman In America Want to Sleep with Adam Lambert?"

It was actually a great interview (still have my copy.......)....

And I don't think Adam regrets this photoshoot at all to be honest...

glitzylady said...

And so I don't have to type it again, here's my own comment on Adam's Instagram post:

glitzylady1 "Yep, I remember this #DetailsMagazine cover article. #IOnlyBoughtItForTheInterview of course. Seriously. πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‡πŸ˜πŸ™ˆBut yeah, those photos πŸ’₯😱😈were πŸ”₯and tongue πŸ‘… But honestly, a GREAT interview! πŸ‘πŸ»One of the best!! ❤️πŸ™πŸ» Thx for the #throwback, the chance to escape the crazy reality of today's..this week's..this year's.. events. Much needed & appreciated @adamlambert. You're always a breath of fresh air. #Namaste"

Mirela Gheorghiu said...
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Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Adam is very beautiful, Kim Cloutier is very beautiful, I think they are the most sexy picture I've ever seen.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I think these photos have fulfilled all women's fantasies about Adam.

Rose Petal said...
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Nanbert said...

Mirela ... I don't get the feeling that Adam ever regretted those photos...or does now. He has always delighted in shocking people, especially when he was younger. He particularly indulged in a lot of rebelling and shocking after he lost American cheated he must have felt! ....since we all know HE WON! He thought it was because he was gay, but later information seems to lead to illegal voting practices via telephone cheating also that tipped the scales against him.

I have to be honest about this to you Glamberts...I was a dedicated Adam fan from his interview on American Idol, and, like you, was devastated by his loss. However, his performance on the AMA,ending with a middle finger up... then these photos and other actions came very close to "turning me off" for a while.

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that Adam was "acting out" because of his loss on AI and his belief that it was due to him being gay...and I felt more sympathetic, without condoning his...what I considered...OTT actions. I felt he was "flaunting" being gay to make a point.... an "I'll show them!" attitude, which I found unattractive and unnecessary.

I do know that Adam's actions during that period turned a lot of people off, and it has taken a lot of time to overcome those memories and get his career to where he should have been a long time ago. I know that I've often had to support him in conversations with people who loved him on AI, but were turned off by him afterwards. NOW many are reconsidering their opinions of him as they see more of him these days.

Sorry, I'm being long-winded..surprise!... and probably haven't expressed myself well. Also many of you younger ones will consider me prudish.. probably true in today's morays. I, on the other hand, might call you jaded. Whatever!....sometimes its just a question of good taste....and/or a good imagination!

No Adam fan can be stauncher than I am. And I think he's sexy as hell! But I prefer he doesn't act EVERTHING out....he doesn't NEED to! I think he often "walks on the edge"... and that's fine by me.....but he seems a bit more measured and relaxed about it now. I call it "maturity"...and good sense. He has to know that he'll lose SOME fans past a certain point of raunchiness...and won't get new ones if people don't want their children to see him. You can see that awareness when he feigns "haha.. I can't believe I did that!" Very ingratiating....that adorable bad-boy image!

But, damn, he's good!!!!!

Allysa Mentor said...

I still have the magazine. I don't really think Adam is about to change how he acts to sell more records. I'm OK with some of the racy stuff, that's his true self speaking out and I don't think he gives #TwoFux. Gotta ❤️ him.

Dee R Gee said...

I still have this magazine, too. It's part of my Adam collection. I loved it then and I still do.

Here are some thoughts about the effects of Adam's choices and "wisdom" over the course of his career so far. Bottom line, fans are oddly forgiving when some celebrities do inappropriate or downright bad or illegal things. Look at the singers who get violent with their girlfriends, show up drunk or high to a performance or don't show up at all. Or go on disjointed, inane tirades during their concerts when their audiences have made hundreds of dollars to see them actually perform. Yet many of these artists still make millions. They sell millions. Their concerts sell out. Bieber has walked off the stage in the middle of a concert. He refused to do a pre-paid meet and greet and his fans had to opt for getting their picture taken wit a cardboard cut-out of him. I could go on and on.

Fans who have dedicated their loyalty to a celebrity simply don't care what despicable things they do. They will buy their music, attend their shows, regardless. But some of them pull these stupid antics AFTER they have become mega-stars. I remember some writers saying that Adam simply hadn't yet "earned" the right to do what he did on the AMAs. He wasn't established enough yet. If he had done it five years later, maybe there wouldn't have been such an outcry.

Adam is a saint compared to some performers. Yes, he's edgy. But he's naturally polite and sensitive. He likes to push the envelope, but usually he knows how far to go. He's learned who his audience is. Sometimes I think he's paid too big a price for the few things he has done that are considered "questionable." They are far milder that what other performers have done. Being OPENLY gay BEFORE you become really famous is a huge decision for a gay artist to make. Elton John didn't do it. Freddie didn't do it. Adam chose the open and honest route and took the consequences. He also lives a very open gay life, unlike some other gay artists. It's easier for some people to follow a gay artist if he doesn't openly "act gay."

If, after nine years, some people still don't accept Adam solely because of the Amas, then it's their loss. Adam will never get them back. They thought he'd be more conventional. He's not. Those of us who still love and support him had that figured out from the get-go. Those who rejected him won't like his music, won't follow him, just won't care.

We devoted fans have stuck with him through thick and thin. We see a beautiful man, inside and out. There's not a lot we have to "forgive" him for. Lord knows, almost every top singer, male or female, use ulta sexy photos in their promo and sometimes act like complete jerks. But they still buy, stream and play their music, and go to their concerts.

I don't know the secret answer to getting Adam a huge hit song that tops the charts, getting him in TV or movies, getting him to win well-deserved awards. Getting him all those things that we agree he deserves due to his amazing talent and personality. His inclusion in Queen is a Godsend. His post-QAL era is still a mystery. I hope the years ahead are joyful and fruitful and happy. I want to see it happen.

Dee R Gee said...

One more thing: radio play. Just sayin'.

Nanbert said...

Truthfully, what rational reason would there have been for those photos? They had nothing to do with the interview/article. I found them sell magazines...and hypocritical ...Adam is gay.

But, of course, everyone is drawn to "racy stuff" ...."racy stuff" SELLS! The magazine knew that and had a model at the ready...Adam agreed to the photos after he arrived.

Allysa Mentor said...

Just one comment, hopefully you won't all be pissed at me, .But....Adam is American, and haven't you noticed the homophobia that has crawled from under the rocks. It's been more hidden in the past, but this country is still much more homophobic than other countries, and I believe this has affected Adam's career here in the states. It sucks, but it's all around me, and I'm in DC which is extremely progressive. I don't want Adam to change, but he's not about to tone it down, and I don't think he should, but it is what it is. It's a reality. ❤️❤️him.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....I agree wholeheartedly with your description of various celebrities getting away with murder without losing their fans. And I often scratch my head wondering what the attraction is. They seem to think notoriety is the best avenue to popularity, and don't seem to care what people long as they think about THEM...

That's why I am proud to be a Glambert. Oh, Adam's not perfect....but he's honest, kind, funny, intelligent and REAL!... just for starters. Unquestionably he is the best male singer and entertainer of this generation. And I agree that his inclusion in Queen has been a godsend for him...and for us.

I firmly believe that all the kudos and awards Adam so richly deserves will come..are coming. We're already seeing them in the guest performances he's given separately from Queen and his own tours. Certainly he has had great financial success already. He has some of the strongest, most unshakable fans around. He knows how to hold an audience in his hand, thrill them, make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel like friends, make them know!!!!

I know this is the "instant gratification" generation....But just think how far Adam has come since American Idol....amazing!

We're just impatient for everyone to know/see/hear what we do. They will...they can't help it. Adam's persona and talent is inexorable...cannot be denied.

And yes...he needs radio play!

Anonymous said...

I'll admit I was dismayed and disappointed in Adam's AMA performance. Even told my daughter to not let her girls watch the performance. That being said, I did understand WHY he did it and was saddened by all the bad press he received as a result - tho I guess was not surprised. I have the Details magazine and honestly didn't have a problem with that. He was again just pushing the envelope. He was young and overwhelmed by the sudden stardom and was angry about the 'gay' issue being such a factor about him and was making his 'statement'. Being the bright, intelligent young man that he is, he learned from his mistakes - don't we all? - and has matured into a very magnificent performer - still edgy - and I wouldn't want anything else - but has toned it down a bit. I remain a loyal fan, have gone to many of his performances, including the QAL gigs, and continue to love him unconditionally. I understand all the comments above, but realize that most of us understood what he did and why. He's simply the best voice in a generation and we will continue to hope that others see what we've known from the beginning!

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I do not understand how some people were so shocked by Adam's performance at AMA. I think we should be shocked by all the crimes and violence around us.Protect our children from them and not the ways in which you can manifest your love.

Rose Petal said...

I always thought the pics were a little strange she's was gorgeous and he so handsome but all things considered it was a little weird. I would have preferred Adam and a cute guy or maybe a fully clothed girl and a not do fully clothed As for the AMA's think was just Adam being Adam and I love Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

Adam admitted that he changed up his AMA performance at the last minute. He did not follow the rehearsal plan. He said that he saw what Gaga and Janet Jackson did and he wanted to up his game in the "shock" department. Well, he succeeded. But the women got away with it. He didn't. As he said in subsequent interviews, women get away with a lot more sexual stage antics. Men don't. It's not fair, but that's the way it is. His performance is part of the annals of TV history. So at least that's something.

As for the Details pix. I think he just wanted to push the envelope and show that he was just the Idol darling. He moved on from these things. But lots of potential fans never did.

Dee R Gee said...

Meant "show that he was NOT just the Idol darling." Big omission! Oops.

krismidas said...

Let's not forget that the AMA performance went off the rails after Adam caught the tip of his boot in the scaffolding and actually fell. He was graceful and athletic enough that he managed to roll with the fall and end up on his feet, microphone still in hand. Can you even imagine the enormous adrenaline surge he must have felt? The fall knocked the wind out of him and impacted the quality of his singing, and his heart must have been racing to the very end when he committed the "great sin" of kissing Tommy.

I think the AMA performance even as it was rehearsed was probably too big a leap from American Idol for most viewers -- it had a dark, sexual energy to it from the start, and would have turned off some people even if had gone as planned. I still think the kiss wouldn't have happened without the fall though -- the performance would have been much more controlled to the end.

I have to say, I loved the Details photos. I think they were intended to be a bit ironic, given that Adam is/was opening gay, and they were very sexy. (If he had done a sexy photo shoot with another man, it wouldn't have won him any new fans -- in fact, I think the heads of middle Americans would have spun around and popped off!)

Rose Petal said...
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Nanbert said...

Rose petal... you hit it on the head... exactly my thought......i.e. "I would have preferred Adam and a cute guy..."

That would have been more HONEST and rational, considering the magazine wanted a "racy" photo
with an Adam Lambert interview. But, notice, the magazine wasn't "brave" enough to do that....I'm sure Adam would have been!

Rose Petal said...

Think I'm gonna like u girl.

Rose Petal said...

I'm sure your right about middle America and their popping heads but I doubt Adam would have given Two Fux. Oh well ... seems like water's already flooded that bridge.... peace and light,

Nanbert said...

Rose Petal....And I you!

glitzylady said...

The article was entitled (again...) "Why Does Every Woman In America Want to Sleep with Adam Lambert?"

I haven't been able to find the article to quote because Details Magazine is no longer being published.. It was taken over by GQ (i.e. Gentleman's Quarterly).. I do have the magazine but it's tucked away so can't quote it.. but I do remember that it Adam considered it a fun photoshoot, and as @Krismidas above said, it's rather "Ironic" given the title and the subject. It was a fun, goofy (and very sexy) photoshoot. Adam just went with the flow.. As he said, he thought it was "funny". It wasn't meant to be serious and was illustrating the title and came out while Adam was new to this whole celebrity thing. And yes, there were a whole lotta women (not just American women) who would have been more than happy to spend some ...quality... time (if you know what I mean)... with Adam. He's sexy, he's handsome, charming.. and of course gay, but at the time he hadn't said he would never be with a woman. He found them to be "beautiful" and he'd mentioned he'd spent time making out with a few after a few drinks back in his club days. He made out with Kesha which created a bit of a stir.. In the article he mentioned he'd been slightly tempted here and there to do more. And a couple of years ago he casually mentioned in magazine interview that he'd had sex with a woman (a close trusted friend, because, well... "Moonlight & Tequila") and enjoyed it.. But he is very clear these days that he is "definitely gay" and proud of it.

So, no sense trying to second guess this 2009 photoshoot. On the other hand, I doubt very much he'd agree to do it now. He's older, wiser, confident and very comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't have to agree to anything he prefers not to do.. But as we know, Adam lives in a different world than most of us do, and is rather free spirited about certain things.. It's one of the many things I admire about him.

The cover of this Details magazine was one of the most stunning covers with Adam ever.

Harking back to the lyrics of Adam's recent single "Two Fux" which pretty much says it all......

"I only trust my tarot cards
Pink flamingos in my yard
People think that I'm from Mars
Only smoke that holy green
High above the big machine
Not attached to anything
I got that magic you call ADD
Rep for them aliens different like me
If you think that what I do and how I live's too much
I don't really, really give two fucks
If you think that what I say and what I give ain't love
I don't really, really give two fucks
Here, right here, right here
Namaste right here, right here, right here
Ooh ooh ooh
I'm the center of a crowded room
I might as well be on the moon (yeah, yeah)
Searching for that one or two
Who get it (oh, yeah)
You see me talking to myself
'Cause no one gets me like myself
I've been this way since I was twelve
I get it....."

Dee R Gee said...

Krismidas, you make an excellent point. Even Adam's rehearsed version of his performance would have been too much for many of his typical Idol fans. Adding the kiss just tipped the scales completely. AND YES, that fall must have really shaken him up. It's a miracle he didn't fall off the whole scaffold. But he never missed a beat or a note. If Adam's goal was to show the world that he was NOT the sweet, edgy Idol boy who stole many hearts, he succeeded. It's just that many of those new fans felt betrayed. And there were plenty of viewers who probably had never seen him before at all. The whole thing was a series of missteps and hasty judgements.

glitzy, thanks for posting the lyrics to TF. I think most of us know them by heart by now, but I love seeing them in print. Those words are truly an anthem for Adam. They explain a lot about the decisions he has made and may continue to make. Adam isn't likely to alter his personal life in the pursuit of commercial success, no matter what the cost. I love the lyric about being in a crowded room and feeling that he might as well be on the moon. I wonder if he still feels that way? I think he does sometimes. The song says so much about him.

If you're an Adam fan, you're on a roller coaster. I've always liked the bumpy, twisty ones myself. I'm liking the Adam ride so far.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Ok my turn!! I have been a staunch fan of ADAM since AI 2009!! He had me from "Mama" ... I was hooked & I've stuck like Velcro ever since!! I can't say that everything ADAM has done up till now has been to my liking but I can say that who among us hasn't done something in our lives that wasn't to our own liking in retrospect?? We all goof up & then hope it wasn't unforgiveable!! But do we have to say I'm sorry all the time & once we've acknowledged that we made a "giant blooper" must we go on asking for the world's pardon forever?? No I wouldn't do it & I wouldn't expect ADAM to!!

The AMA performance started out fine but as it progressed I was worried that it would be too much for the American Puritans!! The song was about dominance .. the words tell you that .. so the actions that followed were in that same vein .. ADAM was acting out the song "For Your Entertainment"!! He wasn't out to shock or dismay America .. he was there to entertain us in his ADAM way!! After Gaga's & Janet's performances ... it seemed that Anything Goes!! So if I must say so it did shock me but I wasn't DISmayed or DISrespected by it ... I just thought that it was OTT & I could feel the outcry gathering in the middle American homes & let me tell you .. it wasn't because of the "kiddies" either!! I would venture to say that most of those "kiddies" did not exist ... it was just an excuse to show the "gay" boy that he was not allowed to do the same thing that the two "women" had done ... yet nothing was said about nor omitted from either of their performances!! And the furor that followed ADAM was Unnecessary & Uncalled for!!

Someone asked ADAM "WHY" he did the spread in DETAILS & he said .. "WHY NOT"? He thought it might be fun so he did it!! Sounds like a good enough reason to me .. I'm sure he was paid handsomely for it ... celebrities are I believe ... he was the new kid in town ... so why not? I'm sure he could use the money then!!

One other thing & then I'm done here .. I remember ADAM once saying that he has no regrets about that period of his career .. probably wouldn't have done things exactly the same way but why dwell on it? I may not agree with everything ADAM does but so what? It's his life .. he is a grown-ass man & if I don't agree with him .. he doesn't know it & even if he did ... who am I to think ADAM would give "2 FUX"??

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell ........

I loved the Details magazine photographs of Adam with this very attractive girl, and will always love them. :-))

Dee R Gee said...

Well said, Outlaw! Adam's actions are his own, come what may. Even when he does something he MAY regret or MAY have repercussions, we fans still see the guy we came to know and love. He's never rude or dismissive. I always see a natural kindness behind just about everything he says and does. It's fascinating to follow someone's life so closely, day to day. I've never done it before. I don't think most of us have. Whose life could withstand such scrutiny without criticism, without mistakes? And I agree, Outlaw. For some things in his life, Adam doesn't give 2 FUX what anyone else thinks.

Nanbert said...

Well, well....this subject matter seems to have opened up some "old wounds" that still cause anxiety and ambivalence among we glamberts....on all sides of the spectrum.

Everyone talks about "the kiss", but that was, to me, the most inoffensive part of the "unrehearsed" actions during the AMA performance...and therefore the easiest to discuss and explain away. Surely ALL of us have seen that video by this time...then why ONLY address the "KISS" part?

It was a great "honor" for Adam, a "lowly" runner-up on AI, to perform at the AMAs. He was riding a great wave of goodwill after his fantastic performances on American Idol...and his mystifying loss. And for all the reasons we've discussed to explain away..WHY?...HE BLEW IT for a large number of people who had been happily accepting him...and his being gay... with open arms... until then!

It still breaks my heart to remember that period of time...which was not remotely "helped" by articles/photos like those above, IMO....however well they sold!

Adam is finally beginning to "catch up" to the goodwill and lost ground during that fateful time. His talent and showmanship are undeniable...his personality and appearance are delightful. His fans (us) are fiercely protective and supportive.

But sometimes, he HAS to give "Two Fux"...and I think he does.

Maybe we've ALL gotten this out of our systems now. Let all of that be "over the dam" it's onward and upward for Adam. Let's not look back anymore.

Since Adam introduced this article, it probably has been "nagging" him, too. It's good that we all "hashed it out".

The one outstanding "take home" for Adam from this "discussion" is the love, understanding and protectiveness from his Glamberts!

Dee R Gee said...

Good post, Nanbert. You and I seem to think alike a lot of the time. I think Adam DOES care about his career in the big picture. He has management and advisors and a label, etc. They all want him to succeed, because when HE succeeds, THEY succeed. He's so atypical. He's hard to pigeonhole. And I wouldn't want him to be. He's gong to have to figure out his next career phase. JesseJ just said in a recent interview that singing is her whole life. She can't just walk away in rough times and go do something else for a living. I think Adam feels the same way.

Nanbert said...

Thanks, Dee R Gee...and I agree with you that he shouldn't be pigeonholed, even IF he could. He can do it ALL.. so why not?

Part of his attraction is his versatility. I like to call him a Glameleon...a Glamorous Chameleon!

He will eventually be everyone's "go-to" when they're looking for THE Voice, THE Personality, THE Hard-Worker, THE Professional, THE Perfectionist, THE Most Versatile, THE Quick Study, THE Bravest, THE Handsomest, THE Best Entertainer.....etc. etc!

Haha.. maybe nobody has as many shoes as Adam.....BUT, certainly nobody can FILL as many shoes as he does!

I like that he keeps changing things up,experimenting...instead of churning out the same stuff all the time. It makes listening to/watching him even more interesting. Can't wait to see what's next! Love him!...........and LIKE him, too.