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Adam Lambert via browncharl IG: Surprise lunch with old friends. #ibizabound #jealousfriend #layoverrealness

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Posted at : Thursday, September 14, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Helloo Adam! Looking so relaxed
Enjoying some freedom with friends
Before hitting the next QAL grand slam
How is your new dwelling taking shape
Is the field, a glimpse of your estate
Good for Pharaoh, he loves to run
You may want more privacy, security
But Glamberts are rather nosy
Would like to see the inside and outside
With Pharaoh sphinx stretched in respite
Hi Pharaoh! You like what you see...
Must be a big property
Can play hide-and-seek with Daddy

Lam-My said...

You need to watch this!
It's the Anniversary of the QAL fantastic 2016 Singapore F1 Concert at City Hall Dome / Padang...and at this moment, as I type... 16 Sept and tomorrow night 17 Sept, the Grand Prix 2017 is on ! tooth and nail grinding their wheels around the Padang circuit, maybe 90,000 like last year's F1, where Adam sang his heart out. When he hit that zenith, he looked triumphantly at the if to say: What do you think of that, Singapore?

Uploaded by AmandaLambert5

Queen + Adam Lambert - 2016 Singapore GP, 17 Sept '16, Singapore, 90000 audience full-house !