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Dana Scarborough's snapchat story ft Adam Lambert 9/16/17

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Posted at : Saturday, September 16, 2017

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Mi Re La said...

This video is recent? Adam is on vacation in Ibiza or something else? I see Roger behind him.
Anybody knows what's going on.

Anonymous8 said...

Adam is a guest of Roger and his wife on their yacht to Ibiza. Most likely for pleasure though there are some Queen related events, ie, a release of a remix package to one of Roger's songs at a club. Also there is a famous hotel in Ibiza - Pikes - that many celebrities favored including Freddie. Freddie had a favorite suite there - the Marrakesh Suite - also called "Freddie's Suite", which will be turned into a party room at an event next week. IMHO,I think they are mostly there for fun and spending some quality time together as Roger, Brian and Adam have an amazing friendship outside of being QAL.

daydreamin said...

Aw thanks Anonymous8!

Mi Re La said...

Thanks Anonymous8 for information.I am very glad for Adam to have been invited to such an event. It would be fantastic Adam to play something in honor of Freddie at the inauguration of that party room.

Mi Re La said...

I hope there will be more filming or pictures of these events. Hope! Hope! Hope!