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Posted at : Thursday, September 07, 2017

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Rosepetal said...

Hello to DRG Lambert Outlaw and all from my old stomping grounds . I don't post here or anywhere anymore but the hurricane got me to thinking about JAK and hoping she and family are not in harms way. Just thought I'd say hi to all ...saw QAL this summer in KC and again thought of all of u have a great day ... peace light and love to all .... again hope all in path in stroms path are safe I miss JAK so much.

Dee R Gee said...

Hi Rose Petal! Nice to hear from you again! I have a sister in Florida who is moving to hopefully a safer place, although still in Florida. She is keeping us posted. Glad you saw QAL. You must still be a big fan. Adam is as fantastic as ever. Hope do will post more in the future. We are still here sharing our passion.

Rosepetal said...

My passion for Adam never wavered.Think I got burned out on the fussing and when JAK left it broke my heart. In my eyes she had become my cyber mom although I doubt she knew I felt that way. I think of all the those who used to post here and laugh a little at some of the conversations we had. Hope all things go well with your sister. Maybe I'll talk to u later.

Nanbert said...

I'm worried about my son and family in Tampa area...not in the evacuation zone... yet. They're staying put,"battening down the hatches" and taking in supplies... and will be sheltering several friends evacuated from lower coastal areas (who will also be bringing lots more supplies).

Oh my, these are terrifying times. I hope Irma won't be as bad as predicted... so many people
in danger! 2017 is definitely not turning out well....Harvey, Irma...another hurricane... Jose?... coming up next... and then there's Trump!!!

Oh my!

glitzylady said...

@Rose Petal
So good to hear from you!!! Yes, I think many of us wonder how @JAK is doing. Miss her very much. At one point I was in contact with her via another option but that isn't working now.. Hoping perhaps she'll check in here some time..

And to all of those who were in the path of Hurricane Harvey, who are now in the path of Irma, and possibly another one or more, please know I'm thinking of you all. I have many personal friends in Florida and so far they are safe. Some are currently away from their Florida homes which is most likely good thing. Sending positive thoughts to all of those affected in any way.

Rosepetal said...

Hope we here from her as well . Peace light and love to all .

Rosepetal said...

Lambert Outlaw
I was reading through some past comment and saw you were having health problems. So sorry to here that,my husband is home bound and has horrible swelling in his legs. They have been wrapping them and it has helped a great deal. His life is the TV since he doesn't care anything about the computer. You hang in there !!!! My heart is with you.Here's a poem I wrote about friendship and although we're all cyber friends here I hope it says something about the way we glamberts feel about one another.

Friendship is a precious thing, a twinkle in the eye
Dew drops in the morning mist, a rainbow in the sky,
It’s caring without reason, and action without cause
It’s give and take without regret, and never giving pause.
Born of life and promises, and thoughts of growing old
Its honesty and patience, and secrets whispered low.
Yes, friendship is a mighty thing; it speaks of who you are
It measures loyalty I time and cost upon the heart.
So if you find a friendship that’s meaningful and true
You must be a lucky one that’s found a friend like you.

Peace light and love my glambert friend.

Nanbert said...

Rose your poem, and your comments. I love JAK, although I had little contact with her. But she supported me when I was unfairly attacked here, and I'll always remember her kindness. I hope she's well and happy.....and safe!

Unknown said...

Yes I have come back hoping for word of JAK . Hello all . Will keep popping back . I still follow Adam as much as ever but do it on twitter . So nice some of you are still here . I was Jadam NZ

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi EVERYONE & Welcome back Rose Petal & Jadam NZ!! Been wondering what has happened to my precious cyber family .. it seems to be dwindling .. miss JAK too. She sounded so in tune with everything .. not helter-skelter like me!! I hope all the cyber friends & Glamberts are safe from these horrible storms that have been raging agaist us all over .. hurricanes .. floods .. raging fires .. Dear GOD!! Please make them stop!!

Rose Petal .. thank you for the lovely poem ... it helps to know that I can reach out if only for a little TLC! Heaven knows I get a TON of it here but I just don't want to keep being so dependent on everyone. On the sunny side .. I'm pleased to report that I have a therapist coming to the house every Wed. & Fri. She massages my legs & starting next week she will also be helping me gently exercise my feet .. also Monday they are sending someone here to do a Doppler test on my legs & after that my legs will be getting wrapped with or without the help of Medicare .. don't think they cover it but possibly my health insurance may cover part ... otherwise I'll have to pay for it. I'm not worried about that right now .. I just want to get back in the game & score some points!!

Well that's my latest report on the LAMBERT Outlaw 24/7 saga .. lol!! I'll keep you all posted as the results start to come back!! Wish me Luck!! Light 'n Love to you ALL ...

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Daydreaminmylif said...

Hi Jadam NZ and Rose Petal! Oh, it's so nice that you came back to say "hi"! I'm worried about JAK and think of her often as well. I hope she and everyone is out of harms way with these crazy hurricanes. I can't believe these crazy times in more than 1 way! All I can say is THANK GOD for Adam who has brought us together. Now we are long distance friends and are here to support one another whenever needed. Lambert Outlaw I hope you get to feeling better very soon and well enough to be able to see Adam in person at least once!


Dee R Gee said...

I also have an aunt and cousin in Tampa. They are choosing to stay in their home. I hope their decision is wise. No telling where Irma will choose to veer.

I miss JAK, too. She has such wit and has such an interesting background. And she loves Adam as much as we do. I wish her well.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@Daydreaminmylif .. Hi! Thank you for your well wishes hon, but even if I do get 'better' I was informed that what I have is irreversible .. only treatable so it doesn't advance .. so my days in the sun are questionable & even if ADAM does come in my direction .. the closest city besides Buffalo is Toronto or NYC ... those far-away places are too much for me to travel & I can only stand for 5-10 minutes at a time so I'll have to be thankful for my computer to stay in touch with the world outside!! But ... I KNOW I can always count on my Glamily & my cyber friends to keep me informed about everything ADAM!! Thank you ALL for caring so much .. I wish I could give you a great big hug & kiss & tell you in person how very important all of you have become to me!! Having two families is even better than jus having my own loving brood!! I adopted ADAM into my heart in 2009 so he is my Cyber Grandson ... I couldn't love him more if he were my own!!

Tomorrow is Doppler test day & then the therapy starts on Wednesday!! I'll be back to chat after that!! Light Love Hugs 'n Kisses ...

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

PS. Please join me in praying for our cyber brothers & sisters that are at the mercy of Harvey & now Irma .. GOD Bless them & keep them all in HIS Loving CARE!!